UK Fag here, How do I get fiat in?

How do I buy with fiat? Coinbase has a weekly limit and high fees.

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GDAX or Kraken or Coinbase

>that ID

Don't fucking use Coinbase, it's a shithole site that breaks all the goddamn time
>t. have $1K locked up for 7 days of transfer time, system refuses to verify me so I can't use a card that I've already added before, no timeline on resolution

I bought around 28k BZC, how fucked am I?

I recognise the inferiority of coinbase; I'm asking any UK people what their exchange of choice is. I want to spend thousands of pounds as soon as possible.


I haven;t put any FIAT in for months, but when I did I used Never had any issues.

For selling I use coincorner, which is good. Never needed to buy through them though

>get revolut on your phone
>add EUR account and verify yourself on revolut
>deposit GBP to revolut
>convert GBP to EUR
>send EUR to GDAX, bitstamp, or kraken (if you have a coinbase account, GDAX will be easiest)
>use EUR to buy meme money
Whole process takes about a working day, much cheaper than buying directly from cuckbase

second kraken. It's utterly broken though.
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UKfag here - you can increase your limit with Coinbase by verifying ID and if you use card after awhile your card limit goes up too.

Easiest way to avoid all fees is set up a revolut account, link it to your UK cuck bank. Transfer pounds to revolut, exchange to euros (no transfer fees and interbank rate currency exchange), then SEPA transfer euros to GDAX, cuck base or kraken.

I'm going to do this route and transfer EUR to bitstamp.

Fast and efficient:

You'll be verified within minutes.

seems like a scam m8

The hassle is only worth it for large amounts though.

I still just buy with card for less than a grand - weekly card limit is £3,000 for me and wire limit is £15,000

What's the best way to convert to fiat in the UK?

Just reverse the process above via revolut.

You have to link revolut to the exchange first by wiring money via revolut to it

>The coin's been out for 2 years
>Has celebrity endorsements
>All the team are easily contacted


I've made 500k in crypto and I'm still trying to figure this shit out. No idea how I'm gonna cash out without HMRC fucking me very unkindly without lube

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GDAX and Coinbase are the same people gdax is just their exchange

Kraken hasn't verified me after months

are there any issues cashing out big amounts of crypto a UK bank using Revolut?


use bitbargain or bittylicious

another vote for GBP -> revolut -> EUR -> coinbase via SEPA -> GDAX -> shitcoins. and the same in reverse to cash out. but i still use credit card on normiebase for those emergency FOMO purchases


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I wouldn't blast across 100s of thousands in fiat to your NEETbux account lad.

A wagie at the bank will flag your account and send off a SAR report to the national crime agency.

you need a Revolut Premium to use the exchange what the fuck is this shit

>I wouldn't blast across 100s of thousands in fiat to your NEETbux account lad.
what's the maximum amount? and over what time period to not look dodgy

You don't use Revolut as an exchange.

See On instructions of what others are talking about using Revolut

Well capital gains tax threshold is 11,000 per year.

But I think if there is less than 10k a month coming in it shouldn't flag up but again depends on your circumstances.

If all you have coming in for years is job seekers allowance dole money and suddenly there is thousands flooding in it might trigger some of their anti money laundering algos

Yeah no point getting access to cryptocurrencies in their app. You can't even send it to an address. You just keep it or send it to other revolut users.

any wire transfer over 10k and the bank has to tell the government her in america

I got in back in November and have been using for getting in and out. Got great responses from their customer service team the couple of times I've needed it.

Only downside I've seen was a low volume on their exchange for selling back to fiat but that could have been a periodic dip. I sold £1500 worth of BTC with no issues, cash out took three banking days.

BITPANDA for EU, register, verifiy in 30min and buy with visa mastercard.

total time of operation: 1h

and buy ltc or eth


I used coinfloor, though now it has a 2500 minimum deposit. I've taken £ out of there too without any issue

I am in the UK
Bittylisious is the absolute best place. You need to be able to do a bank transfer

I use coin base for quick cash only 3 dollars every 100 ;)

I will add that its instant and has a very high review score