So user, why aren't you buying DBC? 0.26 right now, and it is yet to go interstellar! Hasn't even been listed on Huobi yet, it will at least double! Do you really hate making money and Lambos?

Go to KuCoin, use: 1vsJ3 to sign up! We both get a bonus!

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>buying at ath

this. don't forget to sell on the dip guys

Yeah, but buying at almost any point would have been buying ATH

>We both get a bonus!
Lies! You won't get anything from this lying cunt. If you sign up using someones code you won't get anything in return.

Don't listen to him but still buy DBC and use my code 1HgQ7
As I said you will gain nothing.

While you're buying tickets to the moon, I'm buying tickets to another galaxy.


it's gonna dip like on jan 2nd

Maybe, I still bought 10k just now... moving em to Trezor with my link.

Funniest of shit, When I decided to sell my eth and to go on alts I got shilled into buying chainkink, I was on kucion and saw this shit and tought this was chain link, atm qlink and chainlink wer both mooning so on biz I was watching the chainlink threads thinking I had some, later I found out and sold for a nice profit, now holding dbc for at least end of january, 10k dbc reporting

btw dbc also has a better Ching Chong Website :

Honestly, I was deciding between DBC and QLC and right know I think it's more profitable to go for QLC. DBC has been shilled for a few days know, this is still under the radar and in my opinion with much more realistic use, a lot of significant announcements in Q1 and only on two exchanges with quite a low volume for now. The market for this already exists and when you take into account their team it's a no brainer.

>no brainer
I see what you did thar user.

I might diversify or sell the bounty I have at the end of the month, hopefully its not to late by then

I wouldn't wait for too long, end of the month might be a bit late but I think we still have a few days before take off.

should I sell and rebuy at 2.5/2.6 again?

Missed out on buying at $0.08, am skeptical about buying in now, how high do we realistically think this is going to go?

1.50 my man

this will definately go to $0.5 before Huobi at fucking least, then probably >$1 EOM

This will hit $4 or $5 easily and still only be at a 4-5 billion mc.
This is NEOs biggest coin and has an expo at the end of the month as well. Huobi has 10x the volume of these tiny exchanges and the chinks love DBC. Get in now, keks

Most likely 1.50$! Get in before it's too late!

$10 by EOY, $1 EOM.

Long term hold imo. There's a bit of risk, though.