You're rich whale friend again

Move out of BTC before monday.

China banning mining.
BTC dominance down.
Big news coming monday... can't say more.

Obviously drop Tron if you haven't already.

I would recommend positioning into ETH, XRP, XLM for now.

Holy shit ive seen this image before but not in pepe-form.
Who did this?!! Post the original!

How do you feel about dbc? If you say the letters it sounds like dbz which is the best anime, so it has to be a good coin right?

Can you share more of the pepe semen demon remakes like this pls

dont worry i've been gimping together some oc pinkies to post when chinks ban mining next week

this is some of the best investment advice i've ever read

Why drop tron?

exit scam my friend
it also didn't weather the recent altocaust very well

here you are friend

Out of the fire and into the pan.

Those Pepe remakes are amazing
I'd kill for a good vidya with this kind of traced mspaint Pepe/Wojak graphics

The main shill fucked up a live stream so people are FUDing hard. No need to drop it yet it should go to .3 at least.

Everything else OP said is solid advice except mining isnt getting banned, its just losing a lot of government benefits that helped make it profitable. These mining companies aren't gonna get raided by cops and shut down overnight but they will start steadily switching so something else.


China isn't banning, just regulating

Founder exit scam. Take a look the chart, smart money is already moving out.

>China banning mining.
Long term, that's a good thing. Hoping for a flash sale

I usually only put money into coins with good memes and cool names and logos.

Lol. That's strange he is still active and so is every tron related entity, the only suggestion of an exit scam seems to be coming from your weak ass wrists

Proof faggot

he's selling in bulks of 200k, already cashed out 300mln usd from binance to gemini

op pls respond

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DBC is fine, I'm not too bullish on it ATM. Sorry I don't watch anime.


>doesn't watch anime


XLM will explode into infinity like no other if this happens and fairx goes live. Don't be naive.

I'm about to put my wage on UFC because I love filesharing, am I fucking up?

What about XRB OP?? tell me please tell me
tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

#FakeNews brah. You won't get my shekels.

Hey, let's be friends. Feel free to take this enhanced image, it's all yours.


And what's the original

I wish you werent a liar.

Xlm target?


looks worse than the original lol


Post it and let others decide.


why would any of those coins hold their value user?

You seriously bought bitcoins with fiat? How could you not have known about the transfer time?

According to, the PBOC called for rectifying irregularities in electricity use of some bitcoin mining fields, and during a closed-door meeting, discussed limiting the power use of bitcoin mining.

As Reuters further details, while the People’s Bank of China can’t directly regulate bitcoin miners’ power usage, it can ask local authorities to do so, the central bank told members of the Leading Group of Beijing Internet Financial Risks Remediation at a meeting at the end of 2017, the source said.

As a result, China's monetary authority can tell local governments to regulate the power usage of bitcoin miners to gradually reduce the scale of their production. To many this was an implicit warning that China is preparing to clamp down on, and regulate, bitcoin mining in China.

OP is a faggot spreading fud.

What do you think of DBC?

Holding REQ, LINK, XRP, XLM and DBC here.

If Chinese mining slows because of this, wouldn't that put a squeeze on supply and cause the price to increase?

XRB > all

It would hurt the network and cause more congestion.

This is probably why McAfee was in India earl this year.. To set up a mining Cabal. Also Russia will offer insentives to bitcoin miners.

Maybe short term we get a small crash but like always it's OK.


>From the mind of a teenage faggot.
>Thinks you should have to be an anime fan to be in crypto

Really kid?

"Can't say more"

Wow such mysterious LARPing
OP must be in danger! Thanks, just sold 100k

How else could you buy bitcoin?

It will be at .4 soon enough. Chinese guy sucks at English and shills want cheap coin. Ideally they want it back to single digits, but we'll see where the floor is before doubling up again. If you thing this chink is leaving the coin forever when he can tweet himself into a fortune with it you're out of your mind. He will sell and buy back in probably all the way through 2018.

In his defense there is shit online about China cracking down on mining. But I don't understand why any other coin would be safe.



Thoughts on LTC next week?

you don't, you buy alts


Why? That's a dead coin now. It has had its moons. Only down from here. Sold mine and made a fortune.

320 stable.

are you they one who offered a prize for the btc eoy 2017 prediction? if so i think i won with my prediction of 13k in that thread...

how do you feel about ven? you think it is a good time to get into it even with the pump that just happened?

buy in smaller amounts you brainlet to get around that bullshit

It's a fucking joke you autist.

Explain how banning mining wouldn't just increase the value, as there's less BTC in circulation.

how about you look that up yourself you idiot. literally simple supply-demand economics and also the fact that mining provides much of the infrastructure which allows the btc network to function