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Fuck Wychanon edition

>Dark Eldar preview:

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>Old Black Library Mega:

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Threadly reminder to not reply to rules baiting user and report his bait.

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What is it about this time?

Any plans for upcoming games, purchases, or painting anons?

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So anons, do you consider the Bloodletter Bomb overpowered?

Given that on average a 30 man unit of Bloodletters and a Blood Throne w/ the Crimson Crown will kill 80 GEQs, 53 MEQs, 26 TEQs or 3 Leman Russ Battle Tanks. Plus an average of 0.33 Mortal Wounds for each nearby model. All for only 390 points and 3 CP.

suggested detachment limits in matched play being legal

Are dark Eldar vehicles still good for mass spamming or do they suffer from 8th's transport cost bloat issue?

Paint your shit anons. And go to the store to play. You'll make friends.

And be nice to anonette when she comes around, but don't spill your spaghettis.

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Was there a single primarch that wasn't even the slightest bit autistic?

Was it the 2 secret ones? Is that why they were killed?

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Nth for the right kind of Eldar

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Dark Eldar Patrol Detachment again.

How would one go on to make a T'au army that's based on the post drone rebellion era?

Suits are fine as they are but I need ideas on what to do with the firewarriors

suggested detachment limits in matched play being a hard rule


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No, because they are easily defeated by half decent play and screening.

Nth for glorious close combat Tau!

>post drone rebellion era?
What is that?

Not really, 30 boys are cheaper and CP investment is optional.

When I'm done painting.
... don't tempt me user, I'd buy the whole range if I could
Loads of tacticals, some assaults and a few Intercessors. I need to get around assembling and painting my devs as well.

Dumb meme that AI must automatically go men of iron despite no evidence of that being the case.

When tau loses the grip on the progress of their ai companions and basically terminator 2: judgement day happens

Painting my tau army, building a knight house, and trying to convince friends to play a 2k point game with me.

Introducing a smurf player to 8th on Sat. I don't think I've played a normal, non-teaching game of 8th in two months. I don't mind helping people learn but it'd be nice to get in a game where I didn't have to walk people though 8 pages of rules but everyone else in my group has developed a tendency to organize games while I'm asleep.

Field Dressing a Lasgun Wound
>Step 1:
Ignore it because pointing a flashlight at someone does nothing except illuminate them.

Nah, as user mentioned screening will easily put a stop to that. Of course the daemon player can try eliminate the screens, but if they fail to do so they've wasted 3 CP and Bloodletters are pretty squishy and will get gunned down fast.

Finally, while in an ideal world the Bloodletter bomb does huge damage, in practice when are they going to actually kill 53 MEQs in one turn? They're going to kill a much smaller squad (or only 1 tank, etc) and all the overflow is wasted.

I think its still not a bad tactic, it just shouldn't be all in. Its probably better with a small unit of Bloodcrushers, who are less investment and much easier to deep strike without wasting so much excess killing power.

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Fuck NPC armies
Fuck Xenos
no one fucking cares about your armies

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>dumb meme
sure, would it have been better had I worded it as 'fully autonomous tau army'?

Painting muh ghostkeel, commander and broadsides after losing to an Eldar WAACdude

Still good, wait to see what the Codex does though

I am painting my stuff! Also going to try get more games in at the store, though I've also ordered some terrain to try invite some mates around more regularly to play.

Unless you play ultramarines then you're playing npcs buddy.

Keep being a boon to your community user, soon enough you'll have a functionnal group that can work on its own.

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What did he do, user?

Ah, so just drones led by Aun'Va?

>go to the store to play.
it's 70 miles
>You'll make friends.
not from storefags, they are the sad dregs that noone will let into their home or clubs.

saving up money for a Soup Army of Space Marines and Imperial Guard infantry/Scions/Tanks

Blood Ravens and 252nd Kauravan Regiment

Order a bunch of stuff for conversions; the main thing is another 4 Sslyth and a bunch of Dark Elf parts, I'm going to build ANOTHER Archon and this one will look cool, dammit

>Non-Ultramarines are NPCs
>Not non-Chaos
Matt Ward is gone user. This is the time of ADB.

>that II and XI Legions reference
I didn't know they were involved with the Rangdan Xenocides

>Step 1:
If someone was shot with a lasgun as opposed to a daemonic bolt shell or an alien shuriken then they are obviously a traitor and should be executed.


I was thinking more of a way of converting the chaff units into robbits

No codex for the foreseeable future
Just bought new phone and bike so no fun shit for the foreseeable future
I've 6k of models, no idea what'll be even remotely viable.

>Not knowing about Traitor Guard

>"Facing waves of attack from the galactic east and north, and suffering losses that would not be exceeded until the dark days of the Heresy, the wars of the Rangdan Xenocides were the most terrible of any yet fought. Whole Expeditionary fleets went to their deaths without a single survivor, worlds were laid waste, dozens of Titan Legions were obliterated and by the end, entire Space Marine Legions [REDACTED SECTION] lost to the Imperium. Much of what happened during this abyssal conflict is still locked under seal, but what can be said is that with the breaking of the Labyrinth of Night by the Emperor, the threat was at last stymied."

Dark Eldar vehicles are potentially very durable, in that they suck against anti vehicle weapons but it's so easy to spam anti vehicle weapons as deldar you have the option to blow the shit out of enemy anti-vehicle then sit and laugh as people try to chew through a massive wall of medium toughness wounds with anti infantry guns.

Think of your least favourite faction


Now think of a unit, or character, or even just a bit of fluff of their's that you think is pretty cool.

I always liked the Savlar Chem Dogs. The idea of a Penal Legion that thrives in a way instead of just dying, even if that way is copious amounts of homebrewed drugs, appeals to me, and their designs would be really fun to paint and model.

