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I'd like to do a thread where each of us posts about one chapter, along with a tidbit of fluff that is theirs alone, like a difference in organisation, something about their history, the way they fight, etc.

It's always a good and interesting way to learn about other chapters. Doesn't have to be on the attached picture to be talked about.

Bonus points if you have a novel to recommend/to post with it, or at least a source so that people can read about it.

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I'll start with the Dark Hunters.

WS successors, not very fond of the Mechanicus after their homeworld was attacked by a rogue Titan Legion. Because of this, they have few Techmarines and their Master of the Forge was voluntarily put in a Dreadnought to preserve him, when he was still alive and well.
Apply chameleoline paint on their armour to blend in the shadows.
Marines sometimes temporarily return to the Scout company for shits and giggles, making it a force of both novices and veterans, where the former can learn from the latter.
Because they're not a hugely important chapter with loads of political power like a 1st Founding chapter, they have alliances with other small chapters in their area, especially after their Homeworld was assaulted by the Punishers, a Chaos Warband.

Pdf related is an excellent book about them.

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Could Talos be worth taking?

First for Wych cults are still going to be shit

Forth for gork

Quick repost before bed.

Struggling to come up with a half-decent 8th list for my Necrons. I've got a lot of weird odds and ends left over from 7th in various states of completion. What's a decent list I could build out of this collection? I'll most likely be playing Sautekh, incidentally.

>24 warriors
>2 Ghost Arks
>4 Lords
>3 Overlords
>2 Crypteks (1 old 1 new)
>15 Immortals (10 gauss 5 tesla)
>5 Deathmarks
>6 Wraiths
>6 Scarabs
>3 Tomb blades
>Doom/Night scythe (can swap out the part for either)
>10 Lychguard (5 shield 5 warscythe)
>5 Praetorians
>2 Destroyers
>Heavy Destroyer
>Destroyer lord
>Tesseract Vault

I'm not adverse to picking up an extra kit or two but I'd like to work with what I have. I do plan on picking up a Tomb Sentinel relatively soon, though. Thoughts?

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Have we seen the Succubus' stats yet? She needs a massive buff as it is.


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What are these bawsack-squids? Spore mines?

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Talos and Chronos also recover a wound for each kill in the combat phase (Chronos can also do it in the shooting phase)


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That artist love for thighs awakens something in my soul

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The Fire Lords are an IF successor hellbent on using fire (hence the name) but their little difference is that their marines replace their teeth with flintstones, and use a special drink to make their breath caught fire when they want, turning themselves into flame throwers.

It was talked about in Legion of the Damned I think, when the protagonist, of the Excoriators, fights a Fire Lord Chaplain during the Feast of Blades.

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They're actually the new Zoanthrope models.

Not soon enough

Wait, there's spore mines on the termagant sprue? Awesome!

Xth for it's completely plausible for Kais to be a private centuries after he was a general because you know damn well GW suck ass at continuity.

Would it makes sense to run Blood Ravens as Blood Angels successors? I like their color scheme and lore, but I also really want to run a blood angels army.

Lmao I wish would save me a boatload

They’re sporemines right? I’m new to nids, got them to support my poor GSC

Yep, it's d3/d6 mortal wounds.

No, run them as Ultramarines.

So this guy is selling this "Warhammer Daemon Prince" in my local ebay for SUPER cheap. Yet...I don't recognize this model at all.

Is it from a warhammer line?
(And if I do buy it I intend of stripping and doing a better paint job, jesus)

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How's this for a dreadnought list, the only other units I have are some alternative hq's, 5 terminators and a land raider crusader

Sons of Medusa 2000/2000pts Batallion Detachment

Vaylund Cal 200pts
Librarian: 96pts

5x Tacticals: Plasma Gun 78pts
5x Tacticals: 65pts
5x Tacticals: Plasma Gun 78pts

Redemptor Dreadnought: Heavy Onslaught, Onslaught, 2x storm bolter, icarus 202pts
Relic Contemptor Dreadnought: Twin heavy bolter, Chainfist w/ storm bolter 200pts
Venerable Dreadnought: Assault cannon, DCCW w/ storm bolter 154pts
Venerable Dreadnought: Twin lascannon, DCCW w/ storm bolter 182pts
Relic Deredeo Dreadnought: Autocannon array, twin heavy bolter, automantic pavaise 237pts

Heavy Support:
Devastators: 4x lascannon, storm bolter 167pts
Relic Leviathan Dreadnought: Siege drill w/ meltagun, storm cannon 341pts

So fucking hyped for Wych Cults preview tommorrow!

