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What Is The Digitex Futures Exchange
Digitex is a commission-free futures exchange where traders can buy and sell futures contracts on the price of BTC/USD, ETH/USD and LTC/USD with zero transaction fees on any trades. Zero trading fees combined with high leverage and an intuitive one click ladder trading interface allow traders to pursue high volume, ultra short term trading strategies without getting killed by commissions. With its own native currency, called the DGTX token, the exchange covers costs by creating and selling a small number of new DGTX tokens each year instead of charging transaction fees.

The DGTX Token
At the heart of the Digitex Futures Exchange is the DGTX token. As a true protocol token, its an integral part of how the exchange can operate without charging transaction fees. All account balances on the Digitex Futures Exchange are denominated in DGTX tokens and the tick value of every futures market is 1 DGTX, meaning that all trading profits and losses are in DGTX tokens.

Anyone who wants to trade on the commission-free markets of the Digitex Futures Exchange must therefore buy DGTX tokens, meaning that a busy futures exchange will be a massive source of demand for DGTX tokens. It is this demand from traders that makes it possible for the exchange to create and sell a small number of new tokens each year to cover the costs of running the exchange without charging transaction fees.


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