Only going in one direction now

>only going in one direction now
What went wrong?

People realized it doesn't have any reason to exist

Seriously, I only have this coin but am thinking of switching to VEN.

>>only going in one direction now
Tons of people became millionaires and weren't able to cash out until now. It's going to dump for a little while and then it might recover.



Have 60% of my Portfolio in VEN, id say its a good coin as long as you are patient and HODL.

i dont give a fuck what you do but you'll be sorry for selling now after they rebrand and list on binance

Will it ever go back up?

Has anyone ever tested this thing? Does it actually do free instant transactions?

I can be patient to some degree. I bought XRB too late in December, but still managed to turn $440 into almost $1200. Bought a bit over $50 of VEN earlier out of curiosity and it's up almost 10%. I know XRB is going to be listed on Binance in a week, but also that there are big things coming for VEN too.

Yup, between my wallet and my brothers wallet, the transactions were always ~2s and free.
Exchanges are however having a hard time implementing it properly for some reason and will take hours to process a transaction or they can't do it at all (Mercatox).

Yes it does.

Dont worry it'll go x2 by the end of the month

*earlier today

it's just the time the exchange takes to verify and sync wallets

Do you just send at receive? I heard the transaction process is complicated.

This guy lol

from an exchange to the wallet it's ~10s, between wallets ~1sec, from wallet to exchange -> eternity, because of the exchange. e.g. the transaction I made earlier, was listed as complete on the chain, but kucoin is still processing...hope binance can prove the worth of this coin

not selling

What were people expecting with billions market cap?

muh pajeet blocks
if you didnt sell $30+ you are retarded


lol, it's still >30$

You mean between wallets? One guy just has to hit send and the other has to wait 2s. Pretty easy.

The only thing is to choose, who does the PoW (some calculation that an average laptop does in less than 1s). You can choose your computer to do the PoW or outsource it to the server running the wallet service. It is better to let your computer do it, since the server might be overloaded by thousands of noobs trying to queue their transaction.

Yeah my gains have fallen massively to only 3800% right now. Fucking hold me user.

I've been a big believer in this project but man, WTF is going

It's gonna go way up.
Whales pushing the price down to accumulate prior to the Binance Bump

Not selling this shit. Literally the only non-privacy coin that does something I actually care about.

Bought it at $2. How long do I have to keep holding this shitty coin.