Cindicator Coin (CND) - Teeka Tiwari Recommended

Tell me why your not holding CND right now?

Not only is there a cup and handle formation that has occured on the 1 day chart, Teeka Tiwari of Palm Beach Confidential recommended it.

"[Short-term tradeThe company is called Cindicator (CND), and it’s creating a hybrid intelligence platform to predict market moves.
Wall Street spends big money for this kind of information. Last year, firms spent over $4 billion on predictive analytics. And it’s expected to triple over the next five years.
Predictions from a single individual are unreliable and inaccurate at best. But when you combine the independent predictions of thousands of individuals, the results are stunningly accurate.

The Cindicator platform brings together thousands of individuals (26,000 to date) to make predictions on events.
It then combines that information with artificial intelligence to create trading strategies and models to profit off the information.
Today, Cindicator focuses on traditional finance and cryptocurrencies. But its product can be expanded to other areas such a venture capital, corporate business decisions, science, and politics.
There’s a lot to like about Cindicator. Its platform is already up and running. In fact, you can download the app and check it out today.
The team is experienced and has been working together since 2015. They have notable advisors in Charlie Shrem and Anthony di Iorio.
And Cindicator has received $140,000 worth of grants for technologies from Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon.
As always, place no more than $200-400 for smaller accounts and $500-1,000 for larger accounts into this trade."

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I have 76k of these coins, will I make it guys?

Here's the cup and handles on the 1 hour chart.

App is pretty good, this would be huge once normies will get on it.

How much do you have? Where do you expect it to be by the EOY?

this will moon, been watching since new year

This was a safe investment when it was around 0.06-0.08$, but right now around 0.18$ you risk getting your bags dumped on. But, I might be wrong. Good luck, nonetheless!

Apologies this is the correct chart showing the cup and handle formation (bullish indicator):

(See image to left)

if you're not in you should off yourself LMAO. this shit is the easiest moon mission ever

Alright I'm in 2 BTC. Let's hope this goes to 30 cents! I bought CND when it was 5 cents, and sold at 10 cents. Charts look good on this, and I think we'll see growth like how APPC or POET did pretty soon.

All in

wtf you pussies get in the 1100 zone already

He recommended it a month ago you lying fuck

how does that change anything you retard? he still called it. almost all his calls go atleast 2-3x. watch BNB LSK ETH NEO

0.35$ minimum tonight

>And x has received $140,000 worth of grants for technologies from Microsoft, Facebook, and Amazon.

Why is this jewish trick used in every write up?

35 cents would be sweet. Why do you say that?

Because devs don't want this to go up because the highest tier bot would be expensive as fuck and no one would use it

Because ignite releases on the 15th and it's a better version of cindishit with actual institutional partners

Increase volume, dumped when BTC rising, cup and handle, already on Binance

thei will adjust price accordingly, they had succes with the bot = gain popularity

When you recommend a SHORT TERM trade, the signal isn't valid months later retard.

Moon mission inbound.

In it since the ICO with 60k CND. Never selling. And the information they provided me so far was spot fucking on, too

what's your prediction for the year?

Shit man I have no idea. $20+ if the crypto market sustains itself by then. With the current supply that would be upwards of $25B

stupid lying street shitter. fucking pajeet trash.

thanks for info.
got a couple thousand of them.

Thanks, just bought 2M

i got around 5k, ez money in couple days, everything else on binance mooned already

If it becomes a leader in the business, I don't see why it couldn't happen, we have seen stranger things. So far, they are pretty much without competition.

They have built up a strong and reliable base of analysts and predictors, with very generous rewards. Augur and Gnosis can't say shit about that.

And given that they have the big names behind them, I don't see who could overtake them. Plus, prior to CND, they tested their crude model on the MSE in 2015, I believe, where they came ahead in profits two-fold above the best individual trader. This team has a lot going for them. I know, because I was involved in their community initiative where we assisted people in the telegram with questions.