Which bitcoin to invest in

hello I am a dumb idiot and I want to get rich which bitcoin do I put my $750 in and how long until I have the millions

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confido or tron




DBC hurry the run has begun

Kin Bro

learn about cryptocurrencies and block chain techonology from youtube first, Datadash @youtube should be perfect for you to learn shit.

Nah just tell him what to buy to x2 quick
Kin and html coin are both good options

DBC my fellow weeb

This. Confido is cheap on Kucoin.

Holy fuck we are in retard money phase

SSHHHHH. Shill him your coin and SHUT UP.

op buy GNO. Is bouncing back from a downtrend. Weeks of gains ahead.

>people replying seriously to this obvious shitpost
come on guys

naw dude I'm serious and look


the way it looks now it looks like I should invest in Cardano looks like that's the one that's bout to blow up to me, all I learned from this thread is nothing because everyone told me different coins

Tron is the way to go brotha,

Dude wtf is that site?
Use coinmarketcap.com like any normal person

If you like the look of Cardano then buy it. The trick to making money in crypto is only buying coins you believe in so that you’re willing to hold them for a long time. Way too many people sell early then realise they made a mistake a week later.


It already went from 2 cents to 1$
You missed out, that's it, no big deal there's a lot of opportunities out there
If you are willing to wait a bit (1 week or so), buy TNB (time new bank) on binance
Don't look at it til next week
Enjoy your x2

Page 7 of coinmarketcap. Just pick one.

Know Your Shit, Amirite???

Fuck off faggot.

>$1 is too late
>immediately shills the coin he’s invested in

I really hope OP doesn’t listen to these brainlets.