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DBC General-

What are you waiting for, user? Price is steady and has yet to be listed on Huobi, and there is still the NEO presentation at the end of the month. At least a 2x, probably more when these things happen.

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Ascending Broadening Wedge
Breakout Downward 73% of the time.

Just sold to chase other moons. This is a vaporcoin.

I'm not sure you know what a vaporcoin actually is.

2 hrs until lift off get in or get left behind.

Holding this and KuCoin is the comfiest of all time.

I rode it a little but cashed out at 0.0022 (I think). The homepage isn't even loading LOL!

Almost at the ATH reeeeee

Comfy holding 40k.

>that steady and gradual climb to ATH
Brain Gang always wins baby.

I am heading off to work soon thought id best check in!


Then why are you here? Dont make us get out the harpoons, whale!

He is a troll and a lier he has no reason to even be in here if he sol his coins. He wants it to dip and it is rising to the moon. BRAIN GANG STYLE!

BRAIN GANG LIFT OFF! The moon here we come!!!

Comfy meme for you my BRAIN GANG friend!

It is getting so much action you might as well call it a John Cladue Van Damme movie!! BRAIN GANG awaits if you want back in my friend.

Wooooo it rises and we all are making it BRAIN GANG!!

DBC will hit $3 by the end of the month

3400 BRAIN GANG friend! happy to hear you are gonna make it!! :D


I hope pray and wish my BRAIN GANG friend my 3400 could go a long ways to help my family not have to struggle as hard for awhile.


Why is the price still going up? I opened up my blockfolio and thought they had announced the listing date for Huobi. Feels good

Do you have any whale friends?

0.27 cents

BRAIN GANG I want us all to make it!

Because we never stop I got to go to work but I am checking in and after work I will be back to help HYPE and wish pray and hope so bad that it rises so maybe someday I can live my dream and you all too can live yours. I might have 3400 but its a good start to finally live happiness with my family. heaven on earth!

BRAIN GANG FAMILY! I do not but some have showed interests in donating to me for all the work I have done to hype hold and promote DBC and the BRAIN GANG I figure out how to do a trip and I figured out my DBC wallet because they said I deserved to get more coins.

Name any other group that does that! BRAIN GANG FAMILY is full of good great people my friend!

Feeling real fuckin' comfy right now my fellow brainbots.

I must stress to my BRAIN GANG FAMILY if I do post that wallet, pease do not donate to me if it will hurt you making it. I want you to make it even if I dont I am serious. I told them that and I will keep telling them that.

BRAIN GANG has a few whales but I dont call them that I call them BRAIN GANG BOSSES because they are with us.

You chose the right coin. Every $1 this coin is puts it at $1 billion market cap. This thing having a $5 billion market cap at $5 a coin is CONSERVATIVE

BRAIN GANG COMFY we are gonna make it my friend! If my 3400 some how makes it I have said this, I am having a meet up in missouri for us BRAIN GANG and making t-shirts that say BRAIN GANG FAMILY! on them.


:D My dream my BRAIN GANG FAMILY is too someday never struggle with bills or money and spend more of my time with those I love and cherish and less working so hard. work in 30 minutes my friends.

Why would anyone ever want a tea donut? Maybe if it was kratom I could understand

stop shilling autist, no1 wants your shitty coin

You can make it user. 1 step at a time.


or =1b3ya without the space.

Use this code on signup on kucoin and let the bonuses commence. We all get rich.

DBC is going to the moon now. Get in while its cheap.

This guy is gonna chase potential investors away. He keeps posting creepy shit in every thread and pictures of food. Might be autistic or a pajeet.

Will this coin dip so i can get in?

Dude no offense but you really need to stop posting this stuff. You're really creeping everyone out.

it just dipped for three days where the fuck were you

the smart money is cashing out into NEO right now

buy ath it's the Veeky Forums way


> its what I did
> smart money did this

hehe BRAIN GANG loves variety!

I cant do that Dave lol BRAIN GANG UNITE!!

1 step at a time my BRAIN GANG FAMILY!


No I wont, many have said how hard I work how hard I hype how many memes I make how I push hard and give them resolve and have helped the coin. Investors will join when they see the BRAIN GANG holding strong!

I dont know if it will dip my friend it just seems to keep holding steady and rises, hold steady and rise! the BRAIN GANG will be here with open arms awaiting you joining us! :D

Trading for 1441 in gate io

$5 would put it at a $5 market cap. $5 at the end of the month after the NEO conference and Huobi. Screencap this faggots.

non taken my friend I can slow down the "creepy" stuff but most seem to enjoy knowing that my motivation isnt just greed or shilling or schemeing. It shows I am human and with them. Sorry if it does creep you out, honestly it isnt meant to it is meant to give perspective on whats important and dreams.

Some werent here my BRAIN GANG friend it takes them time they can join us.

I do not believe that I believe it will keep rising.

hehe This is not an ath if you look into the future my BRAIN GANG friend.


Then why you in a BRAIN GANG thread?
Stop being negative and go to your other coins.

lmao ur so jolly, i like it

the amount of fucking normies in biz lately. what a shitshow

Why are you believing in this coin?

Pajeet Santa Claus invested in DBC, spread the word

This. Back to plebbit fucking normies

I want to hodl but my dog needs it's leg amputated due to cancer and I've got 1k in crypto that I need. Fuck this sucks.

So we have a good week w/this, expecting things to flatline or dip a bit now...yet still up, up, up.

