guys, what's with all the hate against daytrading?

>be me 2 months ago
>buy 1k usd worth of btc
>go on bitmex
>x10 short the btc forks, x10 longs on tether printing
>turn 1k into 40k in 3 weeks
>everybody says daytrading is evil and it's gambling
>change strategy and get into altcoins
>go from 40k to 8k, can't fucking recover

how the fuck do you loose daytrading and how the fuck do you make money with shitcoins?

also, never traded before and had 0 experience with charts

>guys, what's with all the hate against the lottery?
>buy 10$ worth of lottery tickets
>turn 10 into 100k in a weekend
>how the fuck do you loose the lottery

>how the fuck do you make money with shitcoins
Dedication and experience

>be me 3 weeks ago
>buy 25 usd worth of BCH
>pump from .09 to .26
>sell top
>sell BCH .26
>buy XRP
>pump 20 mins after
>sell top
>send all to Kucoin
How the people who put 10k are not millionaires? I see they take 4 months to just get 19k, are they idiots who swallow the "HODL" meme?
Never traded before too kek

>literally every single fork has the same effect on the market and it's extremely predictable
>literally everytime they print tether the same thing happens
>you can call double tops on pump 99% of the time and you'll be correct
>can still use stop losses and take profits so you literally CAN'T fuck up
>calls it lottery

i don't get why trusting unknown useless startups would be safer. but i want to believe since im here now, so enlighten me

what kind of arbitrage did you do? good calls user

It's like asking what's wrong with going double the speed limit.

For a small percentage of skilled drivers who know what they're doing it's a great way to get where you wanna go, fast.

For the average person it's a stupid idea.

That's why 'HODL' blue-chip coins is the best bet for your average normie.

and that's what i thought, but after having done both, it's much EASIER than this, you require 100x less informations and experience

also i had never seen a chart in my life before and did 350% of my first day

It's much easier to just keep a real job with a crypto allowance each paycheck and sell your coins at the profits you want. If you rely on your income from day trading to pay your bills then you have to sell coins even if the smart thing to do is hold out a little longer. Not to mention your income is at the mercy of the market and let's be honest, the market doesn't give a flying fuck if you need X amount of profit at the end of the month to pay for bills food etc etc. But hey op if that works for you go for it and fuck everyone else.

Personally I do both and my day-trading stack multiplied 10x more than my long term investments.

But I only ever seem to read about day-traders losing money on here so it's not for everybody I guess.

>watching charts bob up and down and trading appropriately is the same as playing nigger scratch off
You're poor for a reason.

yea exactly! that's what i don't understand!

>keep a real job
user we are talking about 18 years old neets who throw in 1k usd and make 40 grand in a month randomly
if i had the slightest bit of knowledge, experience or capital i'm sure that'd be a way to think of an actual strategy to kinda make it work
for instance, in my country a surgeon makes about 35k a year and a lawyer makes about 30k

Literally buy very low and sell very high. For example, when they added XRB in Kucoin, I bought at a price of 33 USD per XRB in the XRB-BTC market and sold at 60~ in the XRB-ETH market, I repeated several times until people noticed, kek

There is a lot of misconception on what day trading is. I check charts once every 4-6 hours, maybe make 1 or 2 trades and do other things.

Perhaps because holders, hold while they lose money and they hate you because you sold the peak of their coin and because if you didnt exist and sell, their coin would go up forever.

You used their coin to get filthy rich and then you moved on to another coin while they hold your bags.

nice one user, but that's an arbitrage opportunity that you could't anticipate, it's just luck because other exchanges had withdrawal problems, so low volume on kucoin. in other words it's not something you can rely on

when i trade altcoins i have been that guy who buys their bags at ath, i've sucked at this for the last month, that's how i lost 30k. but with btc future is just 300x easier ffs

I get it now.

Holders are the salary man, bringing home the meal tickets
Day traders are the Schwan man, fucking your wife while you are at work and getting paid for it.

>when i trade altcoins i have been that guy who buys their bags at ath

I could never do that because BTC is a dead coin and I wont perpetuate its existence.

Imagine how much more you could make if you put in thousands over the course of the year, and never had to sell at a loss or paltry gains just to get in on the next big thing. Day trading works if you have a strategy but I think my way is a lot easier.

im not that guy, im learning, i stopped loosing money, making a little bit of profit now, not buying ath anymore. but its not as easy as everyone makes it to be unless you are really lucky and patient

>ITT hodling is the new wagecucking

yea but finding the right coins to put your money on and having the patience and not getting affected by the FUD is 100x more difficult than just calling an obvious double top on leverage, don't you think?

You're the kind of idiot that thinks playing Blackjack and penny slots are the same kind of gambling.


>having the patience
If you rely on income from day trading then you can't afford to be as patient as I can. It all comes down to opportunity cost. Day trading has a huge opportunity cost.

OP, I have ~$800 in BTC. Was going to HODL in VEN or DBC, but your method is piquing mah interest. Can you give a bit more detail on what you did on bitmex?

You got lucky, why didnt you keep doing that if it worked so well? Because you lost a shitton of money afterwards but don't mention that in your post

how to turn 1k into 40k in a month daytrading shitcoins?