Did anyone receive their Magnalis tokens?

are they instant? how many did you get for how much?

This is a scam, I put in like $200 and got a couple hundred thousand tokens. I've already reported it and they should be withdrawing the ETH soon to exit the scam I imagine.

thats why i was asking, i put in like .05eth and got 48,000 so im like wtf

Yep, I'm following the trail and adding it to the report. Some dude lost like 4 ETH. Here is the new wallet. GOing to report and follow each transaction.


who would you report it to and what could they do about it? some of the team looks american they can get fucked pretty hard

checked the wallet it has like 9.1 eth in it- not much considering. was the site hacked and the address switched?

They need to cash out somewhere at some time and I'm autistic enough to watch it all the way. If they return the money back I won't do shit, I mean it is only 9 grand they could have tried longer but damn they pulled out too early.

SEC - they are salivating at the mouth for some scams and this is so blatant. Plus they registered on fucking Namecheap and Namecheap already came out and said they respond to SEC requests. These guys are fucked over 9k lol.

almost bought into this shit last night cause some scamnon shilled it here

Website looks awesome

go to BTT thread

>no replies

>thread started yesterday

DYOR paid off

>fucked over 9k
thats what i dont get, they could have issued the correct amount of tokens and ran with this shit for a week easy and nobody would have noticed. 9k is the cost of the website and other shit, they really didnt make anything. i think theres more to it

i had $50 in eth left over so i siad fuck dyor and throw it at an ico, im not upset at all its $50. it just doesnt make sense

Not sure, but I feel bad for the one wallet the guy really didn't have much and they scammed everything from him. New wallet hasn't moved the money yet but I'm watching it.

Was $50 a lot to you though? I mean it is still $50.

not in the grand scheme of things, no. i would be looking up these fuckers street addresses and paying them a visit if it was a large amount. this was just me waking up seeing .05 eth in my wallet and throwing it at anything to see if it would stick. when i first saw 48,000 tokens i thought i hit the fucking jackpot and thats why i started the post the way i did. now im just curious how it plays out.

$50 in raiblocks on december 17th would have been a lot of money now user.

opportunity costs are relevant

How to report?

LOL they sent it to a polo address they are fucked.


The fuck

The scammers took about 9 ETH and sent it to a new wallet, then from the new wallet to Poloniex, which is going to fuck them in the ass as I've reported them to SEC and Polo. now

I thought the token weren't coming till a couple months, is there a backlink to another thread or something?

It is a scam, they took the money and transferred it to a Polo. account.

Oh wow. Do you know if the shit will be refunded?

No, it is gone but they'll get royally fucked and all over 9k lol.

That sucks.