How to get someone banned from Instagram...

how to get someone banned from Instagram? There's a girl on Instagram that is falsely accusing me (and a ton of other accounts) for being racists/sexist since she has a competing Etsy store and wants to tarnish my image I guess. It's 100% unprovoked, didn't even know of her until one day she started crusading against me and other stores/IG accounts. She's legit crazy. How can I get her booted off IG so she stops fucking with me? Tried blocking her but she actively recruits her followers to do the same shit. They're all pink haired SJW retards btw.

Nice, just bought 100k

If you aren't legitimately rascist and sexist, you're fucking retarded and YOU should be banned.

Fuck off pajeet

Ignore it I guess. People can only be mad at one thing for so long

I am racist and sexist, but that's beside the point. There's no way for her to know that. She's just using it to recruit her followers.

Dear Sir, fuck you my friend.

threaten to sue her for defamation

Threatening lawsuits is a bad move, you either sue or you don't.

Post her IG

Try not being racist and sexist

Just send one message stating that you alredy saw your lawyer and you are going to sue her for defamation, then greet her politely

IG: shopangelicfever

>person X has no right to dislike person Y for whatever reason he sees as fit
communists fuck off

this girl is a cunt wow

It's like a generic daddy issues tumblr without nipples or genitalia.

and fat black bitches kek


What exchange is this on?

>american women

ya think im gonna believe her instead of a random Veeky Forums weirdo who probably posts on pol daily

This is an awful, awful shoop. The worst I've ever seen on Veeky Forums.

I concur and dubs solidifies it

>The worst I've ever seen on Veeky Forums

if I wasn't so lazy, I would prove you wrong.