Tfw dogecoin is finally mooning......... w-wow

tfw dogecoin is finally mooning......... w-wow

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this is only the beginning

I'm so tempted to cash out now. My $100 is now worth $950. Should I hold? I bought in as a joke mostly

My opinion is you should at least wait until Chinese New Year (Feb) but do what you think you feel is right. Nothing wrong with locking in profits.

To add on maybe take out your initial investment and put it elsewhere you think it might do better or hold it. That way you no longer have skin in the doge's ride and can juut enjoy the show.

Ive told myself I will sell if my investment drops below $800. I will keep giving myself selling points if the lrice keeps rising. Is this wise? I don't know anything about trading at all

Oh that's a smart idea. Thank you

It's fine to have a stop loss. It ensures that no matter what happens you'll always get out at a profit. I personally do not use them often though.

Isn't dogecoin in fact where the term "moon" came from?

cash out 500 and hodl the rest


The dog will rise

Enlighten me on the etymology?

>92 sats
Kinda wish I kept my 52 sat buy the other week.

I love my Doge! HODLin since 20 sats

same bro!

Its legit going to at 150 sats with maybe a dip or 2 along the way

Doge always doubles in price on its final mooning and stays there for a day, so no need to panic sell

Check the charts for the last moon missions

*at least 150 sats*

Where should I buy this? I've been watching it on blockfolio.

Poloniex wants my fucking SSN and C-Cex is down until the 20th.

I have used a lot of exchanges
Yobit is a good one with doge, and no need for ID, that has given me no problems, it is running slow though because of the huge user increase

Most of the major exchanges have a doge pair. Some even have doge as a major pairing.

$1 doge, are you ready?

Dogecoin is ironically one of the most stable cryptocurrencies in the market

Actually yes, it is.

Am I too late to the dogecoin party

>mfw been holding 200k DOGE for 3 years
Is it finally my time?

>mfw lost my backup for my 2014 wallet

I'd really like to know how much dogecoin has been lost over the years

Considering the amount of normies this coin attracts who don't particularly know how crypto works.... probably a good amount.

I set up a friend with a miner when the coin first launched. Pretty sure he got at least 250K. Really doubt he still has the wallet.

Fuck. I had 10k of this I got at the start but it's long gone.

Also combined with back when DOGE released, crypto was not really taken too seriously, aside from BTC.

Anyone from Yurop here? Which site are you using to depoist funds? Is there something better than Coinbase? This fuck is really slow. I'd really appreciate the help! Thanks in advance Yurobros


DOGE has been mooning for a straight month newfag. We're looking for a conservative target of 150sat, top end around 220 sat. But with the massive influx of new people and the Chinese New Year being Year of the Dog, who fucking knows where this will go. It's a perfect fucking storm of DOGE.

>usd price

fucking brainlet

The sat chart is almost exactly the same. Draw your own meme lines on blockfolio.

>can't find bitcoin wallet
>found my dogecoin wallet with 10k doge

this is fine

im in UK
Store them? I'd use YoBit although its running slow, or bittrex only if you are verified
Cash out on

Litebit is pretty good.
I use it for my doge trading, and being a Dutchy gives me the option to put my winnings straight on my bank account.

come on doge lets hit 100 today so I can put some profit in another coin and let the rest ride

the fact that this literal meme coin is going to be worth something soon makes me actually worried we really are in a tulip bubble

fml I exchanged mine for altcoins just before it started mooning.
down $500 so far but I guess it's fine since I bought them for 30$ back in 2014.

christ. fuck you newfags.

doge unironically has some of the best tech out of the currency coins.

>faggots who've never done arbitrage before

>worried we really are in a tulip bubble

>>doge unironically has some of the best tech out of the currency coins.
it literally hasn't been updated in 2 years though

Doge. Is. Dead.

>mad they didn't get in while DOGE was dirt cheap

doge is still dirt cheap bro