So Veeky Forums how financially stable are you?

So Veeky Forums how financially stable are you?

>no debt
>20k in bank majority of which was saved this year due to finishing my MBA in my 20s

Would like more but I'm hoping my MBA will get me better jobs that will pay for it.

risk it all on mooncoin fag

>wagecuck job as data scientist, $80k per year
>10 rental properties, netting $4k profit per month
>$17k in crypto
>live in Midwest so everything is super cheap

Hope to make it

Holy shit what the fuck is this
Why aren't you talking about your crypto gains?

>$700 in my bank account
>$50k of various debts, mostly credit
>$8k left on car payment
>$2000 a month mortgage
>In uni, have 2 semesters left until bachelor's is finished

If I can pay off the $50k of debt I'll be fine, that's draining me the most right now.

>No debt besides my house
>$70k in savings
You're spot on with the MBA, finished mine at 26 and made my first 6 figures by 27

oh man hate to break it but MBA is the worst financial decision one can make its extra schooling to wagecuck even harder. Imagine you put that 150k into tron or xby or link. You’d be a multimillionaire

20k and debt free.

>6k in bank account
>25k in crypto
>-30k in student loans

400k debt free w a 350k a year job. Now w 200k in crypto. Last week it was 100, how is this even real life

I’m 19 with no assets but $1,200 in ENG and about $350 in the bank and wageslave
>also about $5,000 in debt cause of community college

>2k in savings account
>2k in checking account
>Live with girlfriend and her parents
>Own a 20+ year old car thats getting to the end of it's life
>25k annual salary.

Could be worse. Could be better. Need GF to finish her degree and get a job really.

> 30 y/o
> Math PhD
> $300k starting
> $3,000,000 in bank

no job
no debt
115k crypto

3M From crypto? How long you been in the game

Where do you live?

>In college, no job
>Minimum of 3 years before I'm done studying
>30k student debt
>adding 12k more a year
>Put 2k into crypto 3 months ago
>Is now 4.5k
I'm hoping I can at least turn that 4.5k into ~50k so I can buy off most of my debt

>Finance undergrad
>$17k in crypto
>no debt
Started off with $1k, feels good.

30 weeks

>$1300 monthly in neet salary
>$170k in crypto
im doing pretty well considering
retirement by 2020

> 29
> 110k annual salary
> nice condo downtown
> 60k in 401k and IRA
> 5.5M in crypto
> no gf :(

still student cause im a lazy fuck with depression
450k in stocks (inheritance and playing stocks)
35k in crypto
no debts

>student (full ride, no loans)
>$3000 in crypto, $1500 in bank account
>own ~$3000 car passed on by my parents

>no debt, cheap-as-dirt-rent
>current wageslave
>$3k into crypto initially
>1/2 of each paycheck into crypto

I can see myself putting half my paychecks into crypto for a few years and just live like a poorfag until I make it.

if you have an MBA start a business in crypto duh

Only 2x in 3 months? What did you buy?

what was average age of your badge? too late to start MBA at 35, right?

$1k in bank
$50k~ in savings that I can't touch
$200k~ in (student loan) debt combined with wife's
$3k in crypto
Live in NYC so everything is expensive

I want to move but my wife doesn't. We make about $5k a month combined, but so much of that is lost to rent and student loan payments. I've only been dabbling in crypto for about 2 months, I'd love to turn my initial $300 into at least $100k to help pay off debt so I can actually start my life and not renting, being able to afford kids, and live comfortably. We make more money than most people, but we live paycheck to paycheck and it sucks.

>bounce around rust belt cities with low cost of living
>roughly 4k in savings (fiat lol) at the moment
>do itinerant work for cash in the summer, collect money from online schemes in the fall and winter
>heading to grad school after I finish undergrad
>no debt from undergrad because my family is lower SES and I got most of my shit paid for by the state and fafsa

student (~$900 student grants each month)
Apartment worth ~$700k with a loan of $320k
$110k worth of stocks
$16k worth of crypto
~$3k in savings

So around $0.509M

10k credit card debt
10k in savings
35k in crypto
1 rental property
Make 60-120k/yr

>Master in CS
>DevOp position in a startup
>google internship and IBM under my belt
>crypto ~3k$
>no student debt
>living in flat appartment with 2 girls
>no stocks
>5k$ in savings

Could be worse.

