I'm impressed with Monero's steady recovery after December

I'm impressed with Monero's steady recovery after December.

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anybody wondering why monero isn't sub >1k?
I mean it is one of the crypto with a real usecase. dev working their ass for this coin.
Doing just little increases? wtf?

See Verge. Shitcoin. Mcaffeee Hurrrburrr buy Verge bam > x 30 in one month. i Dont get it, except that all normies buy crypto with cents, because they think they are cheaper than cryptos which cost 400 dollars

Normies are not autistic, yet they can't grasp the concept of market cap. God I'm so fucking glad I'm not one of them.

>sub >1k


Yeah I was wondering the same thing about that lol.

Monero has a very real application and purpose. It will always be a contender unless someone else does the privacy thing better.

nice just bought 100k

bout to load up for tax season, this bitch need to crash hard so I can buy in cheap

it’s the branding and overall psychology about the coin. No one gives a shit about Monero because it’s so fucking old. not trying to fud because it’s a great buy but as far as making money even if it survives the bubble Monero just doesn’t have a good story. It’s boring.

> sub >1k
it probably means sub more than 1k. which means 1k and less. which is true atm. kek.

also monero shills are fucking faggots


Monero is fucking trash

ditched this for ez moon missions and gonna buy back when this actually starts delivering updated tech

Yeah working and proven tech is so boring. Developers and researchers getting paid large sums by community for developing the coin is also boring.

This shit is dead by end of february.

Bitcoin Private is going to eat its market cap.

Exit monero and invest in Z classic to get your free BTCP

I feel it has to moon but it just won’t. I have 7 I bought at $200. I’m missing moons but it’s a very safe coin. Don’t know what to do, will probably hold. The rest of my stuff is in xlm and xrp.

This is GOLD.

What is kovri? Check the development now. They are actually testing it and getting close to release.

I'm holding both. I think if Bitcoin Private rises, it will draw more attention to privacy coins, and Monero will also rise as it will be seen as undervalued. The tech is different and impressive in its own right.

Kovri is nice, but it doesn't really matter. I'm more interested in bulletproofs, spectre and other research.

It boggles the mind developers of existing coins don't hardfork their base unit as a thousandth of what it is.

Take ByteBall, with the DAG hype a name rebrand + focus on mbyte rather than gbyte would put the price per "coin" at 80 cents, normalfags would buy the shit out of this.

>Bitcoin Private
It doesn't even have a whitepaper.

To be fair, neither does monero really.

was a typo thought you get the message, why it is still sub < 1k

>sub >1k

u wot m8

If you don't take what you're saying sarcastically it actually makes sense in current market

One of the 5 coins that will survive the cash right here.

If street shitter shills infest threads of legit coins with their shilling you knew they are desperate. Just stay in your zshit containment threads


it is absolute true and sad.
If you google too much about the tech and evulate the coins, you won't make much money. I know PRL since 3cent, googled this shit out of it. It's usecase isn't the best and the tech behind. But because IOTA + ETH mix, and fud, its fucking >2 dollar. I missed a nearly x100 just because i took the time to read all about it and google and check it.
It is the same with IOTA, except the founder who is an asshole with his tweets, they trying to get real firms into the project, which is sustainable. I know the probs with wallet, but they trying to make a base. Compare XRB, they concentrate on wallet.
This market is so fucking irrational, you really need to accumulate normie thinking, dont overthink this shit market, just shortthink about coins like normies, then you will make money. I hodl Monero, but its like i said so fucking said, everyshitcoin did x5-10 and monero, "oh noes" it just a real privacy coin with the real usecase, which crypto was invented for.
i mean why the fuck guys bought xrp, i remember the threads, never buy this jewcoin. It definitily is some jews just created a coin, hodled a big amount back not for the market, fud the price like shit and now selling their coins, jew at it best, and its working again. I will never buy this jewcoin, even if i miss an 100x gain.


Short-term, the irrational thinkers will win. Long-term, the solid projects will survive and thrive. XRB and IOTA are actually the perfect example. IOTA builds the groundwork to erect an entire economy upon while XRB just capitalizes on p2p transactions. Both are fine, only one will survive.

Yeah it just shows how irrational the market is atm, it will eventually correct itself. The problem mainly is that people are in just for the fiat gains and not actually even thinking of using the end product.

zclassic and bitpriv are a scam.
It is pure speculation where monero is being used. Speculating on anybody using the zshit or promised bitpriv is nuts. So to bring it to the point, take your speculative shitcoins, shove it up your ass and get the hell back to your shill threads

>Monero just doesn’t have a good story. It’s boring.
How about this:
Out of dozens of privacy coins, the DarkWeb chose Monero. It's the coin chosen by people who actually buy and sell stuff and not by speculators. Does that story work for you?

the only whitepaper you need and it's the only coin with a real usecase and economy for goods and services.