Looking like Imma be running a Kabal of the Black heart, Coven of Prophets of the Flesh Prophets, and Wych Cult of Strife.

Start with the Kabals in Reserves let the wracks get shot TF up and respawn them on the board and whatever fun shit the Wych cult is gonna have.

I think this is from a box set cause it has six genestealers on it too

Spore mines are 1/D3. The big ones are D3/D6.

How are you guys modelling your big Meks with KFF?

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I know Biovores suck ass at the moment but honestly I'd kinda like some anyway for the classic Nids feel.


It is definitely not a Warhammer product.

Blud Revehns don't seem to match up with BA tactically, they don't have an assault or jump focus and aren't known for any sort of rage or insanity like Red Thirst/Black Rage.

Nothing stopping you, but it doesn't seem fluffy. BA chapter traits are very pronounced.

Biovores are fine, unless you mean looks wise.

How does my list look now that I've made some changes? Got rid of the useless Data Tethers and got more Kastellans. Are Datasmiths even necessary with the new stratagem?

Also replaced the Wardens with Allarus. Was it the right choice?

Battalion Detachment
>HQ - Bellisarius Cawl [240pts]
>HQ - Tech-Priest Enginseer [47pts]
>Troops - 5 Skitarii Rangers [35pts]
>Troops - 5 Skitarii Rangers [35pts]
>Troops - 5 Skitarii Rangers [35pts]
>Elites - Cybernetica Datasmith [44pts]
>Heavy Support - 3 Kastelan Robots (2x Heavy Phosphor Blasters)[330pts]
>Heavy Support - Onager Dunecralwer (Neutron Laser)[145pts]
>Heavy Support - Onager Dunecralwer (Neutron Laser)[145pts]

Battalion Detachment
>HQ - Tech-Priest Enginseer [47pts]
>HQ - Tech-Priest Enginseer [47pts]
>Troops - 5 Skitarii Rangers (2x Transuranic Arquebus, Omnispex)[92pts]
>Troops - 5 Skitarii Rangers (2x Transuranic Arquebus, Omnispex)[92pts]
>Troops - 5 Skitarii Rangers [35pts]

Vanguard Detachment
>HQ - Shield Captain on Dawneagle Jetbike [160pts]
>Elites - 3 Allarus Custodians (Axes)[252pts]
>Elites - Vexillus Praetor (Vexilla Defensor)[104pts]
>Elites - Vexillus Praetor (Faith Absolute Relic)[114pts]

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because they're definitely not blood angels

Imperium armies are boring.

Spiky alien dickheads who just wanna do drugs and murder stuff > generic super humans

It's a melee focused section of the army, of course it'll be trash.

> Barest minimum of tactical marines, but 140 points too many being spent on a character

In this kind of detachment, you should have plenty of command points, and you have no less than 6 different models who are all eligible for "Wisdom of the Ancients", so I don't see why you need to be bringing a captain.

I can tell you've spent too many points because if you swap Vaylund Cal for a generic HQ like a chaplain or a techpriest, you'll have enough points to buy another dreadnought. Or upgrade your devastator squad to having a Mortis-Dreadnought take up your mandatory "Leviathan's Tax".

Other than that, good list, I like it.

Do Dark Eldar ever get sad that they have no real friends and no one really loves them?

Which Kais? Damn near every Tau character is named Kais. Dawn of War's Tau character is named Kais, Fire Warrior's character is named Kais, and even Farsight's original name is Kais.

Oops, I fucked up the spoiler tag... I'm sorry

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Fire Warrior's Kais and Soulstorm's Kais are the same character. He fought his way up to becoming a commander.

