*quietly hits $1.00*

*quietly hits $1.00*

off we go

Enjoy getting dumped back to 30 cents by tomorrow

*takes to BTC going up in FIAT*

dumbass biztards never learn

I don't know what it is about this game. It never ever seems to set a new floor. People are always happy to dump it at even the slighest rise in value.

ODN is going up in sats too. It's like the amount of insults someone uses has a perfect inverse correlation with how intelligent they are

Even THIS shitcoin is mooning???

its up like 3000 sats brainlet

hey faglords, this piece of shit has been at 6ksats before. there's nothing to see here until it goes beyond 9k. get erect over this shitcoin then.

it's also the samefag always selling off 350odns to FOMO you in.


Wake me at 5. I've lost enough money through these short ODN pump-dumps.

some of us didn't buy high like you do

just a fair warning user. I've been in since ICO and the devs are too incompetent. This shitcoin is too predictable on a piece of shit exchange. EVERYTHING even bitbean has mooned hard except this. It's XMR jr right? well, why isn't that news being sold? ODN should at least be $3 right now during the bull run

congrats, many of my alts hit the dollar mark too, its great feeling, good luck holding.

so sell and go buy bitbean, faggot.

i think i found a good coin for you, i suggest you sell obsidian and go all in on B3

right, a delisted fuck of a coin that is run by a literal pajeet with a dischord full of poorfaggots trying to get wealthy off a .1sat crypto? the KB3 rebrand has been a disaster user. and don't tell me this logo is better than their previous DOOM ripoff

i know i was beeing sarcastic brainlet, b3 is joke, 100btc sale wall lel


This is one of the only coins with actual product. Better than Link by a mile.

Aaaand dump to 50 pennies, it is the nature of this PnD coin. Pajeets wll win once again


you don't even try to appear like you have an IQ over 80, right?


One day the shitbubble will explode and obvious pajeetcoins like this one are going to tank. Few will survive

stay poor

He's right. I've been in since ICO too. Devs are completely incompetent.

>bought 10k in the ICO for pennies on the dollar with spare Eth from mining rig
>quiet consistent gains
>collecting nearly $20 interest per day
>masternode coming soon

who /comfy/ as fuck with this coin