Good upcoming ICOs?

What good upcoming ICOs are you tracking? I've got a large amount I'm looking to invest.

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Electrify Asia (Jun from OMG is an adviser, team already provides an existing service, low mcap) and Neon Exchange (POS - earn a share of all fees generated by the exchange)


Binance just put 2.5Million into their hot wallet
They got it ready for trade in June.

I threw 3 ETH into it, hoping to retire.

Renteum looks interesting - got prototype up

This and Coss are teaming up

MGXL will hit $10 each soon

noob question, can I invest directly from gdax or should i send eth to a wallet and then to magnalis?

I deposited 4.2 eth to COSS two days ago, and I don't see any sign of it. anyone experience this?

I did mine around then and I saw it in my wallet as soon as the tx was confirmed.

Did you check that the tx went through at all? There's been lots of congestion on the ethereum blockchain lately.

Deposits are clogged don't worry. They're Singaporean. Highest IQ

Never send funds to an ICO from an exchange wallet. You have to hold the private key.

I don't get what makes Magnalis an attractive investment?

stex. like coss and kukoin but will be paying 100% of exchange fees to token holders

I’m hoping to retire with this too
it’s going to be an insane moon mission

We just gotta hold and be patient


>pathetic 9 page whitepaper reads like a Peter and Jane book

Congrats on deciding to throw your fucking money away user

some whitepapers are 2 pages, user.

Yep. Welcome to the world of crypto. Where scammers don't even have to try any more.

magnalis is scam lol stop it

many people said this is a scam

can you guys tell me why this is a scam?

You guys can still sign up for the whitelist for this one. Imaging POWR except for FUCKING CHINA. I signed up yesterday. Hopefully the personal caps are low or they allow no caps.