Free 500$ holly shit

Free 500$ holly shit
This is a new, robust, professional exchange with no withdrawal/deposit limits:
You get $500 on registration
You will get up to 50% of all the fees your referrals generate at

Use this link to have the bonueses it's limited to the first 200 users so be fast

Thanks me later

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these fucking pajeets...

Why would I not think this is a scan exactly?

Scam like tonydumper/bitflur





Why don't you say the same about CuckExchange (KCS) and COSS tho?


thanks just bought 100k

use my referral link its better:

it's $500 worth of fees exempted when you use the site to make a trade. They're not giving you $500 to trade lmfao

>Thanks me later

Of course it is, otherwise people would just withdraw the 500$
But hey it's still fee free for a a good while, then 0.2 % fee when the 500$ are used

Nice link amhed

But use mine

Worked for me with ops link.

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Kuckcoin shares has a somewhat legit team and their business is booming, no need for scam
COSS is actually run by a guy who did one ponzi scheme per year, so I'm waiting for the exit scam any day
But it's kind of interesting. The exceptional growth of crypto valuation combined with gamification aspect of trading allows for "virtuous" ponzi/pyramid schemes where no one really is the sucker. It's rewarding opinion influencers proportionally for their influence. Certainly beats the "winner takes all" model of youtube, twitch, twitter. Binance pioneered the way and I expect we'll see even more of this in 2018.

What other alternatives do you have really?
Other exchanges:
- Are down 99% of the time (Kraken)
- Have high fees (Coinbase)
- Limit your withdrawal
- Don't add new coins (Bittrex)
- Flash crash markets to make money out of your liquidated positions (Poloniex)

Thanks OP,

here's mine:

Please and thank you.

>Kuckcoin shares has a somewhat legit team and their business is booming, no need for scam
I bet you knew that only AFTER the exchange started trading and KCS started mooning.
I remember KCS being called a "literal a ponzi scheme" no so long ago.
This is what will happen with this one, FUD and the FOMO
Plus here you don't have to give a penny, you don't have to purchase a token to benefit from neither the 500$ rebate on fee, neither the affiliate program



Don't forget to fill their survey, you can let them know what exchange we deserve this way.
I've let them know that it's extremely important for them to add new coins regularly with no downtime advanced and leveraged orders and ultimately with no deposit/withdrawal restrictions


Used yours, let's continue the chain:

tonydumper was a retard scam

bitflur is actually legit though

Did anyone get busted for using tonydumper yet?