Buys coins based solely on the name and icon

>buys coins based solely on the name and icon

>keeps everything on exchange
>doesn't get hacked and makes 100% returns every month

i am chad

>buys coin because fun times with internet money

>"look it's a fidget spinner, haha!"
>makes 100x gains

>hmmm scam privacy coin? alright i'll buy 10k
>goes up 20x and sells the top

>thinks Stellar has a cute logo
>it goes 10x

>only finds new coins by using coinmarketgap sorted by (change 24h)

>lives on the moon

> my chad algorithm
> is the coin shilled on biz
> sub 10mil mcap
> buy

have doubled my portfolio in the last 3 days

>pumps and dumps both coins and women with ease

>Sees ripple on top 10 on coinmarketcap for .50$
>Buys 10000
>Now its $3

I based on jewelry content in leadership and advisors

>Purely buys coins from coinbase and forgets about them for a year
>Makes more gains than speculators on Veeky Forums


Aka kikes

>all papers are white what do you mean have i read one?

I guess I'm Chad then.

2018 chadfolio:

>no BAT
not chad

>no bat
>no upf
>no html

Keep up this thread

HTML is the definition of a virgin coin, just look at the name and logo

this is the true chad strategy

>profile is at 10x in one month
>what's a cryptocurrency?

Literally doing this.

That's what I did with xlm

>not buying Einsteinium for the mental gains
Come on guys arent you trying to get rich?

no joking this is how i invest AMA

This was literally me

pls this ain't for chads