> why monero isn't sub >1k?

the big problem is you need normies for the system.
I'm a real studied risk manager and made sustainable gains the last years with stocks and real estates, but if i honest i cannot sleep about gains, some people made. It is irrational.
But to the beginning sentence. Just look the Concorde ( sub 2 Mach passenger airplane)
The technology was modern ,even it was invented 1970. The plane was used to 2000. The technology behind it was safe. It was just really unluck. One day at a stone was whirled up to the wing of the concorde, and it crashed. The normies and media was fuck this technology it is unsafe, and since nearly 20 years we flying slow passenger planes because of unluck. Which i want to say, it is dangerous. Normies will lose a big of money in this market, so they will later blame it, so if i'm honest i really don't know if there will be survivers ( or at least they can't hold this market capitalisation, for example look microsoft, at the dotcom was around 50 dollars, it took 10 years to get back to this capitalisation)
But ye we will see. As i said it is true that with rational coins you won't make atm money.

Can anybody shill me about nav coin, thinking about invest little bit in it, dunno just because ye because it is private and still < 100 (normie thinking, but honest question)?

The biggest draw backs on monero are wallet support.

Once ledger releases the monero implementation you can bet all the buy and hold normies will suddenly be all about privacy and buying xmr to store on their slick closed-source ledger nanos.

normies have been able to enter the market so easily all because of the mobile coinbase app which is very popular on the appstore and makes it so simple to buy. then you have the normie who has some wits about him who uses binance like i saw those meme pics yesterday of the guy using tron and shieeeeeet on binance. they don't even know what a whitepaper is they buy on impulse and if the price looks low like ripple they have no idea what they're doing.

nice thumbnail monkey boy


are there are plans for the release? any exact date?

I've also found this to be true. The market is inherently irrational. Does it sound like some stupid, centralized scam? #2 market cap. No working product and a whitepaper with no technical specification? 50bn valuation. Shit's retarded, you just have to roll with it.

Ledger has some prototype. Personally don't care about ledger nor hardware wallets. There's also open source hw wallet project that probably will finish earlier.

Walk a brainlet through how you would use xmr to bamboozle the taxman?

XMR is good, might want to pick up some XSPEC too... different tech but good team.

It hasnt really recovered, it still trading at 380 dollars on all exchanges, EXCEPT the korean fake volume bithumb, where it trades at like 200 dollars more per coin.
I wish there was a way to check coinmarketcap without bithumb, its distorts all prices and volumes

the trick is you need a currency like xmr, which is stable.
XMR shouldn't be the method it should be the solution.
If you use xmr to fiat, you need to store the black money to.That is the problem. In my opininion you don't need xmr for that there other ways like the crypto credit cards. But xmr or a good privacy coin is the way for just hidden transactions, they doesn't need to be illegal, some guys just don't want to be observed if you buy your superfootlonganal0rdildo

googled last day private coins, but xspec looked like a scamcoin. I mean if you want to make a worthy coin, you should at least do a proper site and explanation.
I thought about nav coin, any opinions on that?

>tfw monero sllow af
>read a reddit thread on /r/monero about sia being a cool coin they see going up
>sia fluccuating at 180-210 satoshi
>go all in at 190
>wake up today its at 600+
>sell all at 650
>go all in xmr.
>tfw went from 30 to 110 monero in a week and this shit is still at 0.023 btc

I think they said something about Q1 2018 but not sure, look it up it's out there somewhere.

>tfw went from 30 to 110 monero in a week
how does that work? a price rise doesn't mean your volume increases wtf

All those shitcoins advertising in a legit coin thread. Pathetic.

i think he had 30xmr, bought sia > 3x it , sold it for monero and had 110 xmr, because price of xmr was nearly the same and sia did > 3x

trade xmr to bitcoin to sia to bitcoin to xmr you tard monkey

hang on a second what????

how does this even work is this a magic money tree or something i've been holding xmr and doing jack shit with it

Right, I'd given it a bit of thought and realistically you just won't be able eventually liquidate your crypto in the form of assets valuable enough to come under scrutiny (unless you want to break some more laws along the way) if you want to dodge taxes. I don't think a privacy coin can fix that.

No, haven't looked into NAV.

But I can assure you XSPEC is not a scam. Join the Slack and check it out for yourself if you're so inclined.

what are you retarded?
>bought 30 monero when it was at 0.015 btc
>rose to 0.025
>sold all to btc
>went all in to sia at 0.00000190
>sia hits 0.00000650
>panic sell all to btc
>buy 110+ monero at 0.023