Because other chapters acting like Ultramarines is the most common thing in 40k

you need more warriors, you need 2-3 full squads of 20, run with a cryptek and overlord and then build the rest of your list around that.

yeah but it's such a bland chapter tactic

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Isn't that just speculation?

Post workstations

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I mean considering he all but singlehandedly stopped a Chaos incursion I wouldn't be surprised.

It's nondescript and good. Your other real option is IF, but their chapter stuff is nondescript and bad.

You tell me

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also to add to my other post, you also want scarabs, use them as charge bait to screen your warriors, let the scarabs get charged,if they survive, fall back and let your warriors shoot the enemy up.

Leman Russ model is armed with the spear of Russ which replaces the normal damage with mortal wounds against daemons and marked units and his armour gives -3 to hit in CC 4++

I mean the only connection we have is that they both have the equivalent of the name john.

People expect space marine players to be Ultramarines/Raven Guard so much now that I managed to get this exchange today.
> Step into the store to go check out what dreadnoughts people have dropped off since 8th started
> Find this little guy(Although without the new base and CMC's yet)
> Some random dude comes up to me and asks "You lookin' to start an army"
> "Nope, expanding"
> "Ah cool, what chapter?"
> "Iron hands successor"
> The dude sits there stunned for a few seconds
> "Woah that's really rare, I've never seen someone play iron hands"

I'm gunna have fun painting this little guy up. He's my Sixteenth(16th) dreadnought to be added to the collection. With any luck I'll be priming him tomorrow and painting him friday.

When the fuck are we getting a new Doomrider model?



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Forgot the pic.

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They're just shitty mortal wound guns at the moment, they used to be the artillery of a 3rd ed Nid list.

>I've never seen someone play Iron Hands
Man how time flies, it seems like just yesterday that it was 6e and every fucker on the planet was running Chapter Master Smashfucker of the Iron Hands.

Imagine what its like for craftworld fags who get their soulstones blown apart when they die, then they get raped by Slannesh for eternity with the DE but they missed out on the emotions, drugs, and joyful murder.

Pretty sure it was more of a /tv/ thing and mathhammer non players giving this impression.

Blood Ravens, outside of their extra Librarians, are essentially just Ultramarines since they follow the Codex as closely as most Chapters and are very fluid and flexible in their tactics. The only way to flavor it up would be to get the Command Detachment and fill it out with Librarians for more Psykers on the field.

You're telling me Archons never daydream about settling down with a nice girl on a maiden world but are too caught up with gang life to take the plunge?

Thats fucking cool.

It makes me sad because you're absolutely right. I honestly don't know what it will take to make wyches a viable option compared to T4(5) wracks with a 4++ save or Kabalites sporting tons of ranged killing.

GW is to blame by removing the fourth edition make your own chapter rules now you have to choose who do you descend from the parent chapters

Being able to choke up movement and deal mortal wounds is great.

6" pile in or increased attacks if you have higher movement?

8th edition has been really good to my dreadnoughts man. I started this game with only 3 dreadnoughts back in 6th edition, picked up 9 more dreadnoughts throughout 7th, and now I've picked up 4 more so far in 8th edition.

I've never actually ran Smashfucker, I just really fucking love dreadnoughts. In fact I have only ever seen smashfucker on the tabletop once, and that was in a tournament in 7th edition(LONG before Smashfucker Prime became a thing). I killed him by smashing his face in with a completely ordinary dreadnought.

I play Salamanders successor chapter, been playing the game since 3rd edition and moved across the US on several occasions to different parts of the US and only met 2 actual salamander players.

Nah nerd, trust me. Everyone around here was smashfuckering. It was literally an unkillable character.

I still don't think the would be enough, but it's cool

are there any pictures of the imperial fists building things?
do they used marine sized bulldozers or what?

Consecrators tend to have older marks of weapons and armours, and are notable in having a Chaplain-Interrogator as a Chapter Master, a fact which makes the DA not too happy to see them around, even when those come to help the Rock resist an attack by the DG.

