Shill me a 10x NOW!

I missed yesterdays dip, jewed myself trying to get a little lower entry, now everything mooned. Shill me a safe 10x I dont mind if it takes months.

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made 1.1k off uprising and i bought in literally yesterday, its only up 20% since then



BAT is seriously the future of internet. Will reach $1 today and $15 EOY. Brave Browser is a working product and is the fastest browser, adblocker in itself, and saves battery life on mobile and desktop.

PLUS YOU CAN FUCKING WATCH YOUTUBE VIDEOS ON MOBILE WHILE IT'S IN THE BACKGROUND. Fucking hell, they just solved the third world century meme. Think user... It's the future.

Lamden (TAU)


Buy some BBT. It's not on any major exchange yet and seems to have a lot of work put into it already.

This, BAT is the future.

Disclaimer: I own BAT

> unironically this. BAT is the truth and hasn't mooned yet

XSPEC. Probably best privacy coin tech atm

These three are all good. Right now I'm in BBT personally. It's in a juicy dip.

APPC obviously

Hope that faggot didn't just troll us with his low sell order lmao. This better get listed on a major exchange soon.

ACT - fork is on 12th of Jan. get in now

hidden gem, this will silently grow and by the time people find out and it gets listed on other exchanges itll easily already be $50+

This. Bitboost is likely good for 2x over the weekend at least.


no but seriously


Req, fun and probably link too

XRB will still go 10x. XBY will 10-20x. RLC has great potential


NVO is a P2P decentralized exchange launching its mainstream platform in Q1 2018
Beta Wallet has already launched - GUI is better than EXODUS (perfect for normies)

The multi-asset wallet is stored locally on your desktop. P2P transactions are made using a validator.
The whole system is modular, allowing for new coins to be added quickly.

Token supply is only 15 million. Market cap is still below 20mil
- - - 50% of transactions fees are shared with NVST holders in the form of NVSX. - - -
If you haven't figured it out. Tokens are designed to be held. Thus raising its value.

I'll see you in lambo land my friends

Change bank (cag)

Change is a mobile wallet with credit card AND a market place
Market Cap of ONLY 29M USD, compared to competitors TENX and MONACO with marketcaps of 400M, easiest 10X moon mission.
Existing partnership with Kyber and ETHLend
Last week, it appeared on the cover of the leading business newspaper in Estonia (Aripaev)
Live and existing mobile wallet application
Management team are all CEOs of other successful businesses
One of the founder Artur Luhaääris the CEO & Co-Founder @ Smartly which is one of the current largest robo-advisory company in Singapore
CEO of DHL as an advisor
More exchange listings this week.
Confirmed that it will be listing on a top 10 exchange this month
Marketplace application to be released in Q1
Awesome long term hold - change coin will distribute 88.33% of its revenues generated from Third-Party Service Providers monthly. Also, Change token will also distribute 0.5% of all payments volume to Change Coin Holders.

Currently only available on Kucoin and Ed. Grab it before it hits major exchanges on Monday.


Seriously wondering why no one else is saying this. Shit is going straight to the moon.

ZRX will honestly be one that you will be sorry you missed out on. It will be $20+ at the end of Januay.



Chancoin unironically
x20 since 2 months
1,5M marketcap
floor stabilised after the pump
Insane growth of volume on craptopia. This exchange is holding weight now. Pumped XRB to jupiter.

I'll just leave this here for y'all as a thank you for shilling me REQ, XRB and XLM almost two months ago.

Byteball. Easily the most slick of the dag coins and looks ready to blast off. 1/10th of its BTC ath. Get in now

I would fucking love to buy some BBT if Erectile Dysfunction Delta would stop cucking me and show my confirmed ether transactions from my wallet to the exchange already.

Although BBT has dipped like 20% from when I first tried to figure ED out so maybe I should be thankful.



so much this
I tried shilling it here sometimes but always got 404'd with 0 replies


Gonna get listen in a few more exchanges in january and further on as well.
should buy right now but one of the 2 websites is down.
i have 200k


COSS might be it, but it's a risk investment.

ITC is gonna 20x to 40x in the next months

That was against YouTube's ToS last I checked. They may have to disable it.

PFR, lamden (TAU) on ED

All already mooned, I am not trying to buy at ATH. BBT looks to have the most potential to go huge.
This is what I missed the dip on yesterday, now its ATH again.

BURST will goto a buck