I guess it's over for Verge? No longer going up while everything else moons beyond heaven

I guess it's over for Verge? No longer going up while everything else moons beyond heaven.

The FUDsters won.

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If you didn't buy early and sold between 1500 and 2000 sats, you deserve to lose money.

>basement dwelling dev
>buying in after a 45x pump

I wen't out because the team is very unprofessional. I say that coming from IT myself. I'm happy

>The FUDsters won.

its a shitcoin with nothing, people are asking for wraith, there is none lmao.

zero privacy too.

logo sucks, sell now lol

I checked their github activity and during the last year, they did almost nothing. Can't believe how people put hundreds of millions in this coin

It’s happening. You gonna have to trust this stranger. Sell after .50c

Give it 1-2 weeks max

>basement dwelling dev
being interviewed by forbes

They have already leaked IP's and they say its private.

>interviewed by forbes

Yeh, to ask him how it feels to have his coin turn into such a fucking pump n dump shit show. Even after he released the product, it still dumps.

My fucking sides.

That was proven to be false tho.

it fud'ed itself

No, only the verge hodlers where claiming that on twitter. And they have as much technological understanding as a cow.

It's still online along with a description how to reproduce it by yourself if you're willing to run an electrum server: xvg.keff.org/

Just like Justin cashing out 6bil TRX, like they are going to admit it

You have just given me more reason to believe XVG and TRX is just filled with double digit IQ normie money, thanks.

The idea that a hidden IP means jack shit in a privacy coin is funny though.

Monero developer Fluffypony who FUD on Verge now also claims it was not true and says Verge is not leaking at all.


Another example of pure FUD this coin received.

Why would people lie about a coin? Why would you fight a coin? Are they afraid?

I don't care if it was leaking IP or not, it's my last concern for a privacy coin. Verge fails on every other front beforehand anyway.

XVG was done when it continued to miss deadlines and promise wraith before 2018. The team give no shits about you and when the price started fucking bombing that is when they started to actually communicating with everyone. Fuck these guys

>ITT people still think the IP matters at all

Literally only care if the price drops, you just look at their twitter and you know.
They couldn't give a flying fuck about their product. The whole XVG thing actually pisses me off.

I got in on verge around .03 and held on until after wraith's release. Seriously, fuck this coin and fuck Justin Vendetta. The entire Verge team is a shit show on wheels. It doesn't matter how good your product is at this point of crytpo, you're dead in the water if you don't have communication with your hodlers and a good marketing team to shill your coin.

fuck them. I got out with minimal loses on NYE but dump that came was fucking epic. Then they start saying they are working on a fee bugs. Who the fuck works on code minutes before the deadline? Also i saw a screen shot somewhere that showed XVG whale was a marketing person so he is a faggot.

Agreed I guess. They fucked up. How can they make this right?

IMO they really can't, they have a bad project. The only reason people even care is because it went up really fucking far and fast.

They have/had meant to be paid shillers and whales that have accumulated alot.
They trap the idiots saying it will make you rich, but in reality they will dump so hard once the price goes up and there are enough buy orders, the smarter people rode the dumb money up and sold near the top.