Only made 15k today

>only made 15k today

shut up i dont have any money fuck you stupid fuck die

>tfw only made $3.7k today

this is why, you are to emotional
remember buy ATH so you are buying the coin at maximum value and sell the dip to for more selling power

Where should these gains go


Tfw bought Litecoin at 303

Fuck it keeps going down, so I sell now

In my eth address
Failing that, buy some ethereum

>Only made 18k this week

>Only made 4% today
>That's over 50k but I won't allow myself to stop living in poverty until I have >20 mil total

No. Worst thing you can do right now. Hold it for a few days and take profits when it's over $1k

Better watch those feels of growing accustomed boys.

I hope all of my fellow bizpartners are intellectual enought to realize that the entire crypto market is one big vaporware on its own: Just as when your shitcoin goes up when a partnership is announced, a mainnet is launched, a token burn is happening, the speculation of the masses drives the price up up up uuup.

And then a correction happens.

Same goes for this entire market, as soon as the protocols that succeeded in this arena get implemented as a real life use case, a correction will give it value to accommodate to the masses.

Now that, will be a correction which will leave us fucktards posting pink wojaks for years to come

the larping in this thread will get out of hand really soon.

>only made 129k this evening.

>4 days ago, sold a coin that I thought was practically dead, that I'd been holding without failure for over 3 years
>got 0.2LTC for them
>just checked the price today randomly
>the same amount right now would be 10.4LTC

FUCK ME. This shitcoin literally did absolutely nothing for over 3 years straight. I only sold it to finally rid myself of the fuckers. There isn't even any news, and the devs haven't updated their website or social media for over 8 months.

tfw lost $500 today

I only had $3000 in crypto

ARN is a fucking cuckcoin

>only 6x'd since November
>could have easily 20x'd if I was smart

I'm going to fucking end it lads. Goodbye

You should have rode that to the end. 0.2LTC isn't enough to bother dropping something with a value so low that even the smallest boost is a big gain.

Sometimes even with penny stocks, you have to let something sit for a while.




You made 15k? I haven't made near that much today. Can I see your portfolio?

>80x since last month
>Only started with $200

put it in BTC, it'll wreck the market any day now.

only made 300 dollars today but then back down to 0

ONLY 20x my 2000 euro in a month what am i doing wrong biz?

Only made 34823897x my initial investment of 2383x10^8 tonight, where the FUCK did I go wrong

>tfw made 1.3k and I keep texting my family shitposting on them while they wage cuck

literally laughing.

I only 1.6x my $2000 in a month

I invested in xby req and caught like 10000 from mcafee tweets that's most of it.

I was wondering the same thing. Please help.