BTC is about to moon hard af and alts are going to get raped in the face as they always do when this happens. So sell your alts now, dump them all for BTC. You've been warned. BTC is going to 20k.

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I've become...comfortably numb...

i own btc and 2 alts im sleeping comdy

Sell all alts. Wait for BTC to moon. Buy alts after the big red candle. Sell all alts. Wait for BTC to moon. Buy alts after the big red candle. Sell all alts. Wait for BTC to moon. Buy alts after the big red candle. Sell all alts. Wait for BTC to moon. Buy alts after the big red candle. Sell all alts. Wait for BTC to moon. Buy alts after the big red candle.

Buy a large house.

Bullshit. I dumped my alts and now all alts are going up with some reaching ATH

It already did yesterday and fucked shit up. It’s the alts turn today

you fell in the bull trap tard, enjoy your .1% gains


Btc is done for. Only down from here for months and months

That was it? 1 day bull run? Fml

mfw I only dropped 5% yesterday because I was in stable alts

theres a shit load of left over tethers, they had 200mil all up and i doubt they used it all yesterday.

20k is still possible.

Dinocoin's pathetic attempt at a run already happened and alts recovered within like a day or something kek.

Thank you for correcting the record. .00001 BCH has been deposited to your wallet.

>goes up 5% up
>20% dump by alts
>theres still left over freshly printed tethers for the next run its only a matter of time
>thinks its a worthless dinosaur

>holding onto your niggercoin

I wish BTC would just stabilize or fuck off entirely already. Stop fucking up my alts.

>Stop fucking up my alts

Stop HODLing alts and learn to trade instead of arguing with the market.

print.exe. this market needs more tethers. luquidate wallstreet.

I hope it's a double top. God fuck leave my alts alone. I don't even make money when I convert during a BTC pump.

What if we all bought an obscure alt? Our wealth would be safe together if we agreed to not sell for less than 100x buy value

that's like a textbook prisoner's dilemma. people will just defect and fuck others over

>fast the centralized dinosaur piece of shit is rising 10% exit all alts
>quick the same dinosaur goes down 3% buy into alts

jesus christ

its fags like you that keep fucking it up

You have no clue how this works do you? You're not gonna make it. All of Veeky Forums throwing their collective pennies into a single shitcoin would have ZERO effect on the price of anything

This is not how markets work. Also I'd dump on your ass.

lets go all in link.
>wat Veeky Forums already owns 90%.

Well BTC mooned and my alts just dipped slightly. Not even enough to make me think of BTC. It's becoming apparent that bitcoin has lost its once powerful might.

Technically would work because what you're creating is an artificial monopoly.

In reality though if fucking OPEC can't even coordinate to not sell and keep the price of gas up without cheating how the hell will 99999anons do it

Apparently "mooned" means it went up 3% in an hour

HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!
Burn all you fiat money!
I heard there are people who is killing people who own any money!!!!!!!!
DO IT OR DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Fucking hate you idiots who try to predict the price of any coin. If u was correct, u literally celebrate it with new posts "I SAID U IDIOTS". If u was wrong - nothing ever happened.

fking idiots

and how much xlm and your other shitcoins have mooned since btc started moving?

>Buy a large house.
there is the flaw in your plan, yow will be thrown in jail for money laundering.

Read up on Game Theory man

Like we’d all screw each other

Based on what exactly?

I spend a significant portion of my time teaching kids about international relations and they never fucking grasp game theory and seeing a correct application of it makes me rock hard

I fucking wish so I could buy ETH and ALTs for cheap

Bitcoin already bounced off resistance around 17k yesterday. This last push won't amount to anything. The fact that you haven't seen alts dip as much as they did yesterday should already tell you that people are hesitant to jump in

For real 10MIL in assets is the lucky number for me.
You have to make enough to offset the taxes and at least hire a tax consultant and a lawyer.

Dude play Virtues Last Reward, that ENTIRE game is about game theory its so fucking good

not happening. sudoku yourself faggot.

>saged cause OP is a fag