> 23
> No debt
> Bachelor's in Comp Sci
> 100k/yr wagecuck as Full Stack Dev
> 25k in bank
> 20k 401k
> 10k crypto
> 10k index fund
> live with parents so rent free
Feelin comfy

>5.5k car loan, 3k student loan debt, $320~ credit card debt
>$2k in crypto, working at a movie theater, making $10.3/hr and health benefits
hoping to intern during comm college during my 2nd semester over the summer and NAVY IT shit after getting associates
>transfer credits to a 4 year uni w GI bill benefits and get tuition paid for
>do database management
>save money in crypto/stocks for years and eventually start a business

How could you get 10 rental properties at 24? I assume your parents paid for those, right?

First person in this thread I actually respect.

>10K in bank just losing value to inflation
>15K in student loans
>5K in TFSA in weed stock hoping to make it big (even though im a normie investor who got in late)
cryptocurrency is too scary for me..

Only reason I don't pay off my student loans yet is since government loans are incredibly lax and will waive off interest if I lose my job or go back to school, or just waive off parts of it depending on financial situation.

>20k in bank
What was the point of doing an MBA if you're a risk averse little nerdlinger? Invest in crypto or at least stocks if you want to wage cuck for 40 years and retire 'early'

>18k in student loans
>2k in bank
>$486k in crypto

>make more money than most
>5k a month combined

How the fuck is this more than most in NYC?

Much appreciated, user.
Hope you do well, too.

19 yrs old
5k in debt from student loans
300,000$ crypto portfolio (280 ETH at about 7$)
Intern at Big4 company (Facebook/Google/Microsoft/Apple/Amazon)

I'm pretty well off ;)

>>In uni, have 2 semesters left until bachelor's is finished

Should have went to uni when you were 18

> 27
> live in southern yuropoor
> no debt, no car, no house, no rent
> wagecuck as a SW dev, 23k EUR net/year
> 20k EUR in bank
> 15k EUR in crypto (6k EUR as my base investment)

Am I being way to reliant on crypto (almost half my networth is in cryptos) or should I invest even further? I'm confident that, even if I lost all the way money I've invested so far in crypto, I would be able to regain it in a year (or two if I start incurring into more expenses).

>10 rental properties

>earn 36,5k€/year after tax
>5k€ in bank
>2k€ in crypto
>11k€ car
>60k€ bound in real estate
>3k€ loan open (car)

Who gives a fuck as long as he decided to go back

>Bachelor of Arts
>no debt
>$400-$900 monthly income (it's a bit low because i live in poor third world country, average salary for fresh graduate is like $260 (minus transport, food, and tax) per month over here)
A bit stable, i'm able to pay for rent food and other things.
The only problem is i need to buy home at least before 30, average comfy home is about $40k-$80k.
Good thing i learned about crypto last month

>27 ger
>master in compsci
>90€ in my bank account
>no job
>at least there'll be ground

is an old Veeky Forums meme

>no job
>no debt
>30k in crypto
thanks, Veeky Forums

nice larp

>med student
>250 k in debt
>all savings lost to living expenses in school
>1k in crypto

hoping to get some of these loans taken care of....

buy ripple with that 90€, you'll be rich when it hits $500

I'm in a great position.

I just graduated in December, and already have a full time job offer at a fortune 10 that starts this June.

My great aunt died and left me 20 grand in december. 10 grand of which I started investing crypto and have turned in 50 grand. The other 10 grand I have to survive on for until June.

I currently live with my parents since I graduated, but plan to move out around may.

I already have my car paid off. I have literally zero worries except for school loans, but crypto should handle those.

you must have a lot of friends

50k in student loans
make 75k a year
7k+ in crypto
not worried senpai

>no debt
>$50k in savings, stable job as sysadmin
>only started recently investing in crypto

4k in bank
245k in REQ tokens

take me to the moon pls

>No debt
>2k in crypto

>only debt is is 30% on my 3 room apartment, worth about 150k at 1.7% per year
>3k in fiat for living, traveling and unexpected expenses
>50k in stock funds/bonds
>invested around 10k in crypto now 60k
>save about 0.7k per month

No debt
3.1mill in bank and about the same in cryptos

> 30
> math msc
> 130k usd wagecuck
> 9k savings account
> 400k cryptocurrency


almost same but 22, half the crypto and northern yurop

also: i hate my job and want to move to asia.

any user working in singapore (banking)?

>3k debt from student loans
>1k debt from credit cards
>2.5k in crypto

Definitely shouldn't have fucking quit my job in August. I got into zen as a normie and got "drunk on emptiness" then let some really important shit slip away in my life. Otherwise I'd probably be at more like 50k-10k in crypto right now.

