Have to pay taxes on EVERYTHING you own

>have to pay taxes on EVERYTHING you own

Oranje boven

>have to pay 150% of your profits in tax

best country
Btw; Dutchies own approx 60% of all ChainLink. Future looks bright for them

fake and gay.
don't ruin my plans pannekoek.

>yfw u can short NL by dumping your link bags

>live in a third world country
>only two bitcoin exchanges
>no etherium exchange
>want to order bitcoin online
>order website requires ID
>order website requires nonfree javascript
>tfw the botnet wants me to be a no coiner.

le oranje Bicâ„¢ mon ami

Same in any other European country.
It goes like this: you work and earn money. The state takes some of your money (1st tax). With the money you get you buy stuff you need/ want. The price of this stuff has some VAT included in it. So you pay the 2nd tax. You decide to take a risk and invest some of the money you earned in crypto. If you lose, the state will not help you. You fucked up so you're on your own. But if you succeed... You need to share your gainz with the state. So you pay another tax.

This. This is a fucking thievery. I can't comprehend how is this allowed. This fucking system should be ripped apart by the people.

Het is de schuld van de Rabobank

>belasting betalen

Wat een cuck

you think the dutch made that tax haven island in middle america as a joke?

enjoy going to Jail henk

Gaat al jaren goed.

kanker overheid krijgt niks van me

you mean Aruba? shill me on Aruba bro

hoe doe je dat dan met die crypto winsten henkie?

Wanneer vette verdiensten uitcash zal ik die 1,4 procent wel betalen maar het nederlandse rechtssysteem is zo mietig als de pest.

''Oh sorry meneer ik ben pas 24, dat wist ik niet!''

Zo, tik op je vingers en een ''foei, niet meer doen'' kan je hooguit verwachten.

until they catch you, and then you'll serve an enhanced sentence for multiple violations


ben een student. nooit belasting aangifte gedaan. d66 rechters geeft me hoogstens een waarschuwing dan

and then you lose all of your tax breaks as well as pay hefty fines

Als een student zullen ze ook niet achter jouw zitten...

Fucking Wiebes, ga is ergens anders shit posten.


how is this relevant