FUN in bullish falling wedge

Prepare yourself boys. The falling wedge formation is forming be ready for the moon.

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TA is for cucks. just give it to me straight, doc. Am i gonna make money soon?

yes, a shitload.

when will we fly, Doc?

My body is ready

2-3 hours id guess

my penis is tingling...... I love FUN.

this shit better moon lad, missed like 3 obvious moon missions for this


Best site for FUN charts?

I just watch on bittrex

Fun for you and me!

Doubled my money in APPC, do I take it out and become a FUNchad?

Not a financial advisor, but if you are going to now is a good time.


Are my fellow /FUNCHADS/ ready for liftoff?


hey do funchads allow people who like to buy high and sell low


63k FUN here, am I going to make it?


>Tfw 9.5k FUNlet

Yeah youre gonna make it

Sell now

this is a joke coin

Will we reach previous ATH?

With FUN only buy high sell higher exist.
Fun has no lows

please let this reach 0.0002000
bought ATH and refuse to sell at a loss

Can I , the OP, atleast get a thanks for tipping yall off?


right next to the bar

Don't even think about selling

is it happening?

Fun mooning

Reminder that edgeless already has a gambling license while shitfair doesn't.

>this is a joke coin
you mean like doge? dumbass.

Reminder that Edgeless has a shitty blackjack simulator and Funfair has an array of games finished on showcase.


I looked into registering for ICE and attending the convention to meet the FUNNIES

help its crashing!!!!

is it too late to buy!?

Cheers mate but im a long term hodler anyway.

no we moon boys soon


We have barely even begun.

Why should I buy? Has happened something?

>rise 50sat

Funfags are the most entertaining

3k in FUN i wont make it will i?

Yes you are far too late you should of gotten in sub 500 sats don't even bother going in now unless you are okay with bagholding for the entire year.

reeeee why is not letting me get FUN I don't have time to sign up to an exchange

you'll make like 3x + your money in the short term at least user



why is it not mooning you said it would moon
i'm losing everything aaaaaa

looks like you got




FUCKK I hope you aren't right user. ALL IN HERE.

You people need to stop measuring in btc. Its at .18 currently. Thats pretty high.

why the fuck did you do that?

Ignore that autist. It is not too late to buy at all.

There are several huge announcements and milestones coming in Q1 2018. Buy on this dip and youll be gold.

Just bought and then buy walls are gone

FUCK biz

just ignore the day trader idiot and hold until $5

Stop being such a crybaby
FUN will double in price at least by Feb 1.

relax fool. huge announcements are coming. It is going to be fine.


I should sell my TRX and increase my FUN stack. I'm already 4x on trx


You feel that user? That's me, whispering buy high sell low. Hope you get goosebumps.

> Thinks booth size is relevant

What in the fuck do you think they would do with all that space? The nature of their product is digital. The large booths are for gaming companies with large physical games, like a real roulette table

Their stall is size of a bar counter

These people are the reason others make so much money.

The market is a tool to transfer wealth from the impatient to the patient. -some wealthy Jew

so you're saying that they should have listened to the marketing wymyn?



Reddit, please leave.

This isnt going to hold much longer its about to blast off.

I would expect a bit more from a company worth almost 1 fucking billion

what makes you think that?

so you're saying that they should have listened to the marketing wymyn?

he has bags he needs to sell

this meme has singlehandedly convinced me to sell all my FUN and never look back

>Tries to FUD
>gets trips
>not just any trips: 888

One of the first and largest internet casino giants.


FUN 10 USD 2018

Look at the orders.


just shows people are asking for more than what people are buying it for which won't drive the price up because every single coin has people wanting more than what it's worth

This entire thread is J.K. Simmons

The shills are Adam Scott

And everyone else is the teenage chick

What the hell is the use case of this shitcoin?fucking video games or something? How can you not see that this coins a joke?

fuck off pajeet. Read the whitepaper. Not doing to DYOR

You don't sound fun.

Im habing funnies, are u?

>being this retarded

TRX is -10% last 24H.
around 1000 while day high was 1470

Don't sell now. Hold at least until 1500 again. Don't sell anything low

hurr durr brainlet status confirmed.
I'll just say many coins develop a PoC/MVP before doing an ICO?none.
The CEO personally bankrolled the company for a year before raising funds in June.yeah sound like a quick cash grab doesn't it?
DYOR i'm not going to enlighten you my autistic friend,i'd like you to stay poor.

This. Tron still has a long way to go, especially with all the new announcements. It may be a shitcoin, but with all the Asian hype, this thing is going to moon even further.


>only coin that can be used
>one of the few coins with a dev team who puts their name out there
>only coin you can gamble with if all else fails
>still under the radar outside of biz(to my knowledge)

I don't have tens of thousands, but enough that it will change my life a little if we MakeIt(TM)

Let's fucking do this biz


I have 50k FUN, already doubled and sold half so I am gonna let this much ride to $1+ or 0 doesn't matter much at this point.

I tried out the demos and wasn't very impressed. Took forever to load, very laggy, I tried baccarat and the UI was a little confusing. I think it would be nice if multiple people could play at the baccarat table, kind of like it Poker.

I'd say they still have a long way to go. I am a total degenerate gambler and they should add me to their advisor team I'll do it for 500k Fun.

We need more memes

Everyone here complaining it's crashing and I'm here up 186%



Comfiest coin 2018. Already picking out lambos.

30k FUN here
Will I make it?

>took forever to load

either shit pc, internet or shit out of luck because for me everything loads just fine.