> 25
> Slovenia
> 1900 EUR net monthly salary (senior dev)
> 20k in the bank, 28k in crypto currently
> single

>NEET, so no expenses at all
>5k in bank + 100k in crypto ( which was 2k when I started)

Oops, 50k-100k*

Wow, you’re so smart OP, that 20k could’ve been 100k if you invested in virtually any coin before Dec.

>20k in bank
Wait you think this is good?
I dropped out of college and have 14k

>30 years old
>125K yearly salary, wife makes 100K
>25K with no debt
>900K home
>10K in crypto, startet with 1K
>Student loan and mortgage

Doing allright.

> 27
> no debt
> programmer job, close to 100k/yr in salary on paper
> 40k in non-crypto investments + retirement
> 20k in emergency savings
> 3k in bank account

> 30k in crytogains, started last november

doin alright, thank Veeky Forums

no debt
$40k cash
$100k stocks
$100k crypto

> 27
> new job making 100k€ a year while I only need around 20k€ to live
> 100k€ in stocks

No crypto, no debt, no real estate just stock crew

no work
put all 20k in crypto
now 1k left...

Veeky Forums is shlling only shitcoins!


Forgot to add I'm 23, live with parents, extremely frugal, had shitty part time job since I was 18.
Only play with cryptos in the thousands, maybe made $900 gains
14k in bank. Debts paid off.

what the fuck were you doing

>$15000 student loans
>$15000 on car
>$3000 in bank
>$7500 in crypto

No degree, working 60 hour weeks on nights, making 50k a year. I hate my job, I hate where I live, and I hate myself.

> 23
> $150 in bank
> $13k in crypto

Literally going all in on coins. It's all or nothing. I make it from crypto or I die. I'm not wagecucking.

very very rarely you see poor people making less than 100k or having cryptos less than 200k coming to Veeky Forums


>25k networth
>No debt
>Stem student
>No lambo
Life isnt fucking fair, Im fucking failure

Have 400 in bank
Turned 90 into 500 in bitcoin 3 days ago
Looking for a new job so I can double my income

>8 figures spread out between non-crypto assets
>a mil in crypto to play around with
>might just drop out of my inner city high school

>whitenig slavefag on private yacht
>150k salary + all expenses covered
>live on yacht all year so no tax
>520k 10%crypto 90% all world ETFs
>Meet a lot of old-money made-its - prefer anons

> larping

>when your parents unironically make a Bitcoin trust in your name
>when your parents teach you about trading growing up
>when your parents actually care about your future
Must suck having shitty parents that will you leave you poorer than them.

>350k/year job
Sure buddy.

jesus fuck cash out now are u too stupid to see this market is about to crash total mkt cap @ 1T USD = 1/6 of total market cap of dotcom bubble

none of these coins used for anything, market propped up by retard retail investor speculators, coins can't handle any traffic w/o tx fees going to $10+ per tx, ffs

What are you waiting for, an extra 2x?

Not worth the risk

too dependent

~1k in the bank in my name
~5k in crypto
going to college with daddy's money

>put 1500$ into crypto, which is at 7000$ now
>$240k in debt because I bought an apartment + student debt
>pretty much no money saved because of apartment

>$2000 in crypto
>decent car
>around $15000 in student loan debt
>one semester of school left

I don't mind working an entry-level job after college. Just enough to live modestly for a few years while I put aside more money to invest.

How did you get into this line of work? I've worked on boats before but doing something like this sounds great.

0 student debt.
Pharmacy student.
200k saved.
Car payment to build credit.

>160k salary in 2017
>700k house 500k left of mortgage
>35k debt on car
>40k cash in bank
>105k in weed and tech stocks
>160k in crypto

Look into a career in 'professional,' yachting. Head for FLA or New England if you're USA based or the Med. in the summer. Take a few courses, hustle that first position, and make it a career. The money, travel, and skatty antipodean cabinwhors are all there waiting.. Wasn't kidding about slavefag status - just consider you freewill, has it got a price?

>29k debt
>6k in crypto want to pay off my debt with the gains
>earn 30k a year
>-300 on my bank account.

I have 60 bucks in my wallet and have to live off that until the 1st.

>24, Married
>no student debt for me, wife 30k for a Masters
>Own home, 119k Mortgage
>Both cars paid off
>investment/savings ~5k
>Household income ~80k

sitting pretty comfy over here, doing much better than my peers.

cash out and enjoy normie gains without the risk