Said Chapter Master is noted as wearing mk3 armour and having made several Fallen repent, as shown by a prayer chapelet with white beads on it attached to his armour. He trusts Azrael enough to send his own honour guard to him when he goes to fight Typhus.

Source: The Unforgiven by Gav Thorpe.

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I mean besides the fact that they're all too arrogant as 4d chessmaster to think they can outsmart fate?
Nah their souls leak out like sieves when in realspace, they can literally feel themselves becoming weaker quickly (maybe hours? if they arn't torture-feeding) which is why real space raids are lightning fast. That and 24hr limit to get bodies back to the fix-u-up-tank or it starts taking alot of torture to bring someone back.

Leman Russ profile page, expect him at the end of October

When you're basically immortal your plans and interests become more.....complicated.

probably use vindicators with dozer blades, or failing that they attach dozer blades and ditch diggers to their tech marines and tell them to go wild.

Oh, sorry

But user, that's even sadder.
The one experience they can never taste is a nice home with a loving family.

You know how when you were a kid, a model in lingerie or a bare breast would give you a little woody but now that's probably no longer the case?

Now add 10,000 years.


> go to local GW
> new to area
> " what armies are common here "
> Death Guard
> various Marines


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Step 1: Reduce Wyches to 6 points. There is nothing about them that makes sense costing them at 9 for a dedicated melee unit.

Step 2: Stratagem for ignoring overwatch so they can actually charge without losing half the squad.

Step 3: Wych Cult rule that lets them advance and charge and make them always advance 6". Maybe make the charge a stratagem if it seems like too much.

Step 4: Stratagem to make the "no pulling out" rule work on a 2+ rather than a 4+ so it's almost gauranteed.

Now we have the best tarpit in the game. It STILL won't deal good damage but they'll be hard as FUCK to get rid of if they get stuck in.

No their society culls weak faggots. Any dark eldar who gets lonely and wants friends get betrayed.

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Yes, Vindicators are a thing, just like every rhino pattern vehiclr with dozer blades.

And SM tend to have prefab fortifications. They'll drop them from orbit, but expertly so. Pic related could be made functionnal in 30 minutes after planetfall by IF or IW. And that's a Titan Killer lader you see there.

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I know two salamanders players. One *had* an entire 30k army complete with the Primarch Vulkan, but he sold it off to the FLGS.
> Dat feel when my FLGS had a fucking fully-painted Primarch on the for-sale case
> But then someone bought it within the span of like 2 hours.

I also have a friend who collects *EVERY* army of the imperium, with a whopping 15,000 point collection of Salamanders. He's the fun one.

is it cheeseing or tactics when you play an inquisitor with a bunch of acolytes, but have each acolyte be 1 elite slot, so they cant be all shot to shit in turn 1 since they have shit stats?
i had a guy stop playing because he got pissed when i told him he couldnt hose down all my acolytes with 1 unit in shooting phase. ive never played this particular guy before, and im sorta new to 40k, this was only my 3rd game, but he seemed to be overreacting, and on top of that, i had a printed out list before hand that he browsed over

It is very cheesy yes.

I think they overvalue the 4++ in melee. If it were a standard 4++ I'd have no issue. Or even if it was 4++ vs Overwatch and melee.

ok, what do you think a good middle ground would be? putting 3 per unit? i know they are cheap, but i only have 9 acolytes at the moment. i dont want to be "that guy" at the store, so any input would be appreciated

I have been considering replacing cal with more cheaper hq's, I'll probably try that after I see how well he performs. Cal is a chapter master/techmarine so he provides re rolls to all failed hits while repairing shit. He's just about as durable with a dreadnought too considering T6, 4++ and with the iron resolve warlord trait and iron hands tactics he'll have two 6+++'s as well

Is it better to run devilgaunts in Trygon tunnels or genestealers?

GW has surprised us so far, I have faith in them for wyches.

LOL what? Clearly you have never ran 6 and had them move around on purpose to miss your target and play "haha get fucked, that unit cant move anywhere"

Except you can split fire?

Every time I think of SM building I can't help but think of DoW where turrets and buildings are pretty much fired planetside in the same manner the Marines are sent down.