Why arne't you selling your xrb?

Why arne't you selling your xrb?

You do know the dumping is gonna be huge once it hits binance right?

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Or it could moon when it hits binance.

Going to $75 after the dump. Most whales dumped at 17 and 32.

t. brainlet

I doubt it. I was curious how it would do on new exchanges and it's been doing nothing but dumping and dipping.
This is gonna crash hard once it gets listed on binance with the volume.
I"d advice dumping on kucoin and buying the inevitable dip on binance if you still think the coin has a future.

and when exactly it will go live for trading on binance?

first good dip and people run.
Just buy the dip.
People expecting way to much from kucoin.
most of the trade is still on bitgrail.

This is consolidation, which is healthy after a big run up like this had. People need to take their 10x profits, and others move on to other short-term opportunities. A new bottom is being established.

The "dump" on Kucoin was just from the initial listing at low liquidity, when the few who were able to deposit XRB were selling at a premium over Bitgrail. If anything you should be accumulating at these prices, before it hits Binance and before the rebrand.

I sold for 39 on kucoin when it started, even tho the price on BitGrail etc was 33.

This coin has potential and will explode soon.

it was hovering around $35 when it hit kucoin. After the arbitrage was done at $43. There was no dump

Binance will take at least a week to list it. I think XRB is going to dip hard within the next days already. By the time that Binance lists it, everyone will suddenly hear about XRB again and see it has dropped hard. The Binance normies will then start to buy it up. Everyone thinks Binance listing will cause a dip = opposite is going to happen, like every time in crypto.

The question is however what the announcements next week are going to be and how will they affect the price prediction. XRB dev indicated that there are multiple announcements in store for next week.

XRB isn't just a moon mission. It's going to terraform the solar system. Buy the dip and HODL.

Has anyone been able to send their chadblocks from raiwallet to Kucoin with any sort of speed? I've been waiting nearly half a day now..

You thought tech matters in crypto? Poor naive child. There is reason Bitcoin is King. You shall learn in time.

it took me literally 10 seconds. You did something wrong. Uncheck local PoW under settings.

Just because Bitcoin has been king for so long doesn't mean it will stay relevant even within the next few months. You still haven't learned that anything can happen in crypto? You shall learn in time.

the outgoing is confirmed as of raiwallet. but kucoin claims to have 0 delegators or some stupid shit

Exchanges still have a hard time implementing XRB. Between wallets, the speed is instant, but exchanges manage to fuck it up somehow.

kekkeridoo some raibloxforu

Dunno man. I think the only reason there hasn't been a massive crash is because there aren't enough buyers on kucoin and bitgrail.
Everyone's holding their tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands they got at cents and waiting for a exchange wih enough volume to sell.
Massive sell offs and price going down is a strong possibility.

haha it has been a stable $35 during the BTC run. It has a giant sell wall right now from a single whale so the price is stuck

The price has not bounced off this wall at all. Sticking right to it.

It will moon hard once this wall is down

>the only reason there hasn't been a massive crash is because there aren't enough buyers on kucoin and bitgrail.

this makes 0 sense

no buyers = price crash

that means people are buying right now

You will learn, child.

Stupidest post I've read.

There are big news coming in the next weeks.

sometimes the kids gotta learn the hard way

Samefagging for your "tech" coin like a sports team fanboy. Children. You will learn. The game you play is not your own. Naive. Let it be a lesson.

you just panic sold and are getting nervous

don't worry, I'll sell you some when you decide to get back in at $100

I sent some XRB from RaiWallet to KuCoin last night and it took 7.5 hours

>when the few who were able to deposit XRB were selling at a premium over Bitgrail

Why would you want to give away free money though?

Nah man. I'm saying only pajeets and poorfags with a tiny amount are selling off their stacks on kucoin and bitgrail
The ones who have a ton are holding off since they don't have enough buyers on those exchanges. They're gonna do it on binance and they know that. They're allgonna have twitchy fingers with the cursor on the market sell. They know the dump is still gonna happen but they'll still profit more doing it on binance than kucoin/bitgrail.
There's gonna be a crash.

shoo shoo
don't like it - move along. I'm not selling

whales sold at $30 on bitgrail when they raised withdrawl limits and it crashed to $20. Did you see how big XRB went in market cap from $10-$30?

That was all new money entering and whales leaving

>All the whales dumped on an exchange that's tiny as fuck compared to binance
You haven't seen anything yet.

I'm salivating at the thought of a crash, my short term dream is to scoop this up in the teens next week.

Just talk don't listen. Listen to the voicemail in your head. Wrong. A lesson takes time. Learning is not mandatory but advised.

This fud doesn't even make any since. Most people can cash out as it is just fine but if your a whale and hold millions even it hitting binance you would only be able to withdraw 10 btc worth a day from bitgrail.

its consolidating right now it's good for the coin's health, its gonna moon next week, devs have a lot of announcements to make (rebrand -> light and mobile wallets, partnerships, etc.)


You do understand that in order for someone to buy, someone has to sell

that means from $5-$30 was whales selling to new buyers

I know this because I was a whale and sold half my stack on the way up like smart money does

Entire thread is full of FUD from people who can't afford XRB at the current price. Damn idiots. I got in single digits in XRB. So I don't waste energy caring about dumping on binance and shit.

