He thought ethereum is decentralized

>he thought ethereum is decentralized

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Oh my God this is retarded on so many levels



What an asshole
"Everyone is free to do whatever they want unless it goes against my political views"
And for the sake of keeping the board clean I'm saging this shit
Repost it on /pol/, this is biz

he didn't specify that he would use ethereum to stop him.

>decentralization means that anyone can do anything they want with impunity

decentralization means you answer to the mob (and all or any of its constituents) as opposed to a formal legal authority.

It's not. That's why he's moving to casper so he can step down

Though he could easily use etherium to stop him


How does one use an erc20 shitcoin for evil?

There was a Korean ico which goal was to take North Korean servers down
Political bullshit

cope, lol

>vitalik soylerin feels morally superior to someone
what else is new

How else can we stop da nazis, goyim?

yeah, he could assassinate him for example.


Child Rape Token

1 toke = 1 raping

Increase the income inequality already wildly apparent.

why cant this guy jus leave his politics out of the public sphere ffs

He’s naming the Jew

>Always do the opposite of what Jews say to do

lol has that twitter user changed his name to eth is centralized?

>wat if pytin com to us hous and treaten to kill yu wit a erc20 token blellnbnbl

Autists don't know how to social.

the top normie typo

No one with half a brain thought Ethereum was decentralized after the DAO hard fork.


>Veeky Forums poster feels morally superior to someone else for taking a position on an issue

ahh, the monthly brainlet fud thread
let me decipher the convo for you 110-120 IQ retards who think you're smart shits
kp mentions dictator using the ethereum blockchain to make his token
vitalik answers hard forking is useless, a better solution is to make a decentralized exchange allowing that token to be traded for eth, so citizens of oppressed regimes have options to trade dictatorcoin for eth
kp asks if vitalik would do the same if the dictator was putin, and words it in a way that makes good screencap material for brainlets
vitalik replies "yes", as in "yes i would also implement countermeasures such as building a decentralized exchange allowing trading of putintokens for eth"
literally ANTI centralization, you turbomongs
oh who the hell cares
just fucking sell your entire eth stack right this moment if you're so smart

Thanks for putting this into contest.

thank you, was about to post this, so many brainlets ITT

daynk you for puttin into contest

Nice. Just bought 100k.

remember this

Legit lol’d. Thanks user.

>Veeky Forums poster
kill yourself and then get the fuck out of here pleb.

normies see this as a good thing tho

>I'm actually a really intelligent guy. I think my IQ is at least 130. Did you know that that's 2 standard deviations above the mean? I'm pretty special

Yeah. He would use his unicorn t-shirt or muscular frame most likely