How low will it go?

My transfer finally completed, bought ETH at gdax, sent it to binance, wondering how low will it dip/correct to buy in.


but it's at $0.96 currently...

Pretty nice bull flag formed, I wouldn't wait too long to get in. I could see it going up again sometime soon.

just put 160 on this, hopeuflly i can make 50% and cash out

It was $0.1 a month ago.



For REQ to be part of the top 10 on Coin Market Cap, it will need a market cap of more than $11.6 B. With a supply of 640 M, that means $17 a share. And that's just today. The market cap will be much more in a month, so there is lots of room for growth. Furthermore, when it goes live, the supply will diminish because tokens are burned after a transaction is made. This will further increase the value. As long as REQ maintains its trajectory, I can see it eventually being $100 a share.

Redpill me on this "bullflag" I've got 40k REQ and i'm doubting if I should go all-in on BTC and wait out the bullrun

really. $100 ... well paypal has like 80 billion market cap rite :)

Well said, user.
I'm HODLING REQ because we're going to the moon!

It's incredibly difficult to time the market. With a coin that's as undervalued as REQ you should just get in. Do some research as to the use case; it's difficult to not see it having a great month

Why are you like this

Give it 6 months.

They aren't "shares" retard

HODLing until mainnet release and then going balls deep into DOGE

who else?

phew... got in JUST' in time.. LATER NERDS!

Mmm, 100$ sounds so great. I'd retire early if that happened.

FUD detected!

I think $4-5 is inevitable for REQ. $10 is the moon. $100 is certainly doable though depending on 1. REQ being heavily used (token burning) and 2. the crypto bubble not crashing in the next year

Samefagging AND plebbit larping?

Should have been in DOGE since 23 sats

Dude what?

Like what is even your problem?

You need to chill; maybe smoke a joint or two?

The NoREQ butt hurt is real

extremely sophisticated FUD

are you retarded?

What do i buy for 9 mill Veeky Forums bros?

Property and turn that 9 million into 100 million. This is how the elite class is formed, REQ is your way into it

I can buy 3 apartments at 10$, 30 apartments at 100$ user?

Took profit at the fucking ATH. Today was a good day.

Buy a decent house on a nice piece of land outside a major city, then use the rest to buy some smaller houses/apartments inside the city and rent them to people for that comfy passive income


>next week ATH will be 1.5

25 , computer science degree
I made 300k on request. Currently live at home... buy a house in the suburbs or go live in the city. What do?

take that 300k and turn it into 3m

turn that 300k into 1-2m and live like a neet for the rest of your life

I wish I wish I hadn't fucked up and been scared to invest more than pocket change in this coin when it was 15c. Fuck, I'm so retarded.

Hey, don't beat yourself up, you don't have a time machine. You can still make mad gainz if you're holding it.

Yeah but it's not getting me to lamboland like some anons here. I'll need another REQ.

>it's not getting me to lamboland
Depends on how long you're holding and how much you invested.

Got under 5k REQ. Need to get my portfolio to around 1MM to get _started_ on what I want.

you will be a millionaire (before tax kek) EOY 2019

More than willing to wait that long if that's what it takes. But I feel like I need to look elsewhere too to make some quick gains to double down better on good coins.

I need like $500k just to buy my way into a green card :(

seriously as long as good news for REQ are rolling in and no catastrophe is happening hold the REQ you always have and once you got a 100k or more you can take 5k to throw another promising project in early days

Yeah that's somewhat the plan. My main concern is this whole thing runs out of steam by the time it's worth that much.

what if REQ crashes tho


>seriously as long as good news for REQ are rolling in and no catastrophe is happening
pls read my post before replying

Wait until next BTC drop or rise. Then alts will be on discount. Might see 80 or 70 cents at that time.

yeah REQ is $100 PROJECT
ENG is a 500 to 1000 one.
NEO is 1000 gas at least 250 300

there will be 0 possible REQ related bad news for 3 months (end of Q1)

>tfw sold bitcoins at 2000
>got into cryptos in 2015, had the opportunity to buy xmr, eth, btc at super cheap prices and be (mildly) rich by now
>ignored it cause failed at shorting the market

ahh i've been so BLIND. What kind of a programmer am I?