Original plan was to ride this thing out to the next exchange listing, then sell at ~ATH and reinvest into my hodls (REQ, QSP, LINK). But DBC is working hard to become another hodl...

Pleasant problems.


I hear people saying the same thing 4-5 odd one was a dude that had couple hundred thousand DBC too. BRAIN GANG PREMINITION BABAYYY!

If you saw me you would like it even more I look like Santa with a red beard! rofl!! BRAIN GANG SANTA!!

We are all different my friend, you are still welcome to hang with us I would never exclude someone because they were different.

Because not to sound creepy but I feel it. I have hyped this and worked harder on this coin than anyone I know because I believe in my dream. I hope to someday have it and I feel this is that moment that will help me set forward towards it.

Omg I just saw that now after I said I look like Santa ROFL!!! I am from Missouri though my friend :D

I have never posted on reddit I should do so but I spend a lot of time here hyping.

I am so very sorry my friend, please look to the future. If I make it someday I will remember you and if you see me and I have made it my friend you got help coming your way. If I wasnt struggling with money issues right now I would cover your vet bill. Give your puppy doggie a hug for me and look to good times with your puppy.

the BRAIN GANG also works hard to steady our friends hands to make it to the promised land babbayyyy!!!

I wont let you down I will keep working and hyping and being there for you all.


Thanks user

Always welcome my friend love, peace and happiness to you your family and the world. :D

Got to head to work soon and I will be back tonight for yall!

what is your mental illness friendo

We all have mental illness my friend, must never let it cloud the light of your soul and the goodness in you. I have my fair share of issues but I wont let them bring us down.


love peace and happiness to you too.

Dear god these threads are cancer. I'm selling my DBC for this reason alone.

What a fucking idiot you are

Sorry to hear that BRAIN GANGER.

Hope you make it on something else and find your dream.

I must go everyone, time for work.

I will see you later and I hope you all can see that the DBC is forming another cup today currently setting up for it.


:) love peace and happiness to us all and the world!

Staying poor because of threads

Don't come crawling back after all of China buys it.

do you hate money

>Doesn't enjoy good old-fashioned shit posting.
I suppose you are here for actual financial advice.

I've never had to do this, but is it possible to mute a poster/tripcode on this website?

sold 25% at 28 cent, planning on buying the next dip (if it comes lmao)

Can someone make a thread without this normalfag bullshit

Idk about that, watch the spread and it just keeps slowly eating it's way up the sell book. It's like no one is selling. Good luck bud.

when do i sell=?

If only we had goddamn stop loss this would have been easier


wtf is wrong with you idiots
you hate money?
i can give you my wallet address. just send it to me if it bothers you so much

what wallet works for this shit?

Neon wallet. Do you people not even have the slightest idea what you are buying before you out money in?

i know its a neo token
can the official neo gui wallet hold them?

Depends on when you bought in, I usually take out about 25%-30% of my gains when I've x3 what I invested. Just to play it a little safe, I know a lot of people here would rather go all or nothing, but that just me.

Holy shit boys we're about to hit 0.30 today


Yeah, same shit. Works the same as the ERC20 coins.

We need to kill that whale that's in the way first.

Seems to be asleep at the wheel. DEVOUR IT!

I leave in 50% when I double. That way I'm playing with all house money so I don't feel bad about just letting it sit and ride all the waves.

This walls are dropping quicker than yesterday. The only thing that can probably drop momentum is weak hands and a 10 BTC wall.

Yes, but neon wallet is far more user friendly. It supports DBC and RPX currently.

Holding 3k. Will I make it or do I need more?

wanted to take wins yesterday but now im too greedy, still too early to milk my main cryptocow. so comfy when u get in early, holding this for at least 6 months

Arent you worried the whole crypto bubble will burst before then?

kek what the fuck are you gonna do with 3k? if it hits $10-20 what the fuck is that, a low-mid range year's salary? Yeah good luck with that.

People said that 6 months ago and look where we are

It wont burst in 6 months, assuming it will pop at all.

So it's never going to burst? k cool, where do i rate & subscribe?

Gold market cap is 7.8 trillion. We still got a long way to go.

Where did I say that? Personally selling this in 1-2 months

>TFW fomo'd into APPC at ATH and still up a fuckload

Fuck all you fudders! I could pull out now with a sexy, sexy profit.

Also, buy lux retards.

All in favor of making 2B the waifu of DBC?

Fuck I was all in, but sold 20% at 150, fuck I'm greedy, but still nice profits. 6,8k reporting in. Hope for 1-1,5 in til Feb

He's going to re invest it and make more money, you fucking faggot.

faggot, got to start somewhere. I started with 4k, now my stack at 35k

Sold a part for COLX btw, smbdy with me?

I can't tell if this is coordinated FUD to shake out weak hands or if this guy is literally crazy.

Dumb question, is there a NEO online wallet similar to MEW that can hold DBC and supports a ledger nano S?

Well fuck. No moon mission today

I think dude is a bot

Hey fellow BRAINGANGERS. I put in .25 ETH at 12 cents. Should I sell XLM and XEL for DBC.

I only have 1400 DBC atm, I feel like if I hope off those coins I'm going to be in a world of regret as they will moon right after I dump.

I know 80 cents for DBC is assured seeing as GNT and XEL rest around that point, but I don't know what XLM will do or if it's just flopping around.

guidance from a fellow brainer would be nice