VEN read it and weep

"If this pilot goes as planned and successful, the government of Hubei will recommend VeChain Thor Digital publication tracking solutions to The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFT)."

>tfw only 2k VEN
Will I make it?

>all in and only 2500
if i had more money i could have got a node REEEEEEEE

I'm only 50% in but if I had enough for a node I'd be all in.

im holding 9 coins total right now. Should I dump 4 of them and put it in VEN? (ven is my 2nd biggest atm)

YES . the writing is all over the fucking wall on this one. im hedging with ven at this point and all my other trades are just to increase my position in ven

Can't answer that without knowing your net worth in crypto and what the other coins are. But you probably cant go wrong with VEN so.

I am all in ENG, stay or switch niggers?

The ones I would consider selling off would be NEO, OMG, IOTA and REQ
as for my worth, it is decent. not huge but not small

Im in both

Yeah I would sell. If not all of them, I'd sell some of the NEO and IOTA for sure.

Sell iota definitely, I sold iota and req and I'm happy I did. I think they are good projects but they pale in comparison to what VEN is doing. when you consider the amount you'll gain in passive income 1yr-2yrs down the line too its just a nobrainer.

dis the real sleeping GIANT

Which one will be more in end of 2018
ICX or VeChain?

Alright, I appreciate the input. IOTA hasn't moved for some time anyway and I do sincerely believe in VeChain. Thanks

Keep the Neo, Thank me in a year.

Hard choice. Go 50/50 that's the short answer

I'm in 3 coins eng, req, and ven, about even on all. Just x3'd my req and seriously wondering if I should dump it in ven.

Im 60% on Ven and 40% ICX currently

yeah, I would. VEN will move much faster this month than req. you won't want to miss the ven train. it is a better train than the req train i have to say

I own 61,088 fun coins, 2,279 bat coin, 1,116 request network, and 7.75 icx.
Should I sell anything for ven? I already did a lot of trades yesterday getting out of Tron.

NEO is my smallest stack by far, only holding 4 NEO, still think its worth it? I do believe it'll grow in 2018 but the question is whether the money is better spent on VEN or not

40k ven, all in.
Just a few days ago I had 6 figures for the first time, now already at 185k

Let’s go boys

Where do y'all see ven going short term?

Selling all my ltc to buy this and FUN is a decision im proud of

congrats on hitting 7 figures soon

watching massive fucking walls be moved in increments like wtf, multi million dollar walls....

I expect it to keep doing what it has been doing for the past couple weeks, and then one day just mega moon.

I only have 160 VEN because poor, will I make it?


PBOC insider whales controlling the price. they know what's coming soon

i really want to short this shit but the price manipulation makes it fucking hard

Thanks man, it is unreal, I expected 7 figures at the end of 2018, now I might even make them q1.

One step closer to making it before I finish university.

I've got my 75K VET already. They won't be getting mine.

Its been manipulated for months and yet has still been rising everday... This coin is literally a moonfaggot repellant, thats why only the longterm holders will be rich as fuck


Ven brought me up to 64k from 50k, Cant wait till EoY ill finally be able to enjoy life.

I simply want to increase my VEN stack by shorting it, but its hard to predict with the manipulation going on

how much u need for a masternode?

Youre gonna end up losing if you try doing that... Seriously not worth the risk at all

This will be the biggest moon project of 2018. Mark my words anons, mark my words.

different tiered ones 10k ven is lowest I think

35k VEN here, am I going to make it?

gotta love i lost 1/2 my stack in ven when i was doing my awesome daytrades '':D''

Now just hodl, its better

If the news keeps up anyone with a node makes it. If the PBoC integration comes true everyone makes it.

You'll have at least 1 million this year, but probably multiple million.

You are going to make it user.

Holy shit it really is 2018. Thought it was 2017 for sure

you will, I have to get to 4 million.
This is a huge step, 1-4 should not be to bad.
If crypto 2018 is like 2017 we will all make it.

really sick of this chinese scamcoin shilling

most def user, you won't have to work another day in your life soon

go invest in some good murican coins !

1.2k VEN. Am I gonna make it brahs? Should I increase my stack?

If you can, yes

About to go to sleep, please pray for me that this will crash back down allowing me to buy in when my money goes through.

Stay poor faggot, been shilling this for weeks and you dumbfucks still havent gotten the message

I pray that the chinks wake up and this disseminates and it pushes to 60K within 24 hours.

Feel sorry for you but there will be plenty of opportunities the next months

What distribution would you guys go in with ven and req? Ive been in req since 6 cents so dont really want to sell but right now im about 50% ven and 30% req

tbqh i would buy ven but i have a shitty windows phone so i can't get 2fa on binance

are you french?

lmao watch the order book / depth, it often defies logic

How come is this scam goin? you can still shill me outta of this, im just dumb normie investor who fell in this coin.

kys cuck

What does VEchain even stand for?

Vegetarian Chain?

Only have 314. Such a poor fag.

eVEctile dysfunction

I understand your fury. But I want it to go interstellar.

Really though the walls are going to hold out until the rebranding. You might get in at 33K or so but it won't be 60K.

i have 400 ven will i make it

My portfolio right now

20% LINK

80% VEN

just saying

I need the following:
- Be able to buy in at a price that allows me to have 3,000 ven
- the PBoC rumours to be true
- vens price to moon to $2,000 ea

I only have 320, we're all going to make it brother

damn, i'm so sorry user

>linkies are buying it

I fucked up. Time to market sell

Looking to buy VEN. How much would do you think I should get at current market price? Is 1000 a comfy amount?

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes

you need to spend less time on biz

I will never sell my link

1000 + is good. You want to shoot for a 2386 ideally though as it will net you 1 thor power per day (the forged currency like neo's gas). If you have less you get thor as well. 1 ven = .00042 thor power per day

That is a very fine line. The problem with the current announcement for you it that is makes the PBoC rumor seem true. Which means a crash isn't likely. You should really just hope the whales keep it below 30K.

download the binance desktop app, thank me later

Go all in on VEN right now?

Yes, RaiBlocks will crash eventually.

Nothing goes up forever

not right now. not at ath
wait for a small correction

Sold 20% of my NEO to get VEN, im still having more then 50% of my crypto in chinks! West is cucked, feminized soon to be niggerland.

Thank you anons

lets fucking take these walls downn

Been waiting for a small correction for days lol

There was one yesterday when btc """""""mooned"""""""

guys if PBoC rumours are true what do you see EOY 2019 price being?

If the PBoC rumor is true it's going top 3 within weeks. It would do 100X before Q3.

Fuck that PnD group, I hope they stay away from sweet VEN

10,087 fun, 279 BAT and 116 REQ

So does this coin have a potential of ever hitting 2,000 ea provided PBoC is true?


nice time 4s and 00

only if it is true and the entire market grows healthly (a few years)

vechain is a great project but dont be so optmistic when investing into anything

And the walls been dumped

even then no. that would put market cap in the trillions. if this hits $50 that would be insane.

looks tasty, up 47% on binance atm though, will watch and wait

walls again? wtf.