Bubble pop when?

bubble pop when?

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The crypto bubble is just like the Dot Com.



Late 2018


depends how fast we move up

2020. We'll all be 8 figure niggers by then

total crypto market cap

past month

past week

Get rich or die trying, faggot. Stop asking when the bubble is going to burst. Get out rich or penniless. Create your plan and stick to it.



Exactly this. People right now are throwing all of their money into pets.com coins

Just pick a few solid projects and go all in on them if you want to survive the crash. My vote is Waltonchain, the amount of real world invested companies will keep this alive long after fades away into oblivion

we are still in early accumulation phase
stay poor

If we had a democrat as president i'd be concerned about the government trying to pop it, but with Trump in office my guess is that they'll take a more laissez-faire approach. Certainly though other countries might try to pop it instead.

The nice thing about bubble investing is that after your money has compounded by several multiples of your initial investment it doesn't make sense to add additional fiat. My initial investing of $5.5k is now nearly $40k. Even if I threw in an additional $10k it wouldn't have a huge impact on my present investment.

Other pertinent bubble factors...

>most normies not in alts.. plenty more greater fools to keep the party going. but are they too dumb to figure out how to get involved?
>fortunately, fiat -> alt exchanges coming online soon
>gives me bad feels though; i don't want to make my fortune ripping off the less informed. certainly the projects i'm invested in are exciting and i'm long term bullish. i'm just not confident that the overall crypto environment will care once they come online
>wall street still not involved in alts beyond stuff like bcash and ripple and maybe eth
>of the total $800 bn crypto market, btc is now only 35% of total capitalization
>the top 4 coins (BTC, BCH, XRP, and ETH) constitute 69% of total capitalization
>meaning that 31% of total capitalization ($248 bn.. less than the present mc of btc) is a mixture of blatant scams, shitcoins, and exciting projects
>due to the law of large numbers future growth is going to have to come from alts
>its totally conceivable that a, e.g., XRP bubble could burst but with all the money going instead to chasing gains in alts rather than exiting to fiat

>but its also arguably fallacious to look at total crypto market cap because that assumes that crypto is a homogenous asset class
>instead, crypto could be thought of as three distinct but related subclasses: cryptocurrency, cryptocommodity, and cryptotoken
>cryptocurrency is your BTC, BCH, LTC, XMR, etc.
>cryptocommodity is ETH, NEO, RSK, and possibly even stuff like SONM or golem; also stuff like maidsafe, sia, etc.
>cryptotoken is stuff like REQ, LINK, etc. dApps that will run on something like ETH or NEO
>cryptotokens have more in common with stocks than they do currencies or commodities


do you know how i know that you're retarded?

just watched these. very eye opening. thank you.

>he doesn't know that all other markets are in real bubbles (housing, stocks, fiat)
If you were to try and avoid this "bubble", where exactly would you be putting your money into?

cash, probably



hookers and blow

The only asset that depreciates in value over time...


Every time I see the total market mcap jump by 50B or so, I start sweating because that's one tick closer to the doomsday timer going off. Especially if I haven't made gains during that time period, it means I'm behind the curve and I worry I'm not gonna make it.

I think most people get excited when they see the market cap go up because it appears to legitimize their infinite 'new paradigm' delusions.

admittedly i have only watched the second video, but the big difference i see between then and now is presently EVERYONE thinks we're in a bubble whereas back then the consensus truly was that we were in a 'new era'.

this pretty much

It doesn't matter. The key is that everyone thinks there is always new money coming to the market and prices can't drop in the long run.

This is the reason I will only touch projects that I actually believe in e.g. FunFair and the like.

mid-end Q1. Biggest ride is ahead.

Whenever we hit a market cap of 5 trillion $$

kek funfair

Good luck when that drops to $0

Baby please, don't be salty you missed this train. I'll think about you when it hits $2.

never until im given fair warning to cash out

You really think it's worth $14 billion?

correction $20 billion...

Summer 2019

The online gambling industry is worth about 47b, and will reach 60b in 2 year. If casinos start using FunFair, other casinos will go bankrupt. Maybe not 14b in market cap, but at least 8!

12-18 months

Actually thinking that bitcoin won't be the pop you are looking for, but will continue to have big corrections now and then.

It will eventually just keep up with GDP growth.

BTC = The future risk asset instead of bonds when people realize the gov is corrupt and delinquent.

But we are not at the BTC endgame yet.

Alts on the other hand will be the many bubbles that continue to pop.

*risk free asset