Tron is taking off again

Post some mean shit here after it crashed again!


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What are you talking about. It is in clear downtrend.

>TRONtards are so retarded they'll stay in a blatant shitcoin even after the exit scam
I'm starting to think the crypto bubble might pop sooner than I thought.


it's still got some more crashing to go

if that isnt a clear double bottom then i dont know what is.


get in here bros

can someone remind me what problem Tron is solving?

You just gave two situations which conflict and cancel each other out so I'm starting to think I'm making most of my money from dumb faggots like you. Oh, wait, I already knew that.

I didn't watch the stream yesterday. what happened?


YouTube, apple, google and few other mega corporations taking cuts from every sale of every video, song, game or app ever made. Tron removes them and users are able to compensate the creator with trx or some shit. It's more complicated then that and creating content or viewing it gets rewarded somehow. 10 trillion dollar market. TRX is unique in that it's focused on that as opposed to being a shit coin for the sake of being a shit coin. It's also Chinese so it's got favor in one of the world's biggest, but also restricted markets (an American crypto will never in china be big like trx will be)

A bunch of people didnt know a world existed outside of the USA and he spoke in broken English instead of his native Chinese, creating a panic sell after someone posted a screenshot of someone offloading 6 billion trx 3 weeks ago.

you got to give it to the fudders,

i mean it did dip a bit, but did you guys see how fucking fast it bounced back?!


but the thing is he doesn't have a working product. Its all fucking hype. did you watch his stream?

>YouTube, apple, google...
YouTube is Google

>It's more complicated then that and creating content or viewing it gets rewarded somehow.
Sounds like BAT, except they actually have a working project and therefor a trustworthy development team.


He doesn't say he has a working product you fucking disabled transgender teenager. I've attached a screenshot for you.
>YouTube is google
that's correct. Do you understand now? Many things going to only a few AMERICAN companies.

TRX is Chinese. Online money is huge now. They are coming in for a cut and trx is at the front of it.

Sorry D.T. (Disabled transgender) I forgot your photo. You can frame it

the cat.
he's dead.
and he's bouncing.

I don't expect some young dude to be dedicated enough working on one project for ten years.

>biz doesnt realize the market moves on hype
its about to moon
get in while u can
personally selling at 1500

He's rich enough to just pay other people to do it.

it's just fud guys, blockchain isn't undeniable proof or anything

>i bought yesterday at 1600 and want to cut my loss, pls buy my bags.

chad is doubling his TRX stack for trx dogs

He is 27, without the dumb ass brain or work ethic of a 15 year old like yourself

oh you're talking about steem? the platform is up and running for a long time now and you get paid for the content you push on it, music, video, blogging and soever.
trx is just hype kys.

I assume you have investments in TRX? :')

speaking about years that way is a euphemism for “long term” in Asia. ex. 10,000 years means “forever”.

Just because you dumbasses are keeping the scam alive doesn't mean it's not one. Enjoy your shitcoin.

Oh look China is waking up and it is going up again.
Looks like another evening of gains.
Barring yesterday you should of realised the pattern.

here's their wallet

where's the out tx again?

Sun is the Trump of Asia. All you neckbeards who doubted Trump, how did that work out for you?

Trump was hype and we president now.

>falling for some chinks pump and dump exit scam.

Stat poor faggot


the roof is coming down

Easiest way to buy TRX with a small investment, to not get raped by fees?


>what is codename

Literally every fucking tech company uses those. of ALL THE RED FLAGS about TRX you're bothered by project codenames?

Even ADA has them

Somehow 500 TRON ended up in my binance account. I never bought or sent it from anywhere else and I have no clue where it came from. Just sold it to buy FUN though

>keeps calling it shitcoin
>keeps telling there's no tech
>doesn't know github

Educate yourself user

look at the commits, faggot
it's literally nothing

TRX coming to CA look at justin suns twitter silicon valley project in the works?

>Tron office in San Francisco confirmed

This is a next level exit strategy guys, they're actually opening new offices overseas to make themselves look legit, the crooked gooks!

I bet hes going to set up a profitable company just to cover his tracks

fucking bastard

yeah OK

>doesn't know github
>know github
You're retarded. Look at the commits and it's clear as day the codes shit. I'm waiting for it to get back up a few percent then dumping it all.

Nicw FUD

MACD can show you whatever the fuck it wants pajeet, it's going up


are you pajeet too?

what is FUD

what is Google


Pajeet pls.

Fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

Chinks need to start boosting the price.

TRON is gonna get dumped hard because Whales of dscord decided to buy low again.

I would sell quick and wait for the dip to be able to buy in moREEEEEEEE

If whales want back in that means this is about to explode again you dumb fuck.... Good job FUDing yourself