>only 150k USD a day
>couldn't possibly do this under more than one account

When scared and threatened, it changes more to the imaginary ignoring the real. This provides it comfort before the inevitable.

haha the only reason you are so emotional is because you were all in XRB, things were going good, then you woke up this morning and saw your sats vaporized so you just panic sold and went on biz to try and FUD the price down so this instant feeling of regret you suffer from goes away

don't worry, I'll let you buy back in at $120 after the rebranding and binance moon

Is there a way to see top holder wallets for XRB?

I bought a $3.50. Are there really people panic selling when the price goes down 10%? This is why you're all poor. Yesterday I bought a shitload of alts when they were down 25%+. Guess what happened when I woke up this morning?

alts were down 50%?

all green fucboi


1 million XRB deposit pending on KuCoin. This is gonna dip so hard soon.

are you aware there are multiple wallets in that you fucking retard? kys

It's a deposit to multiple accounts. I checked the Tx hash from me sending from bitgrail to kucoin and kucoin has a wallet with 4.5m xrb also.
Though, still, all these pending deposits, including my own, have me worried.

that is KuCoins total wallet

Remember: when Veeky Forums FUDs a coin hard, it'll moon any moment now.

I'm not selling you fags.

The fact that a bunch of faggots care so much about this dipping should tell you all you need to know. BUY BUY BUY

so much FUD its so funny. ill be laughing when XRB is $100 end of the month. every dip gets bought out in less than 10 minutes. your a fucking idiot to think XRB will dip when it aready dipped like last week.

Already below 30 dollars and plummeting fast.

I sent from desktop wallet to kucoin and caught the local peak for a tidy little profit. It was pretty much instant.

>$30+ on kucoin


>30+ dollars

28 kek


same shit

not gonna get rich from that.
unless you're so delusional you think it's going to go to BTC levels in which case carry on

Pretty sure their market cap wasn't in the billions nor did they moon as hard as XRB did the past month.

Eh, XRB has had many corrections before and it always went back up again with a vengeance. Lower limit for this one looks like ~24$ if we take a look at the charts.

40% of my portfolio is XRB, but every altcoin mooned at the same time, late december. Doesn't mean this will

stop being so weak. There has been continuous drama on exchanges holding the price back. People cant withdraw so they trade out

nice dump weak motherfuckers

Judging by this, we still have about 9 days until Binance listing if it follows suit with the last two.
Who knows when it'll actually go through

I agree, in the log scale, we are hitting the buy zone soon. Hard to say when exactly without being listed on tradingview.com yet, but I would say $20 is also possible before going up again.

CoinMarketCap charts are just not detailed enough.

"Xrb will dip hard even though it's already had healthy corrections"


See back to a dollar next week for your healthy correction!

the fact that everybody thinks it will dip means that it probably won't and you're all going to miss out on gains

I'm not selling before $250, I got in super early. Yall can watch me become an XRB millionaire on paper

lol this I Have 5 family members, I had them all sign up for Coinbase. I pulled 8g per day from their accounts and 15K er day from mine.

set aside enough for their "taxes", but in the US you have to make 37K per year to pay Cap gains. Parents are retired, exempt, sister is stay at home mom, exempt. Brother and me pay taxes.

Life is good. 800K from XRB

Because I only make long-term investments, I don't spend my time day trading to get a couple of shekels here and there.

Tell us your folio.

show portfolio,

also 340 XRB holder

>tfw bought at $35

My big bets are Raiblocks and Tezos, the rest are boring holds.

You probably should sell to minimize losses.

Sauce on that webm? Thats sexy as fuck

not too sure lmao I saw it posted on biz a while back and i saved it

I am also interested in Tezos, but the market cap seems pretty high already.


If it were to be released, it would be at around 15th place already. Sure, it deserves a higher place, but the growth potential doesn't seem to be a lot at this point.

>same amount of xrb in circulation
>more buyers


Agreed. It just doesn't make sense.
KuCoin is already constantly $1-2 higher than Bitgrail. Binance will also have a higher price because of new buyers and also it will generate more volume.

when is it on finally on binance?

so much obvious organized FUD means I'm buying.

Yeah I got in at ICO, but I still see 10x potential for both Tezos and Raiblocks before 2020. I can see how even that return doesn't sound very exciting anymore though with the current market, we've really been spoiled rotten.

if it goes to $100 and there are 110 million XRBs in circulation then it's market cap would be ... ?

Did you even do the math to make sure if your dumbass "valuation" makes sense? Bitcoin's market cap is $250 billion.

Ummmm 11bil?

Would mean XRB has a market cap of roughly 11B.

4.4% of bitcoins total market cap, you think that's unreasonable? Fucking retards in crypto my god

Holding 3.2K, sold 121 to cover initial investment + take few bucks along the way. Not selling whats left in a million years

I'm holding this for months. No way I'm selling.

Wheres that average /biz IQ chart, been looking for it everywhere.

same. this obvious paid fud campaign is not gonna trick me.

T-t-t-this t-t-time i-i-it's d-different.!!