hahhahahaah i hope all you faggots realizing i was right feel like stupid pieces of shit. I told you for the last week if you arent buying this you are just an amature and will never make it.

eat my fat cock now faggots. FOMO in now and pay double.

IF YOU wait for dip.... youll be paying triple.

z classic is forking to BTCP.. bitcoin private.
do your fucking research you cucks... clearly me doiing the research and sharing it gets me called an idiot here ..

buy up up 500 if you want to fucking listen you twats

You silly cunt this is an anonymous website.
How the fuck are we supposed to know who the fuck you are.

Anyways. This shit will dip within the next day or so and it already started stagnating. This is going back to sub 1m sats.

I’m going to kill myself

I did listen and I have to thank you OP. If you were a tripfag I'd send you 1 ZCL as a token of my gratitude. Now you'll have to be happy with the thought of me drinking a Glenfiddich 15y on your health and happiness. Godspeed user!

Youre dumb mother is the silly cunt. Anonymous or not.. I posted. if you happened to be online and saw it. you know who i am. If not, fuck off and go suck your dads dick
// Based on your quantitative analysis of this being anonymous website... youre probably one of the poorfags who didnt buy. Keep waiting for the dip moron.. keeep waiting

wow.. refreshing.. a compliment. Glad you made some money brother. no need for tip.. I put plenty into z classic myself

I saw this... and I thought you were trying to off load your bags.. fuckkkkkk

It’s alread double what you said. How high will it go. I don’t want to FOMO in
Help OP

hahaha i know right, these fucktards are so clueless, their 2x-3x is right in their faces but they still don't realise.

>you know who i am
Nigger there were like 30 posts about ZCL over the last couple days.
Who the fuck knows which one was you, fucking dumb cunt.

Anyway nigger have you ever seen what usually happens after a coin has a quick increase in price? Surprise surprise, it goes down. Right nwo it is experiencing a lot of resistance.

Just buy. and if it dips. buy more. and if it doubles.. buy more.

do you understand you are getting a free bitcoin for every zcl you own? IS that clicking in your shit for brains?

There are only 3 million z classic in circ. lolololol the price is gona sky rocket before the fork. mayve $1000 maybe $2000.

im not exaggerating. 3 million total supply compared to bitcoins 21 milion

how am i supposed to tell you apart from the other people who speak english poorly and shill bad coins? did you actually expect people to listen?

this thread reeks of public defecation

HEY SHIT FOR BRAINS.. this isnt a normal pump and dump. dont fucking speak unless you know. FAGGOT. your presence in this convo is preventing people from making money.

no just watch the chart and feel dumber and dumber as the price rises.

youre irrelevant in life so dont buy it. just tell all your friends that "you were about to at 170 but waited for dip

thank you OP, I bought 33.5 because of you specifically

youre not supposed to ... the world needs people like you. for the rest of us to step on to get where we want to go

Everybody already knows about ZCL. You aren't a genius because you made the most obvious pick in all of crypto.

Ah fuck. I wanted to buy more but now it’s $200

you salty too you cock smith? Ive been blasting this for weeks with this same image. i dont give two fucks if you believe me or not. if you listened.. youre welcome.. if you didnt. hhhaahahahaha faggot

and i was blasting this one.

you morons all deserve to be poor

>your presence in this convo is preventing people from making money.

How is it? I'm just telling people not to buy in at the ATH especially when there is a lot of resistance. Just wait 30 minutes and buy when it dips.


this thread is fucking hilarious, a fantastic mix of arrogance and salt

I did user
I didn't even know about the btc private fork and this so decided to buy some today @ 150$

I bought 120 at about a 100 dollar, not sure, thanks for shilling this shit, if that was you. My only regret is putting only 12k into this shit. Does anyone think Zclassic itself will still have some value after the fork?

Fuckit yall were right but shill started amidst the pump
Too late to ge tin now

I made the thread last week on coins to buy that will moon in a few days. Or maybe we both made similar threads. some of you called me crypto sage.

it's not too fucking late, get in

None To be honest. Im not trying to drop my bags on you. im a very transparent prophet here.

i will hold for fork and then dump. im sure most will. i dont mind what price i sell my z classic at. bitcoin private is gonna be a $400- $2000 itself. THATS where the pay day comes.

i will gladly buy bags a couple days before fork when people dump. but by the price will be 2x .. 3x what it is now so that dip will still be costly

True, it made a run to 1.2m and failed to break that wall. Dipped back under 1.1m and it is stagnating. I feel like this will go down to under 1m again.