"Forgot" certain things that would have benefited me, kept "bumping" his CP counting dice and putting it back higher than it was, giving himself extra VP's and getting angry when I asked him how he had nearly double what he should have.

I said in the last thread I didn't care, I was just happy to play a game. I was just genuinely surprised people behave this way.

>is that why they were killed?

forgot picture, hurr durr

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That's not WAAC, user. That's straight out cheating.

What's the optimal loadout for Canoptek Wraiths?

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Seeing how they keep getting closer, at some point they'll just fledge them out completely.

I'm torn between staying home and paint, go out to the coast during the weekend or date the Nazi girl with pink hair

do you play them as well?

Why does he look like Aang from Avatar?

>Implying there's an ethical difference
>You deep strike at the end of your movement phase

A nearly finished Basilisk, a far less finished Basilisk, Ogryns, an Infantry Squad

You put the stabby and shooty parts on it

I liked the idea of Scions

Date the nazi, but pray she changes her hair colour.

I'm going to be running mine barebones desu. The guns are kind of pricey and they will be in melee fast anyway.
Whip coils don't seem worth it to me, though i've never done maths on it.

>nazi girl
>pink hair
stay away

Nekkid. If you're playing Sautekh you don't suffer a movement penalty for trans beamers so they become a fun option, but nudity is still optimal.

Goliath trucks look neat.

Yeah, pretty much. I laughed when he started putting his 15 dark reapers down.

"Gonna be one of these kind of games is it?" His response, no joke was;
"Yeah, I'm that guy."

Nah, like I said, IG is my least favourite faction. But if I ever did play, it'd be them.

>Graf Toschenko was a Lord Marshal of the Imperial Guard. Leading the IX Vostroyan Firstborn forces in the Nimbosa Crusade, Toschenko's Command Squad was cut down by Tau fire, leaving the commander exposed. Nonetheless, Toschenko grabbed the Regimental Banner and urged his reeling men to fight on, but was struck down in a devastating volley by Commander Brightsword.

>The Vostroyans' death inspired the populace of Nimbosa to revolt against the Tau's insidious idea of "the Greater Good."

The very definition of Martyrdom.

>Pink hair
She's probably not a real nazi and only pretends to attract alt-right orbiters

But if you're lucky you should probably try to impregnate her to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children

painting sounds like it'll bring you the least regrets

Why did you even play him then.

lmao I probably wouldn't have even played him, sounds like an unenjoyable person to play against.

I remember playing against a Necron player who would always re-roll cocked dice whenever they were results he didn't want but would keep them whenever they were favorable results. We were playing on a Sector Imperialis board so there were a lot of cocked dice.

any idea how to get the greenish discoloring, and would it also work on infantry?

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What's Veeky Forums's opinion on this guy? I quite liked his reviews on the tau and cron codexes. He seems to really know his shit, competitively speaking.

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That's why you force people to choose between re-rolling all or none.

Already been there with crazy. But god damn she loves coming over and cook stuff.
Oh by Nazi I mean German, basically same thing.

So who is going to be GW's new painter now that Duncan is gone.

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I need some suggestions of good movies to watch while I paint. Currently watching 5th element, but stuff that is good for background noise is what I'm looking for.

Only guy in the store looking for a game. I get very few opportunities for a game so I'll take what I can get. Again, I don't play to win, I play for fun. I'm not a CAACfag and still try my best to give a good game but ultimately it's a game and I had fun. Muh Tau performed GLORIOUSLY in close combat. I love it when they do that.

I felt bad about knocking his monolith on the floor by accident while setting the board up so I mostly ignored it since he was getting stomped anyways

his review of the tau codex was awful desu, he didnt really know any of the rules from the index to compare the new ones to

he's a decent player tho

>Germans are still nazis, 70 years later
This is some proper bait. 10/10 made me have instant feelings of anger towards you.


Watch french niche movies then. That shit is nothing but background noise.

Alternatively, Blade Runner 2049. Kino as fuck, as being De Villeneuve, there's not much talking.
There's also some very neat E.YE vibes.

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If I fire both halves a combi weapon, I -1 to my hit rolls. So that means I detonate on rolls of 2 unless I have an aura that rerolls all fails correct?

What is the most fun army for someone to bring to table for all players. That army you play against and know win or lose you are in for a fun game.

e.y.e vibes you say? I haven't seen it yet but damn now I'm ready to gain some brozouf.


Oh is it namefagging time now?
Let the wyches hit the floor
Let the wyches hit the floor
Let the wyches hit the floor
Let the wyches hit the ... ... ... FLOOOOOOOOOOR

That alien invasion movie with the brown chick from all of the sci-fi movies and Aaron Eckhart.
It's in LA and it's named something stupid like invasion or battle or something

>tfw guardsmen hold the line

And what if I apply Veterans of the Long War when I'm already wounding on 2+? Are rolls of 1s still considered successes from the +1 to wound rolls?

Yes. Even if you can re-roll 1s, you still can't re-roll the 2 even though it is reduced to 1

Orks, hands down. Everyone smiles when you bring orks.

No, rolls of 1s are always a failure

There isn't one, its down to the player.

Mostly a running joke after she told a story about her old grandpa being a guard at a prisoner camp and that one of my old grandparent was a prisoner there. Specially when the two old fart ended being drinking buddies after the war

Dude is really good at the game and all around pretty funny.

A roll of 1 always fails.

Fuck I know what movie you're talking about, I just cant remember the name. It's battle for LA or something. .

Greentide, waves of Hormagaunts or Templar footslogging crusade.


It's LA: The Battleground