I've got $50 to invest in crypto. Where should I put it?

I've got $50 to invest in crypto. Where should I put it?

up your ass

G coin if you want to be rich

Whatever you do, do it all in one coin. Don't diversify until you're a few thousand bucks at least, fucking pointless otherwise.

Low market cap coin with surefire x100. Buy BBT.


go fun for sure 5x in about a month

Go all in on BTC, buy on coinbase and transfer to binance for maximum gainz.

$50 of GCoin gets you 440k. Easy 100x. If not, stay poor you cuck.


...if you want to gain huge profits.

I was like you once user I had 50$ to put into coin and so I bought the dip on bitcoin and now I'm the proud owner of 70 whole USD. I feel like my dicks a mile long what do I do now ?

Bitcoin. Don't forget to send it to your wallet aftewards.

Alright cool I'll look into all of this. Thank's you all!

Glad this is first response.

ADA, SNT, and RDN. Lots of room to grow and healthy development.

DBC if you want to turn that into $200 this week. It's about to hit huobi, which has 10x the trade volume.

Btc gonna moon soon bro

I started with 40 dollars in july, its now 12 grand. Keep at it bombaclat

I've been hearing more stories like these and it puts a big smile on my face. If you're smart and have a bit of cash you can extend that shit to make more.

I'll be honest I thought this shit didn't work a month ago. Then I threw $150 in and hit $500 yesterday. You will get there OP.

This sounds like a really good opportunity, I just found the article about this.

Thank you guys, I really appreciate it.

DeepBrain chain! Chinese AI company with loads of past partnerships. AI is gonna explode in the next few years, might as well get in on the ground floor with a block chain project. There's still time to get in below 30 cents. If you're interested in using Kucoin, help a brotha out and use this referral: 1sJM3

don't do this.
Invest in something smaller and you'll turn 50 dollars into 1000. I put 100 in tron when it was under a cent and made 2000 dollars.

lemonade stand

Poorfag criticizing a beginner

Nice move

i started with $0 3 weeks ago and now have $240, its fucking balmy how easy it is to make money with crypto, that $240 will be $2000 EOY easy.

I unironcially did this 1 month ago and lost 25% of my 500$ investment.

Fortunately Veeky Forums shilled me coins that got me to 1,2k

$2000? you're crazy. keep a close eye on crypto and it can definitely be 20k-50k this year.