What are the essential elements of a good ninja story?

What are the essential elements of a good ninja story?

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unironically MUH HONOUR

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pizza, amphibians, and radicalness

The recipe for the only good ninjas.

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Remember, a ninja's duty in life is death, his or his target's.

Some older student discovering some dark art and breaking off with some other students to form a dark ninja academy that supplies a convenient stream of enemy mooks.

Divided Loyalties and drama therein, impossible assassinations, betrayal, knowing no one will ever know about you or care. Grappling hooks, magic spells.

Play Tenchu 1 and 2

Mercenaries in large battlefields applying the DICKEST tactics possible.

Make them have weird ass skills like fire breathing, being fuck tall, or a hot chick that can have sex so good, they will cum so hard they won't see a dagger right between their heart.


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Mah ninjas

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>forgetting the fifth ingredient

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Muh nigga, I miss Tenchu so much.

Aw man, you're right. Rats.

you know thats called a Grater right?

>Bloody and brutal fighting
>Superhuman feats accomplished entirely through training and concentration
>A fake out villain
>A real villain
>Potentially 2nd fake out villain
>eye gouging
>organ stabbing
>insane amounts of loyalty to contract and clan

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Watch "ninja assassin"
Probably the best ninja movie ever made

depends on who you ask, m8



You mistake it for a good samurai story. The only dishonor for a ninja is getting caught.
1. A lot of stealth missions.
2. Evil samurai antagonist / rival ninja clan
3. Shinobi magic and special techniques.

Also, I will post arandom mission generator for a ninja game from Naruto RPG. Don't have the whole book though.

My ninja from another clan.

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I remember the scene where the government just shines a spotlight on the ninjas and gunned them down with a machine gun.

Betrayals, Reveals, Faked Deaths

Ninjas are surrounded by trickery and the story must follow suit. There should always be more going on than it seems.

I believe that everyone else here, while having the best of intentions, has mislead you on how to have the true essentials of a ninja story. What you need is Austrailians, specifically Godfrey Ho youtube.com/watch?v=yd_1HJbMngE youtube.com/watch?v=oux0dPxUB20 youtube.com/watch?v=dly-gMAtu4U

>You mistake it for a good samurai story. The only dishonor for a ninja is getting caught.
All japanese-inspired media must feature a heavy dosage of MUH HONOUR.
Dishonor for a ninja is failing a mission. Getting caught is perfectly honourable if it is part of the plan to complete the mission.

Color-coordinated outfits.

Of course, everyone's wearing black so they're always coordinated.



His role lends itself to being a window to the political events and court intrigues of the setting.

By going alone or working with nothing less than the best of the best (another ninja), he gets shit done that would baffle an army. Getting a castle gate under guard open somehow, or assassination of a guarded leader, are some cliches.

His gear is basically equipment porn of the times, a lot of it should be used in the story because everything there has a purpose.

He's a warrior-assassin, but has a network of less action oriented ninjas in his clan working with him. A sister might have infiltrated the target's harem in advance, and is smuggling in the weapons the ninja will use in the op. A cousin runs an ordinary business in that town, which has a safehouse.

The daimyo tries to secretly betray the ninja when the job is done, because both he and the ninjas know the game - honor is all for the daimyo, and the ninjas can hold their service over his head once he's in power.

So, a random mission generator. Roll 2d6, first d6 defines objective, second - the type of mission.

• 1 - A person/ non-enemy
1. Escort a VIP
2. Save a hostage
3. You or your client have been betrayed
4. You must train yourselves or someone
5. Spy on the target
6. Protect the client

• 2 - Enemy
1. Assassinate a person
2. Capture a person
3. Client (or yourself) is being blackmailed, you must fix it.
4. Client has been transformed, mutated, changed in a different way, fix it
5. You have a spy/traitor.
6. Attack a person or a group

• 3 - Place to go to
1. Infiltrate the location
2. You're being hunted. Find a hideout
3. Inspect the location
4. Capture the location
5. Reach the location in time
6. Change the location - ruin, purify, rebuild, whatever.

• 4 - Place to protect
1. Secure the location from intrusion
2. Leave the dangerous place
3. Meet a guest
4. Protect the location from destruction
5. Prevent a person/group from reaching a destination
6. Investifate the ruins

• 5 - Item to protect
1. Protect item
2. Deliver item
3. Create/ fix item
4. Transmute/ rebuild item
5. Gather items/ resources
6. Sell or dispose of item

• 6 - Item to attack
1. Steal item
2. Capture item while it's being transported.
3. Destroy item
4. Secure item, do not let it change
5. Distribute items/ resources / parts of an item
6. Buy or find item


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Focus on actual assassination instead of gay shit like ninja politics and honor

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