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Shao Kahn Loyalist Items:

Outworld Veil and Sai (100 KP, free Shao Kahn Loyalist)- A peculiar veil, with a matching outfit; when worn, the veil helps conceal the unsightly features of the wearer. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much useless as armor. Comes with two sai that are needle sharp.

Intimidating Armor (200 KP, discount Shao Kahn Loyalist)- An imposing set of armor that could rival that worn by Shao Kahn himself. It’s of your design, and makes you much more intimidating in Kombat; not only that, but if you utilize it in your attacks you’ll find that it’s great at dealing damage as well as protecting you, too.

Wrath Hammer (400 KP, discount Shao Kahn Loyalist)- Shao Kahn’s Wrath Hammer is a weapon feared throughout the Realms; regardless of your strength you’ll be able to wield this massive maul with ease. The weapon’s magic is strong enough to send nearly any fighter flying with one blow, and if thrown it will disappear in a puff of smoke, returning to your side. It can also be summoned and dismissed at will, and will retain all the weight it appears to have when used against others, or when they try to lift it’s tremendous weight.

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Flesh Pits (600 KP, discount Shao Kahn Loyalist)- Shang Tsung’s Flesh Pits; maybe not the most flattering name, but make no mistake- this dark, dungeon-like place has given rise to many unsightly abominations. And slightly less unsightly abominations, as it turns out; many of the pods used to grow the sorcerer’s genetic experiments are occupied with half-Tarkatan, half-Edenian klones, similar enough in appearance to princess Kitana that they might be mistaken for her were it not for their massive teeth. Numbering at around six dozen, these klones are wholly dedicated to you and your cause- although not without some of the haughtiness of their elder sister, Mileena. They are also linked together telepathically, capable of instant communication, and are wild, feral fighters even as unarmed and scantily clad as they are. If you had the know how, you might be able to make even more of them, or perhaps some other creatures… The Flesh Pits will follow you and retain modifications.

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>capable of instant communication
>not "kause", "kapable of instant kommunication", "klad" and "kreatures"
Weak, senpai.

Besides comic jumps where are the best place to collect breasts?

Someone was after the old Arpeggio jump last thread? The new one is much better though.

>Anyone have any good resources for working out events/details of an Isekai jump? >Random generators and roll tables and the like.
I use Seventh Sanctum for some stuff. It's got a lot of choices under the Generator Types at the top.

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You're not supposed to replace every 'c' with a 'k'; it's usually only for titles or in certain situations on a case by case basis. The c word almost always has to have a 'k' sound already in it, as well. So words like 'cause' don't need to have the k replaced unless it's part of a name, such as if a special move was called 'Kause and Effect'. Kreatures could probably work though.

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Your own or other peoples?
either way, a Manyuu Hikenchou jump would work great... if it wasn't the kind of setting that probably belongs on QQ

The last update about mass importing ships made me sad. I can in expecting purchasing a more expensive ship to make smaller ships cheaper, so you could have a hive ship will fill compliment of three cruisers, or that city ship you found had some salvaged starships still docked in it.

Also, what do you have to choose to start as a wraith?

Others, plan to use Phineas amd Ferb tech to bould doomsday device powered by busty women for the tits vs ass war

Loving the Wrath Hammer
I'm definitely making that thing indestructible and using it as a knockoff Mjolnir

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>Also, what do you have to choose to start as a wraith?

It's not currently an option. It'd be something of a trap, really, unless you had a lot of willpower to avoid being lo-jacked by the nearest Wraith hive mind.

If you want, I suppose you could go Local, take Wraith Blood, and fanwank that instead of being a human who can develop some Wraith powers, you're a Wraith who can develop some human independance?

Maybe I should make it an optional Drawback available to those who have taken Wraith Blood and Hybrid?

Very small, more like a structural awareness spell

Just what you took, unless increased speed was from time acceleration stuff.

Are there any perks/items to make an item you already have indestructible, other than Immortal Object in Sword Art Online?

There's one in Samurai Jack, Legend of Zelda, and King Arthur.

What’s the best Pokécompanion /JC/? Do you treat them as pets, aka items, or as companions?

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Are there any that can be used that aren't restricted to personal weapons? inb4 anything's a weapon if you try hard enough

... which Legend of Zelda jump? We have seven (I think).

And that's not even taking into account the item imports that scale the weapon to match your strength/durability level

Not that I can think of, sorry.

The original one.

Fae Made in King Arthur only makes it unbreakable, not indestructible. Which is still nice I admit.

>It's not currently an option.
>+200 Wraith Collaborators
>If you are a Wraith, these collaborators belong to a rival alliance of Hives that are working against you.

