Its happening tonight.
Strap in boys!


see ma trips

I've heard the same thing 3 months ago

Link is a scam


Im only making these threads since 1 december you lying piece of shit

anyone have a copy of the price predictions?

>implying it wasn't happening each and every night

LINK showed up in the new Ice Poseidon video



Not if BTC keeps fucking mooning

you post this every day

it happens every night, rebecca. shut the fuck up!


Anyone have the linkmarine chart?

Getting ready for this



Insider here
Rory was paid 1 million link for the first year of work. He dumped all of it sub 20 cents. His wife's daughter has sickle cell and he's in massive debt. Hes now demanding more link from Sergey.

I advise extreme caution because if Rory gets more link he will market sell dump it all. Don't let Rory dump on you. Dump him first.

Post evidence

Link is XRA approved.

No ones uses this coin aside from speculation. It's gonna drop hard when the people who can become multimillionaires dump all their LINK after hodling for so long.

all 5 of them.

Wow, never thought I'd meet another person who knew what XRA was.

All it's gonna take is one autist with lamboland dreams to cash out after accumulating for ages and the price will drop. This coin was shilled as being a get rich coin, not a coin with any actual real usage aside from meme buzzwords.

When we can stake our LINK , even 10.0000 at $20 each would be enough to gain a nice yearly passive income


Rory met Steve on Grindr. You see, it's an open secret that Steve is a sissy bottom. Rory was on vacation in CA with his wife and her mongrel negro child at disneyland when Rory matched up with Steve on grindr. They were both at Disneyland that day and like the degenerate homos they were (Rory being closeted), they needed to hook up in a public bathroom or behind a bush somewhere. Rory found an opportunity to seperate from his wife and negro while they were waiting to get on the pirates of the carribean ride, the wait was still 30 minutes which was enough time for a quick pozzing. Rory feigned illness from the lunch they had earlier, and headed to nearest bathroom where Steve was waiting.

After bottoming out inside Steve, Rory pulled out his iphone and looked at his blockfolio. Steve noticed this and asked him about his holdings. After Rory mentioned NXT, Steve told him his "thick daddy" helped create NXT. Rory was exstatic, and flew out to New York the next day to meet Steve's thick daddy, Sergey.

I watch the entire show like every three months again.

Never gonna happen. Every day same shit and no need from Sergey or rory.

Remember confido.. starting to smell like that

Rory looks so untrustworthy

Who witnessed the crazy 7777 on the past chainlink thread?

you are dumber than a box of niggers.

Could be worse, I could be trusting LINK to be anything but a coin for autists on Veeky Forums to speculate.

Thank you kind sir

what did it say? Got a link to thread or cap?

It was quints, even better...

Link the bread

holy shit.....i need to buy it now. 7 is such a lucky number!


I'll sell you 1 LINK for $1000



nowhere now since binance closed registrations

Look at that massive cup and handle in the daily candle chart

This is the best thing I've ever seen.

Wow user, I hadn't seen this. I'll throw an extra 30k in it. Thanks.



is this a meme

it's only a cup with no handle for now
but really just look at the 1 week macd. bullish as fuck.

only thing you smell is your stinky neet butt. take a shower

Etherdelta which means you'll maybe get them in your own wallet in 3 days after spending $20 in fees.

be careful with etherdelta, in addition to normie-unfriendly UI it has been hacked multiple times recently.


cry more, peasant.

ohhh momma... that daily - there's room for a lot of potential.

can this fucking moon already, the shitiest shitcoins are casually doing a x50...


Wtf is this real


>of their smart oracle
>of their
nice, just sold 100k

CL isn't an oracle, its an oracle network.
SmartContract assists companies and users in setting up nodes; ie their own oracle

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh LMAO

Of they’re

Wow really made me think twice

The power of LINK lies not in its use case or technology but in the cult surrounding it that promises to buy all available LINK on the market as much as they can, forever. Regardless of whether or not some short-termers will sell or if a whale tries manipulating the market, there is always a hard floor that LINK can never go below and that floor continues to rise as the real holders/believers accumulate more and more. You really can't say the same about any other coin or token out there. No other memers or dreamers even come close to the cult of LINK. Everyone else would flip their shitcoin for a quick 2x profit or even 100x profit. Not LINK though. For that reason alone, LINK really is the most assuredly comfy hold since it can only go up.

>The power of LINK lies not in its use case or technology
Stop trying to force this pasta because it plays down the use case and technology which are the reasons we love it here on Veeky Forums so much. The fact that most of us will be holding this with iron hands for years to come is just a bonus

One day late to register.
Please kill me

I can lend you my account user. Just send your ETH to my deposit address
I promise I'll buy LINK with it and withdraw it to your wallet :^))

The use cases and the tech are the reason for the cult following, numbnuts

That's very kind of you user and very tempting, but mom told me not to trust strangers on the internet

>do you want to shit in a street

14/88 would kek again

what doth LINK?

I can legit buy you some LINK and send it back to you for a 5% of the LINK you buy. Write me to jgblanco88, gmail.

you hispanic?


Dad is.

pretty sure it is on desu


It's 10 on Binance too

This applies to 99% of crypto

This is some weird shit

Youre talking about xrp

It depends on what the profitability is like for running a node and/or lending your node to LinkPool. Link actually has a mechanism for generating you income so there is a real reason to want it.