Something's not right

Insider here
I'm privy to a lot of information, but even with all the exclusive information I have something is not adding up.
There is something even the insiders of insiders aren't understanding and it is scaring the fuck out of us.
There are even bigger hands at play here, nearly every piece of shit alt is pumping hard this past week.
I am a staunch believe in crypto, but so many of these alts are obviously scams, yet are getting pumped
The total market cap is nearing 1 trillion US dollars. Now ofcourse this doesn't mean all the coins in circulation are worth that much, because the minute you start selling the market crashes, and believe it or not it will very soon

Everyone seems to be winning right now, and this will not all add up, it is a zero sum game.

I won't say cash out, but strongly consider it, the earlier you cash out the more you win. Yes you may cash out and it will pump up even more, but you might miss the tipping point, and will regret it forever

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i cashed out at the start of december and my portfolio would of been more than doubled right now just by holding the same old shit coins.

sweet, just went all in. thanks for the tip user

this is why you don't listen to these "insiders"

Sorry OP ive only invested in actual projects with real world use cases


hearing this shit since last year.

Crypto still has a LONG way to go before the bubble pops. Years. We're still in the speculative phase but 2018/19 will be where real world adoption occurs and the value of tokens are extended way past trading value alone.

The best is yet to come imo.

was it the btc will crash when it passes 10-12kk meme?

I'm gonna write jokes and earn fucking money doing nothing with BZC faggot, what are you guys doing? Kek.

The Kraken is rising. And no whale can survive against It

its zero sum yeah, but more fresh cash keeps flowing in from general population, thats why everything is pumping

we are like sick person getting fresh blood

Insider here, OP is George Soros, I looked at his Macbook Pro earlier and saw him posting this thread

This is my position as well.

Dotcom bubble popped at 2.7 trillion, this bubble has the power to change the world's economy, it'll be selling time in December next year, its hold time still.

Shame their servers are shit

Fuck off and die street shitter


I could lose 95% of my portfolio and still have more money than I started with.

>what are you guys doing?
ermm.... not shitting in streets?

OP here, we actually believe this too, the dotcom bubble didn't pop until after worldwide mass adoption happened, we aren't even close to that yet, however there is some really strange things happening, ALL alts are pumping

It was 10 trillion when you adjust for inflation

All ALTS is an exaggeration, plenty of coins not doing much.

Drop some inside info then to prove you're not bullshitting.

Also it 'popped' over the course of 2 months.

>George Soros
>87 y. old
>$8 bln net worth
he knows his shit

fuck. I just did the math
99.7% drop and I would still be slightly up.
not even joking

>Everyone seems to be winning right now
Fuck you

Op here. Another cruicial update, please read on.

I am a massive faggot. Make that of what you will.

dam, you gonna crash the market with this insider news


>ingredients: tears, sweat and blood

made me kek

>insiders of insiders
sounds like a gay nightclub

The same thing is happening in the stock exchange due to quantitative easing. Both the big money and the fed are pumping money into every market they can to generate economic growth.
If you were a real insider and not a dumb FUDposter you would know what we're doing.

see, this is believable.