COSS moving above a dollar

COSS moving above a dollar
don't miss this out.
Hold until at least $10

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Sucks that I waited on this. Figured it would move until the new UI dropped or the fiat gateway had a target date. Got in at .80 at least.

look at KCS 40c to >$11 moon
same will happen here
still pretty good entry!

anyone not getting into this now needs to get their brain checked
absolute 10-20x guaranteed even getting in now

you're absolutely right there, mate
already up 60% from yesterday
glad I didn't miss this one.

Pretty sure that you will make it if you buy under 1.50$

The honest question here is: sell them for gains or live off dividends?

i only have .1 btc, is there even a point for me?

The KCS vs. COSS rivalry is a false narrative. They were FUDing each other because they thought as one goes up, the other would go down. In reality, the complete opposite has been happening, as KCS goes up, COSS goes up as people see it as a proven success model. Same with BNB, the process seems to go BNB moon trickles down to KCS moon trickles down to COSS moon.

We are all selling shovels for the gold rush. This is a cartel, no need for competition

>Hold until at least $10
I'm holding, of course, but why would it make it to $10? I'm selling at $3 to the greater fool.

It will easily make it to $10

Why, though? Their new parnership is very questionable. See .

FWIW, I agree that $10+ is pretty assured in the short/medium term. $20 by EOY will be a low bar if the fiat gateway and a public API get released before Q3. There's no history for COSS to back it up, but using Kucoin as a price model works well, if you adjust up for fiat.

THAT is evidence of a questionable partnership? That an ICO has a new domain created only recently?

This is some low tier bait.

live off dividends id say
there absolutely is
easy 10+
and living off dividens is the best thing, you literally cant lose

>live off dividends id say
The dividends are half of a 0.2% fee split among 83,000,000 coins. You'll need to own a whole damn lot to make it.

Well it was mostly kuckcoiners coming into coss threads and spreading their fud

cossplayers rarely went into kuckcoin threads

Here's the model I put together for risk assessment. It's hyper conservative as it doesn't take into account the growth of the market or the impact of a fiat exchange for alts.

My estimation is that for every $1 spent now, I'd expect a range of $1-$5/yr starting next year with a leaning bias of around $2.

this project is confirmed a scam
Rune was asked about it in slack, he said he had no knowledge of them partnering with COSS

Seems like some idiots trying to abuse the COSS moon for a scam project

To clarify, it's also ultra conservative because it averages the commission to .15 (down from .20) which is probably going to be true, but it always factors the 200 million tokens in circulation, which it'll realistically be 90-120 in a year at most. Also I'm pretending the marketplace revenue is mostly non-existent.

Tokens not on the COSS exchange or bound up through MEW are not factored in the fee split. Your worst case model should be dropped at least by 40 million active tokens. HitBTC, Etherdelta, and private wallets will always have a large cache.

That's why my minimum projection starts at $1:$1 instead of the roughly $.8 in the spreadsheet. But yeah, I should call that out in my doc next time I share a screenshot.


thanks Veeky Forums had 500 doge , invested 250 bought pix then coss now have $5 worth of it. love all of you

Buy the rumor, sell the news

Easy $10 by March end.

No you dont.

If you got 10k, then you can live off dividends in most places.

This is close to my estimate as well. Coss can easily into top 20 exchanges in 12 months if they work hard at it.

I wouldn't read too much into "partnerships" like this. COSS is trying to become a sales platform for ICOs on top of everything else, and have listed a few others before this. One could argue that they have a responsibility to vet the ICOs that want to use their platform, but I think that responsibility lies more with their customers, and that COSS should be as open to new asset listings as possible. I don't mind digging through a mound of shit to get my hands on a diamond, and I hope COSS becomes a tool to enable me to do that. Hell, my first COSS purchase was on ED.

>tfw I bought in at the ICO and finally feel completely validated
Cost average of $.05, this is the comfiest of holds. My only regret is not taking a larger leap and doubling my stack.

Here's the thing. (See ) I can end up with a 10k stack of useless shitcoin #972, and it cost me nothing. I won't care if it's never actually worth anything. So they can add all the useless crap they want. But if the next OMG/REQ/SUB etc gets released exclusively on their platform and I end up with a huge pile before the price spikes?

Me gusta.

Got 20k at .25

Wish I had gotten in earlier, but glad im at least in it now. Plan to sell half the stack by EOY, and cash out. Keep the rest for dividends.

Fck I can't Veeky Forums today. Meant this for

I went in a month ago, if this does another 10x ill be fucking rich

Protip: buy COSS, and don't ever consider selling it, for any reason, unless you want to buy a house or lambo I guess

God bless all yall anons, we're gonna make it friends

I can sell my dividends for the house. My COSS stack will either let me retire in my 30s or let emigrate to Mars.

I bought both. KuCoin has a better exchange now, COSS might in the future. It's a risk, but one I'm willing to take.

My coss holdings have already surpassed my KCS because of the crazy growth last week.

