Did my research. Go ALL IN on ICX right the fuck now, partnerships coming, moon impending, mainet about to be released

Did my research. Go ALL IN on ICX right the fuck now, partnerships coming, moon impending, mainet about to be released

The stars have all aligned and they are telling you TO BUY ICX
this may be your last chance

we moonin

I'm telling them to jump in, but they won't listen, user. It pisses me off.

Also, Hajime was S1 best girl followed by Aoba. Momo was S2's best girl followed by Hifumi and Aoba.
Still, you have good taste.

they'll buy some when it's $50

ICX - $0.11
ICX - $1
ICX - $3
ICX - $7.50

Priced in

1 word: WANCHAIN

It's recovering well after what happened yesterday during btc's pump.

nice try but no. No one has any patience in crypto. If you think most people buy and plan to hold for 3 weeks until mainnet you're wrong. Most idiots believe this will stay under $10 until mainnet release and will have to fomo in at $20

Not buying your shitcoin bags. See you in Japan though.

Literally no point in investing if it mooned already

>he thinks icx has already mooned


>priced in
Don't ever say that word to me again, it reminds me of SALT all over again.

Also, that's a stupid assumption, it was mooning to pluto when the mainnet was about to be released. The same will happen ANY MOMENT NOW so I advise everybpdy to buy now

Let's be real. What's your prediction for end of the month?

This desu. ICX is a shitcoin that will not go anywhere. I'm a web developer and their code is pretty BAD, with a lot of unnecessary comments.

>Let's be real. What's your p


Who are you and why do you know I'm flip? Are you stalking me?


Put your money in xlm, it's a guaranteed moon. This has mooned already.

Don't listen to this shitmeister. XLM is old and busted.


>old and busted
lmao fairx beta is a guaranteed moon, especially that it's currently undervalued.
ICX has literally mooned already, no point in buying it. Also

I know you're that guy spamming on /asean/

>sshhh, i'm still acumulating
The Posts.

They never listen.

Delete this post

example, or get out now

Im all in on vechain baby


mainnet is already priced in.
the only thing can make is moon now is korean exchange listing but they re cracking down / make regulations for exchanges, so yea...

please buy my bags

Anyone who knows programming knows that this project is not going anywhere.

This. Unless you're on icx since ico there's no point now.

got 200 shares 3 days ago, do i get more now? only have .15 btc left to play with

Nah TKN is better
>Only cryptocard with global rollout to come shortly
>Only cryptocard which pays "dividends" which you claim through burning tkn
>only cryptocard which allows you to control your privatekey
>when tokencard goes to market they will get majority market share, meaning lots of tx and therefore large amount of dividends paid to token holders.
>Burning causes tkn to act as a deflationary currency , encouraging Long term holds
>Small mcap of 70 mil while they hold over 120 mil in assets.
>dev tokens locked one year so they have to provide a good product for their tokens to be worth anything