>It'd be something of a trap, really, unless you had a lot of willpower to avoid being lo-jacked by the nearest Wraith hive mind.
Why though?
>Wraith Hive Ship – 800 CP
Wouldn't this + being a wraith or hybrid let you be the queen in charge of the ship and local hive mind?

>You Have Your Orders – 100 CP
Or this in the context of being on team wraith put you in charge of one of the clans?

...there's a difference?

Anybody know who did the Remember Me jump? I have questions about the Shell Games perk.

Hey could some formatting be done on the scenarios? They all seem to bleed into each other.

Also I'm really unsure what the scenario reward for outer dark actually does,is Jumper quantum the reward or a different scenario?

Also do you have to choose one of the branching paths with Jumper quantum? And if so is Skyfall a permanent Power loss?

>>If you are a Wraith, these collaborators belong to a rival alliance of Hives that are working against you.

Oops. That's supposed to be "If you are allied with the Wraith".

>>It'd be something of a trap, really, unless you had a lot of willpower to avoid being lo-jacked by the nearest Wraith hive mind.
>Why though?
Because that's how Wraith are? They're not just humans in makeup, they're a divergent species. Unless you mean "but why don't you just fiat that problem away for jumper"...

>>Wraith Hive Ship – 800 CP
>Wouldn't this + being a wraith or hybrid let you be the queen in charge of the ship and local hive mind?
You could go with that.

>>You Have Your Orders – 100 CP
>Or this in the context of being on team wraith put you in charge of one of the clans?
I'm getting the strange suspicion that you really want to be a Wraith... okay, let me think about how I'm going to put it in the jump.

So progress is actually being made on the PMC jump?

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Black Dragon Items:

Black Dragon Suit and Kombat Knife (100 KP, free Black Dragon)- A Black Dragon mercenary get-up, lightly armored with a helmet; it’s- you guessed it- black, and has the Black Dragon logo across the front of the chest. Also included is a Kombat Knife, or a Butterfly Knife as some pansies might call it.

Bionic Eye (200 KP, discount Black Dragon)- An eye that can shoot laser beams that’ll burn through flesh and can see in infrared, just like Kano’s. If you’re still attacked to your real eye, this can also come in an eye patch form.

Kill Sat (400 KP, discount Black Dragon)- Like the above eye, but a whoooooole lot bigger. You’ve got a satelite following you around- it’ll even show up if you decide to hop over to Outworld or the Netherrealm- that can cut a man in two from orbit, or reduce him to just a skeleton if you really want him to feel the hurt. It’s flashy, and needs time to aim and fire, but if you want to kill your foes in style then look no further.

Black Dragon Base (600 KP, discount Black Dragon)- The Black Dragon may be a bunch of murderous thieves and weapons dealers, but they’ve got standards, too. That’s why this base is all but invisible, and decked out with traps of all types- perfect for keeping out riffraff and nosy Special Forces operatives. What’s more, the Black Dragon are completely loyal to you, even if you don’t pay em’- crazy, right? They’re scoundrels through and through, and won’t hesitate to commit any crime or do anything you tell them to do, even if it means stabbing their mate in the back. Besides that, they’re also skilled in firearms and many melee weapons, so even if they lack special powers they’re still deadly in their own right.

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In the specific sense of using unbreakable instead of indestructible, invulnerable or inviolate?

Unbreakable means it can't break - it could still be melted into a puddle, sublimated into gas, Sidereally punched into a duck, ret-gone'd, etc.

Indestructible means it can't be destroyed. Conventional force is going to do zilch, except maybe move it; pretty much you're going to need conceptual attacks to do anything to it.

Invulnerable/inviolate means conceptual attacks aren't likely to do anything either (unless you're invoking some kind of "my infinity is bigger than yours", which is an actual thing in some settings).

IMO, YMMV, etc.

>it could still be melted into a puddle, sublimated into gas
That would still break the structure

Not necessarily. An unbreakable liquid or gas object is theoretically possible (even if you are basically telling physics to bend over and take it, but then you're doing that already by making something unbreakable), in the sense that the object's atoms/molecules would still be unable to be separated. It'd probably look freaking weird, though.

hey myrmy thank you for the scifi recommendations a couple threads ago

sadly life is making me busy and I could only look through them now but it's full of really interesting and promising stuff so i really appreciate you taking the time


While this is a nice lesson in durability power levels, I get the feeling that the average Jumpmaker (hell, most writers in general, especially comic book ones) treat the words as interchangeable and goes with whatever just sounds the best for their sentence.
Worse case, without the maker to back it up, it would probably become something that comes down to each person's own interpretation.

I was certain you wanted them for tobacco pouches. Now I don't have a legitimate answer for you.

Is this pretty much the BD outfit?

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For pacific rim jump will the maker add parts from uprising?

Isn’t it 10 years after the events the first film? So it needs its own jump.

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He was chased off, so no.

Please do not mutilate women.