Aztec Asukas Assaulting Alliterating Aliens Angrily: A Knight thread

Also known as: Sub Sector Clusterfuck

A project to dice roll up a knightly house delivered the messages of the dice God's unto us and a glorious monstrosity was born. OG thread: Knight House [UNNAMED] is a large, mostly female dominated house that determines inheritance via lottery. They value chivalry and honoring their vows, favour the Knight Errant close combat model, have few Castellan class Knights, and utilize terror tactics. Their homeworld, [Unnamed] is a jungle feral world, and they rule multiple star systems of territory. Their ancient enemies are the Orks, who they have fought since the time of the great crusade despite being only rediscovered recently by the Mechanicus, who they are close allies with alongside the Imperial Navy.

Their Ork enemies are Speedfreek Freebootas obsessed with proving their ability to loot anything, and are vaugly Conquistador themed being led by the infamous and cruel Hurtin' Korktez. These Freebootas have in the past managed to lobotomize and loot Tyranid sub creatures to use as war beasts, and have their eyes on House [Unnamed]s Knight suits.

These Orks meanwhile are simply the cats paw of a Dark Eldar Kabal led by a former slave, who values violence as a performance art. Possessed of a functioning armory forge and squatting in crystaline spires, the Kabal conspires to get sweet revenge on it's most hated enemies, the Craftworld Eldar. It is unknown what part the Eldar yet play in the sector

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Elsewhere, Shas'O Fra'Sisko Pa'Zaoh has landed with his third expeditionary fleet, determined to finally gain a hoof-hold in the system for the Tau Empire and the greater good. He has allied with a native avian xenos/abhuman race known as the Simurgh, who have all but been wiped out by the Imperial inhabitants. The Shas'O finds himself confronted by not only the incipient Imperials, but a Khornate Cult lurking among them. Further complicating things, the reckless Orks and their Tyranid Pets have spread Tyranid biospores all over the system, and the resulting creatures are forming a nascent hive node that may be calling out to a nearby splinter fleet. Worst of all however, all over the sector, ancient Necron warriors are awakening in their tombs, intent on draining the very power of the stars in order to refuel their rebirth. So put your shades on, start playing It Ain't Me, and welcome to the suck.

Let's get back to work.

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I think there's a maiden world hidden somewhere in the system that the deldar are trying to destroy either by giving it a full blown ork infestation or feeding it to that nascent hive fleet
This is all to get revenge on the nearby craftworld
So lets roll them up I guess

Can't really think of a name for the House without it relating to Eagles.

The talons of sunset

Maiden world usually means exodites, exodites usually mean elves on dinosaur

Maiden worlds as well as the exodites on them usually have a craftworld protecting them
So we're rolling them up

I like to imagine they have their own version of wraithguard and lords. Made from some manner of tree, wraith wood

Rolled 5 (1d10)

5 M36
That's when it was found d8 now for biome

Rolled 7 (1d8)

7 Urban
So an urban craftworld that's protecting an exodite world
Now for some culture



They're supposed to be bird people

I just couldn't resist making a Worm reference when the opportunity presented itself.

I didn't get the reference sorry


Rolled 3 (1d10)

3 Service/Botanist
Just because most of them are in maintenance doesn't mean they don't have warriors

Rolled 5 (1d10)

Makes sense, they probably look after the maiden world. They're gardeners!

This Craftworld has nominal military strength. Roll me a d8 for their favored tactics

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Rolled 1 (1d8)

1 Close Combat
Now we know their tactics but what about their forces

Close combat! We assault boys!
D10 for favored units

Rolled 1 (1d10)

I'll roll myself then since this is the good parts

Huh, so even though we favor close combat, most of our troops are guardians and heavy weapons platforms. There must be a small but elite cadre of aspect warriors who are supported by the Guardian militias

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PS we need a d10 next for our favorite aspect

Rolled 6 (1d10)

6 Swooping Hawk
Eagle themed?
D10 for craftworld hero

Rolled 5 (1d10)

5 Spiritseer
Maybe these guys could be incan Themed?
D8 for what the spirtseer did

Rolled 6 (1d8)

Fended off an Imperial invasion of the Craftworld, personally slaying hundreds of Space Marines, only to fall in a doomed raiding party to exact vengeance.
Maybe instead of space marines it was the knight house
Perhaps they are inca themed and now that the
Conquistadorks/deldar/waaaaghified 'nids/tau are in the system they've put their war on hold to fend of these new threats
Their not at war with the knight house and are fighting the same factions as them but their not working together either
Anyway d8 for disposable pawns

Rolled 1 (1d8)

Does that fit?
The orks are supposed to be the delders patsys and they hate the craftworld eldar
I say we roll again
I don't think it fits

This fits seeing as these are elite close quarters cells perhaps they swoop towards high value targets

Two Waaagh's

Or both Aeldar and Deldar are using the Orks to fight the Knight House. Only that Deldar is setting up a second fall for the Aeldar. And the Aeldar Spiritseer knows this and the Deldar knows that the Aeldar knows this and...

You get the picture.

You bring up a good point. If we keep the roll all we really need to do are roll up some more Orks. After that we should probably stop rolling and start fluffing, wouldn't want everything to get too bloated

Just found this. Whoever drew an eagle warrior Errant is a goddamned hero.