At least some people on Veeky Forums have brains, OP is an obvious newfag giving investment advice.

think we are revving up our engines for another run past 1.2m
the way alts are booming today I see this a likely scenario


ZCL is going to be worth $1500 by end of January

for everyone using good exchanges cryptopia updates SO SLOW it happens too often I just never learn my lesson.

it wont stop going up for days, it might dip few sats but not even enough for daytrading. BCH is worth over 2k and this will be even more popular fork for normies

Im not selling this one until they announce the date of the fork, when they do this will moon so hard...

Not OP but I made a thread at $25, $35 and $50. It got like 4 anons in total replying to it.

welp thats it, no dipping below 1m anymore

Hey man, I believe you, and thanks.

I only got in at $80 so I likely didn't see your posts, but I'm sure many others did and made a lot of money. Legit thank you.

Those that comb through the blatant bagholding shilling can find gems on Veeky Forums.

can anyone tell me why this 1500 happen, short of development not following though?

0.01258000 ON BITTREX


I want to thank you so, so much. I stumbled upon one of your threads and transferred my entire portfolio into ZCL about 38 hours ago. You have already made me a minor fortune. Thank you, user.

.0145 on Cryptopia. Mein Gott

this so much
at 100$ it was still an awesome buy

People who don’t understand why it’s pumping will just sit on the sidelines

If that was you a week ago or so I really appreciate it. I was only able to afford 1 zcl though. I am just happy to have atleast that.

mining ZCL. thank you oP.

Bought in at 85,

All you dumbasses need to double up or Miss out motherfuckers ez money.

>I told you
>anonymous board

I've put literally every satoshi I have into ZCL. Am I gonna make it?!

i-is it t-t-too late to buy?

If everything goes as planned each ZCL will pop out a $500 baby shit coin on jan 28th
so not too late

i get that its goign to explode but itsnt it better to keep in monero

fuck should've got in at $35, now its too risky. Yeah it could go to $1000 or dump to the ground before the fork, who the fuck knows

OP, if that was you giving the pre-moon info about 2-3 weeks ago...I'm especially grateful. Been holding since they were $38-$114. Thanks man.

Why would it dump BEFORE the fork? People are all in for that sweet BTCP.

1k zcl at $30 lol holy fuck I did it user

If you were shilling this back when it was sub $30 I owe you my life my man.

To my other fellow ZCLansman. We'll feast together on Alpha Centauri.

cause if zcl is suddenly worth $1000 you bet your ass people will give a fuck about fork and just sell their ZCL for already insane profit. Fork could be worth $1 to whatever ZCL was worth before the fork, nobody knows, so why risk it and not sell zcl high before the fork, cause everyone knows its gonna dump after

buying 1k at $2, selling before the fork, thats making it

congratulations champ! you were right!

So ZCL will dump and private will be worth nothing? No buddy if anything it will just flip and ZCL is going to be kept worked on so worst case $1000 bprivate and $100+ zcl

I dumped 25% of my portfolio in at $30, sitting around 400 ZCL. Wishing I went balls deep but I was skeptical at first. Even at this point I am considering just dumping all my btc and ltc in.

I have 2 coins but if the fork gets called off its going to panic sell back to $0.50 lmfao. Good for gamblers tho lol.

Buy now during the dip

New wallet comes out on the 8th so people will be moving more supply off of exchanges! We did it senpai

what is going to happen when it forks?

do I get BTCP for each ZCL?

Ask an idiot who bought at 0.01390000 anything

That's correct.

are u holding zcl or exchanging for other coins?

also what wallet

Thanks user I actually bought at 85 usd 3 days ago on that dip. Sweet gains. I want my BTCP, that could cost even more, fuck. It was so obvious.


It's crashing now wtf

it will dump hard before the fork. Cap this

are you smart enough dont sell till the fork ?

It mooned all fucking day, of course it's going to correct, I told you at 25k and at 70k, but you fucks didn't listen and sold anyway instead of waiting a week so it would moon even harder.
Go on, sell.

im gonna start mining this soon, should i just hold them or exchange for some ether?

I have ZCL on cryptopia do I have to put it in wallet to get free BTCP?

Thank you OP, thanks everyone who posted this earlier, i went strong in when it was 35USD and when all in at 58USD

The gains im making are insane and this didn't even begin

But I did listen and bought in at 0.6 sat

thx senpai

not buying this scam coin lul

new wallet will be released the 8th

yes if cryptopia doesn't support the fork

thank sirs, bought 100k

what if I have that shit on Bittrex?

Well. The fucking whale is at it again. I hate that faggot so much REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

at what point do we start worrying

same, we still don't know whether or not any exchanges will support the fork, but bittrex likely will


Bittrex wallet is back !!

is that why the price is dumping?

I don't think u need the wallet to sell it

I don't care in any case I'm hodling