Looking for anime

Alright /a/ I'm looking for an anime similar to Slayers.

I love the fact it balanced fantasy and comedy relatively well, it wasn't afraid to buck trends in both western and japanese story telling every now and again and that it was (at times) surprisingly heartfelt.

Is there anything out there with a similar feel?

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Go watch rune soldier louie.
It's even in the same universe, if I remember right.

though, I really don't have many FANTASY recommendations.
My main search is for ever more cyberpunk and heist anime.
Like, I really want to recommend you riding bean, but that has nothing to do with what you asked.

Dungeon Meshi is pretty much exactly what you're looking for, but it's manga-only unfortunately.

Or perhaps fortunately, depending on your point of view. An anime would probably lose alot of the nuance and some of the great art detail of later chapters.

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Yoshihiko and the Demon King's Castle is good, bit heavier on the comedy, but not end of May.

Wakfu's good, but in French, if that's a problem.

I haven't really found anything similar to Slayers in feel, desu.

I dunno, losing art detail sucks, sure, but sometimes you get music.
And a well placed bit of music is like, 10 times more effective to me than highly detailed art.

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Oh man I love Claymore.

The Manga is better than the anime, tho.

I can totally recommend Lodoss.

It's Kino as fuck.

>not technically anime
not anime according to weebs, but anime to any useful definition that matters

Try Outlaw Star, it feels a lot like Slayers in space. Incredible opening too.

Little Witch Academia is cute and feel-good, but might not be as high-fantasy as you're looking for.

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I liked the manga but man, the final confrontation with the what's-her-face yoma dragged on forever. It's like twenty chapters for a single fight.

Damn, I seriously need to watch lodoss and more slayers, don't I.

Wait, hold the fucking phone
What the bloody fuck?

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Yep. I found about that YEARS after reading the books and that shit blew my mind into orbit.

Funny, I liked Slayers, but Konosuba got on my nerves so badly I quit the second season 2 episodes in. Slayers has genuinely heartfelt moments, but everyone in Konosuba is an absolute cunt (and the plot itself leans way too heavily on parodying fanservice in a way thats just as tired and burnt out as the fanservice itself) and it leaves me a bitter annoyed feeling afterwards. The only thing Konosuba is good for is the memey screenshots.

Yes, I am aware I am the only person on the planet who didn't like Konosuba.

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>out 2007
It's been 13 years since I read the books so... yeah. Mind actually blown.
I don't know if nyaa would still have any of those, but I'm gonna try and watch at least some of deltora quest tonight, any recommended site or DL link?

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I've got an obscure one.

Gokudo the adventurer

>everyone in Konosuba is an absolute cunt
That's the point though. But to each their own i suppose.

> Not anime to anyone but the Japanese and ignorant fags being ignorant.

Stop watching anime.

Just look for stuff from the same period? Like Bastard! ?

Ruin Explorers Senpai & Ihrie.

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How many of those are 26 episodes or fewer? I've never watching another series that expands 100+ episodes, I'd rather shoot myself. I'm willing to give Legend of Galactic Heroes a go, but other than that, no chance.

You lost nigga, you want
As for shows similar to Slayers I don't really have anything. Maybe Dirty Pair for feel if not for theme/trappings as it's Sci-fi. As for general good shit, I guess Big O. Gensou no Grimgar is a decent fantasy show. Good luck in finding what you want

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Geez, user. OP only asked a question, no need to be so suddently rude.

I, too, dislike it. Even though more than the show, its fans annoy me.

Lina Inverse is a perfectly beautiful woman and my waifu.

Out of all the posts in this thread, this is the only one that made me double check if I'm not actually on /a/

What is this "useful definition"? Cartoons that are good?
Japanese cartoons and cartoons that are inspired by Japanese cartoons? And in that case, would cartoon inspired by cartoon that's inspired by Japanese cartoons count?

Any definition of anime that gets rid of it's Japanese origins draws in too much subjectivity and at that point, just talk about cartoons.


It didn't work for me too. First dropped it after few episodes of season one, then kept hearing how good it is, and watched all of first season and was left disappointed.
Like you said the characters are annoying, so they can't carry the show, there is no real plot to carry the show and while it's occasionally funny the humor isn't strong enough to carry the show.

Tower of Druaga is really good, but it's an anime based on an 80s arcade game, so your milage may vary.

Tower of Druaga has the typical shonen problem of the main character being the most poorly-written one in the whole show and it having the potential to be wayyy more interesting if ANYONE else was the MC instead.

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>co - your comic company is shit and every artist you like is a hack
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I'm sensing a pattern here.

It's how stuff like PSG is anime but Avatar isn't. That is true, but the later is something people would expect out of anime while the former isn't. Anime may be just about the origin, but there are many traits people will commonly associate with it so when you OP asks for something close to Slayers, where the animation is from is irrelevant and Wakfu is a suggestion despite being French because it borrows some common traits you might expect.