redpill me on this shit and why and how its volume is beating everyone else?

PnD probably

People are buying it up so they'll have bags when they so the 1000:1 fork in March.

>buy at 1 satoshi
>n increase in satoshis = 100n% gain

but the 1 to 2 sat wall is bigger than Kim K's ass

for now
biz is so short sighted


just a little fear to live between walls forever

did you????
i'm 903111.33907371 PACs in

Yes, 2 million PACs here

1.7 mil here boys
we gonna make it
just wait til its 100 sats

>100 sats
how much time in your estimation?

This appeals to my reptilian brain

we're gonna be at 100 sats by tomorrow morning user


Thank god for paccoin, one of the best coins i've ever seen... hopefully people don't catch on

I need more accumulation before I can sit cozy

Low cost and is likely to 100x or just evaporate.

people were putting 100 bucks into it hoping it reaches a cent so they can buy lambo

lmoa fuckin less than 1 cent coins

pac me up

(Pac me up inside)

protip: use the DOGE trading pair to avoid those big jumps and walls in sats

i'm too dumb to understand why would that help?

protip: dont listen to this pleb as DOGE market is closed atm

Some whales with social influence got together and decided to all in, broadcast to the normies to do it because muhh coins and there will be a massive dump soon

Some people are easily manipulated and think they can get rich quick from crypto by listening to others , this is why half of Veeky Forums doesn’t ever make money, including you.. that’s why you’re asking about this stupid coin

when will it return?
and it closed?


same with ltc. only btc market is open.

i need to ask, i have 464.037. In order to see a real profit, i am guessing I need over a mil once the 1000:1 ratio comes in march right?

I will get the same invested amount asap when it get into 3x or 4x, then get some at 10x and let it rest

we're not all watching DOGE 24/7 - point is it's much better for these low-sat coins

as in 464037 or 464.03?
obviously the more coins you have the more gains you have. but when the 1000:1 ratio happens it wont change the total value of your coins it just changes the format

who knows user but its been almost 24 hours now