Hope you are HODLing. London Letter just released a report with a buy up to $1.

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the hell is London Letter?

Shhhh. I'm buying all the way up to $5.

seriously, what the hell is London Letter

Letter published by the top 100 BTC wallet holders. The letter is only distributed to some 500 people.

Holy shit it's going up fast

They didn't want to listen.
This will be 20x by the end of month. 100x (or more) by the end of year.

ok found it @

I agree, maybe not 100x because BTC going up too but, 30x easy.
Been holding since the dip.

fuck fuck fuck im so close to fomoing in, at least its not above a dollar or in the top 5 volume right?

You're underestimating the partnerships Eich will announce this year. Think Enterprise Ethereum Alliance all over again, but with BAT. Except this time there are millions more people listening.

Just buy and shut up or cry in a month

Don't worry it hasn't begun. Buy all the way up to $5.

Okay yes, 100x since even facebook is researching nowadays.


BAT is still well within "bargain of a lifetime" territory IMO


Ethereum changed my life in 2017. 2018, I will retire thanks to BAT.

Im so tired of cucks buying the coin of the day without whitepaper, website or anything just because is 10 sat. But when the fucking creator of javascript and firefox create a product with a real use case and has possible aliances with facebook and the biggest youtubers they completelly ignore it.

Well, for some to make it many have to lose money, they can't say we didn't warn them.

ok it looks like people might be taking this london letter thing seriously
glad i'm holding 20+ btc worth :D

Sold all my XLM for this, don't let me down

Holding 10BTC worth. Plan on retiring sometime this year.

Does this coin actually have a future or are you just a bunch of niggers?

You're an idiot and you deserve to lose the money.

Can't tell if troll or not.

This is literally one of the only coins with a future. I'd hate to see your portfolio and the vaporware shitcoins you're holding.


BAT seems like complete vaporware. LOL!

Opinion discarded.

Fagbook is that away

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>Mozilla Software
>Netscape, AOL
Vaporware lmao

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$10-$20 within the next 3 months, heard it here first.

Why the fuck would anyone use Brave when they could use the superior browsers they're used to? And why would anyone willingly subject themselves to ads raping their mind when adblockers exists?

fucking sell wall

Is this coordinated FUD? You obviously have no idea what your talking about and who the CEO of BAT is.

Just try it. Adblocks use too much cpu and sometimes don't even work properly.
Also, I'd love to get paid if I watch ads.

I'm aware of whomstd've Brendan Eich is. What I'm asking is why would Chrome users (normies) abandon Chrome for a meme browser, and why would Firefox users (patricians) abandon Firefox for a meme browser?

Why would anyone use Browse when FF has adblock? What is the point of BAT? Do you really expect retards to hear "woah dude you can get paid literally fractions of pennies to watch these shitty ads!" and switch over to Brave?

Because allowing ads would make you money. Read their shit. BAT unfucks advertising and makes it legit, and both content creators and watchers of said content profit. The mindset and so on behind this is rock solid and genuine.

>Why would anyone use Browse
Brave, not Browse



It's a solution to the adpocalypse, simple as that.

There is going to be people who want to see ads and get paid, period.

I was mining Ethereum on 5 gpus making 1-
eth/month for a year while it was at $10.

The early adopters of Brave/BAT are going to be the ones who benefit most from watching ads when the price goes 100x this year.

Also, you have to opt in to watch ads. All ads are disabled by default, no need for add-ons.

adblock solves the ad problem.

shit this is smart. hahaha so there are going to be desperate FOMOers watching ad after ad chasing cryptogains?

Not for content creators. The digital ad industry is a broken industry that affects publishers, advertisers, and users. In a world where facebook and googles main revenue is ads, and they take 95% of those profits without giving to the content creator, there is a problem. Eich is going to save the world like he did many times before.

I hope you all make it.

This board is retarded. I'm going to Reddit.

some websites make you turn off adblock to access their content. Brave doesn't.

NGL I downloaded Brave today and I'm already liking it. I'm excited to see where it goes.


But yes, there is going to be people that see the value of BAT right now, and now it's potential. You can't spam watch ads or bot them either. There is a model in place which you can read about on your own that prevents fraud and doesn't spam the user with ads.

If you'd step out of the aspie bubble that is 4chins you would notice that a majority (vast majority) of people either dont block ads OR unblock then for 'content creators' they like. Brave would also get you paid for doing this.
>doubting Eich

you probably use internet explorer baka.
Switch to Brave and change your life.

interdesting. desu i don't know anything about the ad industry. Aren't there very wealthy ad suppliers at the moment that would fight tooth and nail to prevent something like this from going mainstream?

>t. TRX holder

direct link to the report if someone missed it:

Ad suppliers are almost literally raping their clients, take a look at google add rates or the money streamers get. The also censure ads as they fancy to push their narrative. BAT is a solution to both problems

Thanks Veeky Forums. I went all in earlier thanks to you.

Google and Facebook dominate this sector, however they can't change their model, because it would be bad for their company and stock.

See pic related here. Eich also goes over the problem here:

so you're telling me if i buy BAT, Eich is going to cuck Google?

FFS, I wish I could put more in this

He has cucked many big companies before, he will do it again.

He cucked Microsoft IE with an even bigger monopoly. The guy has changed the whole internet already 2 times.

It just seems like Google is the uncuckable. How can one man take on such a putrid leviathan? Not even Eich could pull that off.

Look at his forehead.
>you underestimate his power

I just bought 10k BAT

don't fuck me faggots

Dont worry its going to 10k in 24 hours

>buy muh browser plugin

This really is my Custer's last stand here. I need this to go well

haha guys we got another one

Dump it

He has the forehead of our great Vitalik. Eich is /ourguy/ 2018.

nothing compared to vitaliks forehead

Dump it

I really want to invest but the volume and the price are dissuading me. I can't help but feel like I've already lost my golden chance to get in.

Bought 511. All inn'd with what little I have left. Fingers crossed this pans out for me or else its wagecuck4life for me.

I like Brendan Eich on the sole basis that he created JavaScript. Babby's first coding experience for me and a ton of other people.

volume is moving up fast. Market hasn't picked it up yet

Dont cry in 1 week when u see this coin at 6 dollars

This coin will never moon

powerful Teutonic aesthetic. This forehead resonates with me. I think I'm a believer in BAT now.

Mooning right now, last chance

S-stop user...I need this

>never moons

I'm thinking I got tricked again

Me too. Am poorfag and could only put in $100 when bat was .35c. Am I gonna make it?

It was around 4800 before BTC rush u mong, it dropped all the way down to 3k. It's going to shit itself again once BTC awakens.

Stick to the coins that don't get affected as much during BTC bull runs.

When volume picks up we're going straight to $5. This is what moon missions are made of. At $5 the fomo will set in for coinbase and it will take us to $20. Screencap this.

This coin hold well compared to others when it moons you brainlet. Also, BTC is dying fast.

>BAT on coinbase

hodling, and just bought more. comfiest hold of 2018



I hold no TRX. Nice try, though!

Brainlet here, I keep autistically checking my worth since I bought it like 20 mins ago and it keeps dropping. What is happening? It says that the overall coin is growing.

There you go sweetheart

blockfolio is being a little bitch and wont let me add my new BAT into it... freaking updates!!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Blockfolio has been a total POS for a solid week.

you are losing out to whatever the exchange is comparing it to. BTC and ETH are both mooning atm



What do you think the partnership consists of? What other purpose does Coinbase serve? What could the partnership be, please explain.