TFW you fell for the "never go all-in" meme

Regrets boys, regrets.

i fell for the 50% ICX 50% VEN meme.
fuck icx shitcoin that does nothing.
should have all ined in VEN


ICX going to moon more and more until end of january.

Legit VEN shill here, I speak for all of us when I say we tried our best.
Atleast you're in 50%

Gain gang, Gain gang, Gain gang, Gain gang, Gain gang, Gain gang, Gain gang (Gain gang!)
Spend three racks on Vechain
Wojaking green love these gains
I fuck a bitcuck, I stole the game
I care bout no pajeet shit faces
Rather go and buy more Vechain

It's at ATH.

I knew I could trust this coin to carry my portfolio. Almost 35% of my portfolio right now.

It's at an ATH right now. I wanna buy more but I can't tell if it will dip or not.

forgive thee all who have trespassed against us

i started two weeks ago with $1500. all in on xlm and now all in on ven almost has me at a 10x. best way to grow a small stack.

learn a little bit of charting it just had a golden cross a few hours ago and there's no huge dip in sight. Unless the whales/Vechain decide it that is.

icx will do something in 17 days.
I was 80/20, now I am all in ven. Best decision.
This coin will make me a millionair.

>fell for the all-in meme
>nearly trippled my money in a week or so
Now waiting to flip jewbrel ICO to add more vechains to my stack before it goes interstellar

alright bros I am 1500 VEN away from strength node. to get there I need to drop either FUN or ICX. which is it gonna be?

FUN mooned already right?

I've noticed a pattern. Doubt is spread on big coins often just before they start to increase in value. Bots post on Veeky Forums/reddit/forums to manipulate public opinion.

If you think I'm being paranoid, step back and think about it for a second. This is a multiple billion dollar, unregulated market.

Do your research, stick with the coins that have solid foundations and be aware of misinformation.

We are all in this together, wishing you all success!

nah. its been steadily climbing for a month. product is being released end of Q1

Tough one. 50% of each.


ICX is okay to hodl. Think of it as your backup.

Buy a WTC masternode don’t be foolish


>sees VEN hype 2 days ago, goes all in
>price rising, preparing for moon mission
>dip happens, sees people calling VEN a pajeet scam, panic sells.
>mfw it's continuing the moon mission now.

VEN is one of the few coins that is keeping up with btc, people know this shit is about to pop off

fear is the mindkiller

hahah ded :D
better luck next time

predictions when asians wake up?

REQ was fudded here 6 times in 3 hours. I fucking spotted it but the fear got to me and I sold. Sure it rose 27% today. Fuck.

wheres that btard from that autistic thread yesterday? i want to laugh at him

Fuck SEPA and fuck localbitcoins. VEN will take off before I hop in. Jesus fucking Christ this is pathetic.

never sell req. I sold some at .45 and some at .75, both times it shot up 20-30% the next day. the normies are frothing at the mouth for it. fortunately still holding 100k that I will never sell.

volume still relatively low you still have time

50/50 VEN/DBC I'm so comfy right now

Still waiting for that autistic fag as well, he just shows up when it slightly dips. Batfag was so sure of himself saying it will never go up 28k again while shilling his BNB. Top kek

What is market cap? Normie spotted.

Volume is only up 700 BTC in 2 hours. You have at least 7 hours before asia wakes up and does what they will with this information.

We're getting close to that 101 BTC wall with not much momentum left.

who cares

this isnt a quick moon

this is legit 10% per day for teh last month lol

it went from 4 dollars to 4.20, stop hyping bag holder you pajeets keep hyping the slow coins


Oh look it's the retard from yesterday. Hey retard.

Go chase your pump and dump and then shit in the street, pajeet


We can spot you from a mile away autistic batfag, how are your predictions going now retard?

which is?

VEN is probably the first project that is TRULY going to make /biz rich as fuck.

If I could anticipate Asia I would already be a billionaire. They probably won't be dumping at the very least.


Its been manipulated for months and yet has still been rising everday... This coin is literally a moonfaggot repellant, thats why only the longterm holders will be rich as fuck

How long is this shit going to go sideways for. Fucking go down already.

>mfw i sold 200 of my VEN for TRX 1.5 days ago


They had to put a 10 Million USD wall between 28 and 30K just to slow Ven down. It has a lot of buy pressure and most of the sells are people trying to swing trade expecting the wall to push it down.

If it breaks this first wall it's breaking the rest within 24 hours.

Hence why I sold. 50% gain in a day up against a big wall. It should go down.

I got 1K VEN. Am i gonna make it

my thought exactly
i am still nervous about missing out, but i have made a good profit today

If the PBoC rumor is true (and it seems so), the sky is the limit.

Current price = 5 USD

The crypto market alone will multiply it's cap by the factor 10. If VEN just keeps up it will be 50 USD.

Add the PBoC (easy another 20x or even more) ... well, I don't think 1000 USD is out of reach.

I was considering the same but this coin is too unpredictable, those walls could be pulled in the next 5 minutes

>implying there's something wrong with shitting in the street.

By all means it should. I just don't know how chang is going to react to the news or anyone once it starts to snow-ball.

Incidentally another wall was thrown up at 30K. I think they are buying the sells right under the wall and putting them higher. Which is what lets them keep it rolling.

>In this thread, Veeky Forums's first gains

I'm just confused why people would use Ve Chain if WTCs tech is superior? Is marketing really that big of a deal?

are you like 12 years old?

perception is everything

its not what you know its who you know


News takes time to spread so it isnt even priced in. Plus china and korea wont be up till another 4 hours. Swing trade if you want and get burned like most of the motherfuckers that tried to do it with Ven


strength node acquired. i am hard as a rock.

you walton people sound like little kids that are mad momma isnt giving you attention lmao

This is like trx at 200 sats, buy now sirs.


based Chinese Steve Jobs will take us all to Valhalla

Sunny > cuckstin