I like the interest here, it will only grow from here.
Look Kucoin 40 cents to 12 dollars within a month and it isnt even NEAR binance levels yet

Ive already started looking for some property on the moon and turned in my 2 month notice at my job.

If this shit actually gets into top 5 exchange, I will name my firstborn Rune and use my dividends to buy a ticket to Mars someday.

By the time we have fiat pairs, and the payment gateway has decent traffic, this will be 50$. Anyone that gets in before 10$ will talk about COSS as a moon mission

what currency are the dividends payed out in?

It's a portion of the fees collected in the tokens themselves. So, you end up with a portfolio of all the tokens from the dividend.

When the fiat pairs launch, you'll get fiat (ie: USD) as well.

the currency of the fees. so I now hold all the other tokens that are available on COSS, most Ive never thought about now. But maybe they will moon. Icing on the cake.

Who else is looking forward to their dividends this sunday? It'll be the best payout so yet

And adding to what user said: You have the option to convert non-ERC20 tokens to Ethereum (Like BTC, etc).

Some people had asked for an option in the future to be able to convert all tokens to Ethereum for simplicity, but, as far as I know, it was just a discussion at this point.

but what if its not registered to my name and i used fake details, i wouldnt be able to withdraw USD obviously, right?

Yes, that USD be the money I use for groceries

They are going to be implementing KYC in the future with regards to fiat and users of the platform. I assume you'd be able to update your information on the site and / or just create a new real account, etc.

ah ok that makes sense thanks


Correction: KYC is already there, but I believe they're going to be requiring it for transactions having to do with fiat. For more details, you might want to check Rune's updates on Medium:

Fuck why did I sell at 0.28.

lol, i probably bought your bags :D bought first time at 0.06 and another at around 0.28

It wont be too late for months. COSS will make /biz fucking rich



Check the next update on the 27th, friendo. Mandatory KYC coming before FIAT launches. There's always Binance/Crpytopia etc if you want to play Ancap. We're doing this by the book, which is why I'm convinced it will succeed in the long run.

to reach the true masses, i believe in this

Oh dear lord we're at 4.4M daily volume. I don't think we've ever hit more than 2M a WEEK before December. This week's payout is gonna be delicious.

Sure, it's still mostly COSS token itself. But Jesus this is just the beginning. A few more good ICOs and we'll be seeing 10M a day.

And eventually these massive payouts will be expected, and we will be used to them. Let us remember where we started, and how much FUD /biz spat. Actually that is one of the best signs of legis moon missions. The smart ones want to keep the price down while they create their position.

The state of the exchange doesn't really inspire any confidence


fuck coss, been waiting 15 hours for my transfer to go through

I think that might be because of ETH network congestion, not on COSS' side.

Cool, just get my ETH out of this shit-tier exchange while you circlejerk yourselves please. Never even EtherDelta was this bad.

I can agree with that. It's not moving as fast as I would like. But we're supposed to be getting the UI update next week, then working more on the backend, then KYC and FIAT.

They're not marketing this because they want to get it right before it really takes off. They haven't added an API to allow bots and add artificial volume to the exchange, even though it would make us early adopters very rich.

Without judgment, check back in a week or two and see if you change your mind. If they fuck up the UI rollout, then youll know you were right.

LOL, no. MEW takes 10 minutes right now for a transfer. This is COMPLETELY COSS's fault. Fucking even KuCKCoin is processing my ETH withdrawals within a couple hours

how much gas did you pay. I was seeing sub 3 minute transactions this morning with ~40 gwei

babby wants his coins :DD
we shall consider it

Are you deluded. If the exchange was bulletproof, the token would be trading at $5+.

Growing pains. It will catch up to the volume quickly, and the new UI is inbound. I would guess that some of their technical difficulties in the last couple of weeks have been caused by devoting a portion of their infrastructure to QCing the new features before they go live.

i sold at 5.9 cents user dont feel bad. I just wanted to increase my stack. I had 200k. I 7x my stack in the mean time but coss did a 20x

Normies dont understand this.

If all the products were all already here, then the price would already be at ath. The best you can do is find some decent projects and throw money at them.

Everyone investing in alt coins is like a venture capitalist.

This tbqhwyf, when this ruins smooth and looks slick we will be ATLEAST10x where we are value wise

more like 100x

this will be $100 by the time fiat gateway comes out

Thanks Veeky Forums I bought a decent amount of these yesterday. When is the new UI? I read it has been delayed a few times already.

KEK and Rune know. I am so comfy with this roadmap idgaf.

New UI next week. But that could mean 11:59 on Saturday.

Delayed once. Was aiming for a post-Christmas launch, they delayed to clean up bugs. Supposed to launch next week.

If they delay again you can start to worry, but I'm still gonna hold. They went from the site crashing at 1M daily volume to 5M volume today with little problems. They're clearly working on the backend, but they might still be working through the long list of support emails from the holidays.

Pretty excited to see next Sunday's fee split. It'll be mostly coss, but that's fine with me. Would use it to buy COSS anyway.