Biggest Hidden Gem of 2018

> Founder of NEO
> Developers of NEO
> ICO price $2
> Current price $7.50 so only 3.6x approx
> 35m Circulating Supply
> 250m Market Cap
> Considered the Google of Blockchains
> Hasn't pumped yet cause no one knows about it yet
> Only on Huobi and OKEx which means you should get in before it goes mainstream
> Main-net Q1 2018
> (Doesn't mean much but so you can get an idea of how much potential there is on this coin, Ian Balina said that it could easily do a 100x)

Without a doubt, the comfiest pick of the year.

Nebulas (NAS)

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>Aero Wang

It has 100 mil total supply.

HAhaa, man stop buying vaporare guys. Founder of NEO, and developer of NEO create a new shitcoin to steal more money.

Buy something that will change the world, like BAT. It is 2018s ETH.

Don't forget about MGXL

>10,000,000 MGXL
>Pre-ICO: $0.30
>Public ICO: $0.60
>Binance has 2.5Million in their wallet
>Going to hit $10 for sure


I’m fucking excited

Oh shit thanks user. Will Def look into it

no thanks

35 circulating supply. The rest is locked for at least 3 years

Source? Good shill though. With this team, easily a few billion dollars marketcap in the near future.

mentioned it in the Telegram group but I'll try and find it

How do I claim my DGTX tokens?

it's free 1000 tokens for HIM after you clicked his referral, not you


>thinks BAT will exist past 2018
A (you) for you

What does that meanbinance has 2.5 million in their wallet? Why does it indicate pump?

Why is he not focussing on neo?

god fucking damnit

Binance is ready to accept trades in June.

They'll pump it or dump it.

But knowing Binance, it's moonbound. free 1000 tokens go getem

another 1000 free tokens

Ahaha. Screencapped. Enjoy your vaporware bags.



Why did they do it on the ETH blockchain? Why not NEO's?

What exchange to buy on? Etherdelta listing looks sketch

i was the only one knowing about this before today

Fuck this does look good. Nicely shilled OP

Their team looks very promising


100,000,000 SUPPLY



At this point making your brand new token cost $2 is just an amateur mistake. just make the supply 10x or 100x higher and there's effectively no difference, except now your token has massive appeal to normies who only look at per unit price. There's literally no reason not to do this

Just dropped a hundo on magnalis ICO

magnalis is scam

scam or not, it's going to moon when binance trades it

Could you explain why this is a bad thing?
Ty user

fucking retard

> Founder of NEO
> Developers of NEO
Could these guys make it anymore obvious that they are looking for cash grab after cash grab?

>Not joining them in the PnD

thats not the founder of neo according to google
Up Hongfei is the founder

Zheng Zhang Wen CTO

>250m Market Cap