UFR / Upfiring - New exchange confirmed


>hovering around rank #500 on CMC
>only 14m supply
>casually chilling around 0.50$
>developers actively reply on all their social media
>they want to use this coin for seeding in p2p sharing or something who gives a fuck we all know Veeky Forums is about the money

This is legitimately one of the best low-cap projects I have ever seen, only coin I'm willing to hold for more than a month. Imagine if this even reaches top 100, that's almost 50x ROI. Don't miss out, keep UFR on your radar Veeky Forums

In for 30k UFR, good project for a low cap, good time for entry, up 70% thus far. This, PayFair, Colx, ECA are my low cap holds which have fucktons of potential.

For those holding Bounty0x and HAT - get rid of that shit.

>yobit in 2 weeks
it is time brother

Where'd you get YoBit from?
I'm actually amazed that such a low mcap coin is on Cryptopia already, UFR is going places

>two weeks

UFR is shilled by some pump and dump groups.

this coin is a pure shitcoin.

get over it faggots, you won't be able to sell your shitcoins anymore.

Agreed. I have 5K, this is gonna make me rich

TRX was also a shitcoin being shilled. LINK is a shitcoin being shilled. They they all exploded in price at one point leaving everybody with huge ROI.

This. UFR actually has some value so if TRX trash can have an 18 billion market cap then UFR is gonna get me some lambos

Good FUD, thanks for keeping the price down my transactions taking a while.

Im an avid shitcoin buyer and x1000 gainer

Dont see anything special here except for the fact that this was painfully shilled by the discord group.

Good luck any many gains however.


Give me a low mc rec. I keep missing the big moons.

you get paid to seed a lot of poor normies are gonna like it

It's so fun how this whole thread is basically planned in their discord even with critical questions they answer themselves to convince you.


No TRX has a real usecase, UFR will not be used by anyone.
TRX have well known devs. UFR NOT.
TRX has solid whitepaper, UFR has shitpaper.

You idiots, you still try to sell your shitcoins. ...lol good luck.

Literally in the OP

Okay try to not FOMO in later on though.

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT 90% of the replys here are the members of the /shill/ discord group.


You should already know that they are just scamming you.

What do you think of 'CAPP'?

How do I tell apart pajeet scam shills from legit hype posters?

What the actual fuck haha, I guess this is how it feels to be called a hacker in an online game when you play legit. No doubt about some obvious PnD I've seen here before, but I did my own research and find this project to have potential for an easy x10 at least, possible x70.

Send me the link to the alleged Discord group, I'm interested.

i bought few of them just for the moon potential. the only unique thing it has is that you can seed to get money instead of mining. but they haven't released the alpha yet, if you want just wait until they release it to join


We know you want to buy low but c'mon now man.

Can someone invite me to the discord group I hear so much about?

Goddamnit why I can't buy it in cryptopia with LTC

This. Was helping my mom buy some but can't now

Honestly I'm getting so tired of missing the big moon missions that I made a cryptopia account just to buy this. It's already up from .40c a few days ago. I see it going places

HAHAHA TRX is vaporware bro. The ceo sold off billions lmaooo.

Posting discord links on Veeky Forums gets you banned. Nice try pajeet.

We will make it bro

then just write the / number you double roadshitting pajeet