No matter how much crypto money I have I will never get a gf

>no matter how much crypto money I have I will never get a gf
How do I fix it?

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Why won't you ever get a gf?
Are you ugly or?

I too wish I could own a woman that will only ever depreciate in looks and also my overall net-worth, but at least I get to benis in her vagene right?

Go to the gym and get under the bar.

no mattter how much crypto money I have I have girfriends and sex every year.

I suppose crypto isnt the problem.

uglies can get mad pussy, unless youre autistically retard

you should nofap

Develop a thick and muscular neck.

Get your big ass in the gym

Then run laps when u get home

>dumped my gf a year ago
>quality of life and my bank balance increased significantly
Seriously, fuck women.

Yes buu eastern european wife, a 7 not a 10. Hide your wealth get a side chick later. Go to eastern europe to date them first this should be a woman you will have children with. Dont bring back a hoe

go get a decent haircut. not from sports-clips in walmart.

if you have a beard, get that shits trimmed. shave your fucking neckline.

if fat, jump in the keto diet. If you want a legit shortcut try the EC Stack. EC is ephedrine/caffeine stack. get Bronkaid from walgreens...take 1 every 4 hours along with a caffeine pill(200mg). take these 2 pills no more than 3 times a day. drink shit load of water. literally lose 60lbs in a month.

Download tinder and just go on terrible dates. pussy happens.

eat well, workout, meditate

have some confidence in yourself and chill. shit will happen when it's supposed to

sure you can just pay for plastic surgery to fix your jawline, cycle(s) of test, penis extender, expensive clothes to signal wealth, etc.

you dont want a gf faggot. believe me.

>not wanting a best friend with tits
>not wanting a road trip bruddie
>not wanting to get food you cant make made for you
>not wanting someone who will get you to try new things you'll enjoy
>not wanting a warm body when it's too cold

back to
Cyborg masterrace

>gf left me almost two years ago
>took many months for the wound to close
>found mgtow
>rediscovered crypto
>the gains keep coming

seriously, women only drag you down. everything that's yours is hers. and everything that's hers you have to ask for, and even then you're "raping" her.

would you rather be a broke wagecuck with a gf that'll just cheat on you; or a millionaire who can fuck dime whores at your whim.

a man can do all of that better than a woman could

>tfw coldest time of year and warm gf flew home to warm-country


The people in your pic look like textbook drug users.

Just get cocaine and fuck a druggie whore

This is the sweetest thing I've ever read on this board awww! Bless your heart.

>enduring relationships

>not fucking some chicks and enjoying your crypto gains

im thinking about this desu

>not wanting a best friend with tits
they sag and look like shit after a couple years
>not wanting a road trip bruddie
I hate roadtrips
>not wanting to get food you cant make made for you
I can cook better than some stupid hole
>not wanting someone who will get you to try new things you'll enjoy
like what?
>not wanting a warm body when it's too cold
blankets are already a thing

Yes you can just get 7 figs not too hard

>7 figs
>worth anything
You need 8-9 for it to actually mean anything to women. any random trust-fund chad is worth 7 figures kek

I'm neuroatypical so I just avoid. But my plan now is to get rich and ripped and see what happens.

I hate seeing her settle down.

Work Out
meet new people
Get out of the basement

>not wanting a road trip bruddie
have you even been on a road trip with a woman? it's fucking horrible they are so needy, they can't have any fun, and they just want to drive 5 hours out of the way so they can take a selfie next to some landmark and post it on kikebook "look at me i saw the giant anus of utah!!!!"

it's horrible

I don't get "dating". If girlfriend is just like a friend, why don't people also date to make new friendships?

t. never had a girlfriend

>not wanting to live
we all die in the end anyways!

>Get fit/skinny
>act like a bugman
>spend gainz of "sleeves"
>learn to Veeky Forums
>talk to a bitch

It's not that fucking hard

I'm an autistic Nazi and I'm getting married next year, If I can do it. You can do it.

>wanting to live with a filthy useless roastie
I'd rather just rent them when I need them

That chick finna go bald? Wtffffff haha, I'm dying

Bitter virgin detected.

>blankets are already a thing

I kek'd

Nut on that forehead and call it Rogain

If you manage to get rich (say, few mill) then I'll help get you a girlfriend if you subsidise my lifestyle while doing it.

Depending how neckbeard you are it might take a month or three but I'll get you a good one - whatever your tastes are really.

Roastie detected.

My hair's thinning crazily. Feeling like offing myself when though I have me crypto gainz.

>not wanting to get food you cant make made for you
You mean like what happens at a restaurant? You mean like take out?
>warm body when its too cold
>too cold
When you have money it is never too cold anywhere you are at.
Everything else is just having friends.
Do you not have friends user?
That's probably why you want a gf so badly.

Something tells me youre the type of guys with posters of anime girls(or guys) on your walls

Here is what you do, you sign up to DIGITEX with my ref link, then you get 10 USD for free, then you make your own ref link and get 10 USD for free again, then you take that 20 USD and go buy yourself a gf.

Sign up for digitex with my ref link and get 10 USD for free
Ref link:

You just got great advice. Take it or kys.

Something tells me you're a roastie. Post pics?

>female best friend
i love when females pretend they're males on Veeky Forums and think no one suspects a thing

I thought that line was """cringy""" as fuck. Thought he was just a soyboy, though.

get plastic surgery, a lambo and a mansion.

I've settled for a fattie.

Because one is almost always not okay with JUST being friends

You should leave

>act like a bugman
Don't do this