I was the cunt that told you to buy APPC last night at 2am. Who woke up pleasantly surprised?

I did but I sold an hour ago :) up almost another 50 cents since then

I did and sold today and bought the dip, maybe a mistake.but there is hope.

fuck you. I've been shilling this idea for the last 6 hours continuously. Can't make a dime off this. Going to have to wait a week for moon now. Thanks for nothing.

Sometimes you have to wait for the good gains, that's what crypto is all about.

wish I listened, any more suggestions?

Yeah? Fuck you. Youre still a piece of shit.

I was pretty pissed after panic selling trx so I said fuck it and went all in last night. Hasn't even seen the shill threads yet. Just saw it was a new coin on binance. Recovered all my losses and then some.

When will it reach $5? I bought @ $2.8, when should I sell?

I posted this once last night, then went to bed. Didn’t even read the previous thread. There are still gains to be made here man, don’t stress

Bags now. Gl.

thanks user. wish I bought the dip but those 50% overnight gains taste delicious. +1 to you and yours

Not me because I wanted to 2x from 0.002 eth and I woke up to see it exactly where I left it

saw right when it hit binance, bought in at $1.40, woke up to a pleasant surprise. my gf was so stoked, she blew me xtra good. def a good morning, i love crypto

got in at $1.37 I love you bby

Dont even care about the coin. It has made me good profit thus far

It's keeping up with BTC, good boy.

I made 3 threads myself. Told them all this would 100%+ in the coming days. only got a couple replies.

Thank you user, bought in at 1,5 and sold at 3,4
+200 irl shekels

I made $4,400 off this coin, reinvested it all I think this i a strong coin that will see $10 each before too long

kek the utter dipshits sometimes on binance

Is it bleeding out or should I hold strong?

I first was angry to you cuz i got in at 0.00026 on eth. Now im happy holding my bags and wait till it hits something nice

It's stable, but could go anyway but mostly by now it would drop if it should've.
This was just a guy probably acciddentally mistyping the price or something, some people have the principle of buying high and selling low.

cause you're a dumb fuck that bought immediately on release. you gotta wait for the dip and then buy in.

This is a great short term since everyone's chasing the quick flip. It's already up 100 percent since initial investors dumped it.

LOL, thanks for your money.

FUD, he could sell now and get out even if he wanted.

fucking shitcoin

fuck!!! why didnt I stay up late last night... bought the dip lets go cunts

I bought and I'm holding strong.

>Bought at 3$ hoping to quickly sell 10$ higher
nothing wrong with me