Infinity General: Expendable Mooks Edition

Infinity is a 28mm scale futuristic skirmish game by Corvus Belli where everyone has a calling, and for some people that calling is to get beaten up by a mysterious vigilante.

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I claim this thread for the Bogdanoffs.

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Gas the antipodes!
Race war now!

So I own everything for Onyx and Morats.

If I wanted to play vanilla CA what should I get that is not listed below?

>Speculo Killer
>Ko Dali

More or less just want to know if any of other Shasvastii is worth taking in CA or if there is better stuff in faction.

Corax Spec-Op can be used as a fairly general-purpose Shas proxy, if you decide you need one of those.

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Just drop a bioweapon on Dawn. Everyone's only really there for the metal, the local wildlife just gets in the way.

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>England Wins Again.pdf

Huh. It's 0 SWC, but B2 BS 15 T2 Rifles hurt like a son of a bitch in ARO. And really, T2 Rifles hurt like a son of a bitch regardless, and people are lucky they don't have to deal with that shit regularly. Insta-killing anything with 1 Wound and dropping HI to Unconcious from a single successful hit is hilarious and people tend to just look at the Dam 13 and not give a shit. High ARM lists will fuck that to death, but that list has the potential to be an absolute blender.

Anons discussed why Dragao isn't taken, what would you change to make him appealing?

MSV1 maybe. Would keep it a direct beatstick while making it able to effectively engage almost anything in the game. The SWC2.5 would be more reasonable then.

I pre-ordered some march releases from a web store. Is it normal for them to not ship until the last day of the month?

Id say go play some more games. The other EI aspect you didn't list; Skiarvors, or however its spelled is also quite good.

But mostly go play more. Bave fun mixing what you got together. It sounds like you own many stronk vanilla combined army lists.


None of the March releases are available yet.

A lot of CB staff were over in Adepticon so I imagine they're quite short staffed at the moment.

>insert lazy spaniard joke here.

Why are PanO players on the official forums moaning about the new Magister sculpts?

Half of them are pissed that there are women knights, and the other half are pissed that they don't have shoulder mounted panzerfausts anymore.

And there are a few nutter angry that the models aren't charging with their melee weapons out anymore...

I thought Yu Jing had finally dethroned PanO as the premier whiners. But I guess they are still 2nd place after all.

but why the sas and uxia though, they do not awoo at all

They like to embody the spoiled brat stereotype of their faction to the fullest.

Because both things are stupid. Male and female monks don't mix (Military Orders are monks, take vows) and the big Panzerfaust looks stupid considering it's the high tehh faction, why would they suddenly start using Haqqislam tier weapons? Especially because they used to have small ones.

>Male and female monks don't mix (Military Orders are monks, take vows)

Modern orders also don't tend to run about in power armour or perform military actions. PanO has rather changed a bit from real life (And heck, even in real life there is calls for female priests/married priests in the catholic church which may have happened by the time PanO happens).

You never watched Dog soldiers?

Someone needs to be around to fulfill the dogs... "needs".

It's pretty hilarious that all of the complaints about female models come from christfags when haqqislam exists as a faction. Chatolics really do hate women the most.

>Acontecimento Explodes
>with the brand-new idea of sub-sectorials!
>Welcome the Paradiso Green-A Combat Group, a selection of ASA units with small assistance from the other PanO forces!

that is deeply iffy

What do you think the Assault Pack Controller does in her spare time? Those woofs take a lot of grooming.

It's basically Margot and Duroc's entire thing.

Dunno. Maybe take that extra 0.5 swc off? I think it's still fairly fun and pretty brutal on a more open table.


(bidh mi a 'bàsachadh airson a' chnuic seo)

>[Awoos in Gaelic] is not an English sentence
Fuck back to the Hebrides with you.

The problem is specifically a Pan-O one- other armies with similar Tags (like the Szalamandra) can more easily field cheap grunts to pump orders into things, making them a little more viable. So the thing to do would be to trim the fat, to make it less costly- a point from ARM and a point or even two points from CC would do nicely. 8 down to 7 means that AP ammo will act the same (ARM 4), and CC is something nobody really cares about on that unit. This will make it less expensive while maintaining the offensive capability the HRMC provides.

Are we working from the assumption that the Infinity Church has cut ties to its own authority and dogmatic proclamations and fallen in self contradiction?
If it is so, sure, it's possible, they haven't been clear and give our strange mixed messages with Pius XIII. and revival of ancient liturgies, which imply a more strict adherence to doctrine.

No, it's deeply yiffy

No, the problem is specifically a PanO one because of the competition. A 90pt Dragao wouldn't get much more use than a 94pt one, because Jotum and Cutter are still quite a bit more attractive, while Szally is only competing with the generally worse Lizard (and also has some nice BTS9)
In ASA there's less direct competition but Dragao just generally doesn't fit the style of the sectorial, so it's often ignored.

Only real problem the Dragao itself has is that 2.5 SWC. Otherwise it's pretty much fine.

>Are we working from the assumption that the Church has fallen in self contradiction?
At all times, yes.

Does the word domaru actually mean samurai in Japanese?

No, we're working from the assumption that it's 175 years in the future, the Christian Church has dramatically reinvented itself at least twice, and you be reborn after death. The official stance of the NeoVatican is "you can find your own path to God, if that involves hiding yourself on the top of a mountain and communing with him through inhaling petrol fumes, fine".

>implying it didn't contradict itself beforeō-maru

>assault pack controllers are basically your typical problem dog owners
>"They might get a but rowdy, but all they need is to be LOVED!"
>"heroic antipode pack travels 2000 miles to attack the controller"

>don't mind Mister Scruffly, he gets excited when he meets new people
>"Assault Pack Controller Puts Antipodes in Ridiculous Costumes, Dog Nation Protest"

Sounds knotty.

Read the fluff only 1 order are ordained.